Autodesk Inventor 2022: Advanced Assembly Modeling

Capitalize on your Autodesk Inventor Solid Modeling introductory skills and Advanced Part Modeling knowledge with our three-day Inventor 2022 Advanced Assembly Modeling training. The Autodesk-approved instructors cover all the industry-relevant aspects while taking you to higher productivity levels for creating and working with assemblies.


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Inventor Course Overview

Vinsys’ Autodesk Inventor Advanced Assembly Modeling training focuses on the Top-Down Design workflow. It explains how tools are utilized for achieving this workflow using Derive, Multi-Body Design, and Layouts. 

The detailed course includes topics ranging from model simplification tools, positional representations, model states, iMates/iAssemblies, Frame Generator, Design Accelerator, file management, to duplication techniques. It also covers the Autodesk Inventor Studio and enables you to render, produce, and animate realistic images.

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

  • Learning to apply motion to existing assembly constraints utilizing Motion/Transitional constraints.
  • The Top-Down Design technique to create assemblies and their components.
  • Tools for Top-Down Design, from associative links, adaptive parts, multi-body and layout design, derived components, to skeleton models.
  • Create positional representations to review motion, evaluate the position of assembly components, or document an assembly in a drawing.
  • Use the model simplification tools for creating simplified part models and views of assembly designs.
  • Create model states and iAssemblies for creating customizable versions of assembly designs.
  • Create rendered realistic images/animations of parts and assemblies using Inventor Studio and the Video Producer.
  • Use the Design Accelerator and Frame Generator for easily inserting standard customizable components and features into your model.
  • Efficiently duplicate components in an assembly.
  • Add welds and weld symbols to weldment assemblies.


  • Mechanical Engineers, Product Designers, Drafters, or Modelers. 
  • Individuals willing to develop careers in 3D CAD.


  • In-depth understanding of Inventor basics as covered in the Autodesk Inventor: Introduction to Solid Modeling course. 
  • The ability to use Microsoft Excel. 
  • Recommended Preparation Training: Autodesk Inventor: Advanced Part Modeling

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Virtual Instructor-led Sessions

  • Autodesk-approved Subject-matter Experts   
  • Authorized Course Material   


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  • Domain-customization
  • ROI-optimization & Group Discounts 

Course Outline

  • Assembly Motion/Transitional Constraints.
  • Tips to Work with Assemblies and Assembly Relationships.
  • Top-Down Design Process and Tools.
  • Modify Derived Components.
  • Multi-Body Part Modelling
  • Layout Design
  • Associative Links.
  • Adaptive Assembly Parts.
  • iMates
  • Positional Representations Introduction.
  • Create/Edit Positional Representations.
  • Use Positional Representations.
  • Model Simplification Introduction.
  • Simplify, Simplify View, and Define Envelopes.
  • Create a Simplified Part.
  • Substitute Model States.
  • Create Derived Substitutes.
  • Link Model States.
  • Place/Open Assemblies Using Model States.
  • Use Model States in Drawings/Presentations.
  • Introduction.
  • Create Basic/Multi-Level iAssemblies.
  • Place/Edit iAssemblies.
  • Design Assistant.
  • Pack and Go.
  • Purge Old Files.
  • Generators.
  • Calculators.
  • Engineer's Handbook.
  • Rendering.
  • Animation.
  • Video Producer.
  • Create a Standard Room.
  • Structural Shape Author.
  • Pattern/Mirror/Copy Components.
  • Work with Weldments.
  • Fillet Welds.
  • Cosmetic/Groove Welds.

Course Reviews


Inventor improves product performance, reduces repetitive tasks, and boosts collaboration.

It can be described as a collection of parts/subassemblies functioning as a single unit.

Inventor 2022 provides multiple user-requested enhancements and updates. The prominent ones include Model states-parts, Model states-assemblies, Revit interoperability, and Drawing enhancements.

Yes, it is a must for ensuring compatibility.

Vinsys remains a globally admired Corporate/Individual training provider, an Autodesk-authorized training center with Autodesk certified trainers (ACTs) and seasoned industry experts sharing the official curriculum. 
Our instructor-led Inventor online training, customizable skill-development programs, and 24*7 learner support ensure the most comprehensive upskilling experience, a must for maximizing Autodesk Inventor advantages.

 Yes, a course completion certificate from Autodesk.