Autodesk Inventor 2022: Sheet Metal Design

Master all the concepts/techniques of sheet metal modeling with Autodesk Inventor through our two-day Inventor 2022 Sheet Metal Design training delivered by Autodesk-approved instructors.


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Autodesk Inventor Course 2022 Overview

Vinsys’ Autodesk Inventor 2022 Sheet Metal Design training covers various stages of using Inventor, from creating/editing sheet metal parts, generating flat patterns, to documenting the designs in drawings.

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

  • Learn the Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal interface and workflow.
  • Create base faces, secondary faces, contour flanges, and contour rolls.
  • Work with sheet metal parameters.
  • Create flanges.
  • Add hems, folds, bends, corner rounds, and chamfers to sheet metal models.
  • Remove geometry from a sheet metal model.
  • Control sheet metal geometry utilizing corner seams (seams/miters).
  • Generate flat patterns.
  • Create lofted flanges.
  • Create rip features for permitting the flattening of the sheet metal geometry.
  • Unfold/Refold sheet metal geometry.
  • Design multi-body sheet metal models.
  • Document/Annotate sheet metal drawings.
  • Convert solid models to sheet metal models.
  • Work with sheet metal styles.


  • Mechanical Engineers/Designers, Modelers, or Drafters.


  • Autodesk Inventor 2022. 
  • Comprehensive understanding of Inventor basics as covered in the Autodesk Inventor: Introduction to Solid Modeling course. 
  • Knowledge of sheet metal processing is recommended but not mandatory. 

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Course Outline

  • Sheet Metal Concepts/Terminology.
  • Sheet Metal Environment.
  • Sheet Metal Design Process.
  • Apply Existing Sheet Metal Defaults.
  • Create a Face as a Base Feature.
  • Create a Contour Flange as a Base Feature.
  • Create a Contour Roll as a Base Feature.
  • Sheet Metal Parameters.
  • Bend Relief Shapes.
  • Force as a Secondary Feature.
  • Contour Flanges/Rolls as Secondary Features.
  • Create Flanges.
  • Corner Relief Options.
  • Hems/Folds/Bends.
  • Create Corner Rounds/Chamfers.
  • Create Cut Features.
  • Create Straight Holes.
  • Use Punch Tool Features.
  • Create Punch Tools.
  • Cut Using Surfaces.
  • Create Corner Seams and Miters.
  • Create Corner Rips.
  • Convert Corner Seams and Bends.
  • Create Flat Patterns.
  • Orient Flat Patterns.
  • Punch Representations.
  • Bend Angle.
  • Flat Pattern Cleanup.
  • Export to DXF/DWG.
  • Lofted Flange.
  • Rip.
  • Unfold/Refold
  • Multi-Body Sheet Metal Modeling
  • Sheet Metal Drawing Terminology.
  • Create Sheet Metal Drawings.
  • Bend/Punch Notes.
  • Bend/Punch Tables.
  • Bend Order.
  • Cosmetic Centerlines.
  • Convert Solid Models to Sheet Metal.
  • Non-Ruled Surfaces

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Inventor helps make sheet metal designs quick and cost-effective by allowing you to plan/create/modify/document sheet metal parts and assemblies.

No. Please note, the content and practices covered in this course are not compatible with previous versions.

It could be a valuable asset; however, it's not a precondition.

Vinsys is an industry-admired Corporate/Individual training provider, an Autodesk-authorized training center with Autodesk certified trainers (ACTs) and seasoned experts sharing the official curriculum. 
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