DevOps Leadership (DOL)® Training

DOL® Training and Certification

This DevOps Leadership course training is aimed at training candidates on processes, practices, automation and technology required by an organization for adapting to DevOps. This course covers the concepts, tools, methods, and principles used by the DevOps Leadership to successfully establish and enable a sustainable DevOps culture within an organization.


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DevOps Leadership (DOL)® Training Course

During DevOps Leadership  (DOL)® training Certification course candidates will get complete exposure to DevOps Leadership concepts and principles and the focus will be on efficiently managing the culture shift within a team as well as enabling successful implementation of novel workflow processes across multiple teams. This course content also focuses on examining the full-stack approach, its implementation process, and the importance of inclusion of DevOps Leadership in enhancing your business value.

A DevOps Leader is a professional who encourages and highlights the importance of the right practices, tools, and methods while also convincing the human factors associated with this adoption for successful implementation.

This course is curated for creating DevOps Leaders who are capable of bringing about a successful DevOps change through transformational leadership and innovative thinking. Vinsys trainers also focus on delivering practical exposure to candidates through real-world scenarios. Through this training, professionals can expect to be placed on a high designation with great salary benefits.

Course Curriculum


The DevOps Leadership training course offers huge scope for professionals who wish to adopt modern IT leadership ways and are in a position to introduce and implement organizational change.

This course can benefit professionals working as but is not limited to:

  • Business Stakeholders/Managers
  • IT Directors
  • IT Team Leaders
  • DevOps Consultants
  • Change Agents
  • System Integrators
  • Anyone involved in cultural transformations and organizational change

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have completed the DevOps Foundation training course in order to apply for this course.

Course Objectives

  • To understand how to support, establish, lead and monitor cross-functional teams
  • To learn the art of collaboration and enable engagement within the teams
  • To know challenges in implementing DevOps practices in an organization
  • To determine a path for continuous deployment through a fully automated digital backbone
  • To improve experimentation, feedback, and flow by utilizing Lean, Agile, and DevOps practices
  • To use DevOps Leadership principles to deliver value to organizational goals through alignment with business objectives
  • To clear the DevOps Leadership certification exam through extensive preparation and mock exams

About The Examination

Exam duration: 60 minutes

No. of questions: 40 multiple choice questions

Exam type: Open book

Passing criteria: 65%

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Course Outline

  • Course Goals
  • Course Agenda
  • What Is DevOps?
  • Why Do DevOps
  • Companies Doing DevOps
  • The Magic Equation
  • What Sets DevOps IT apart from Traditional IT
  • How DevOps IT is Organized Differently
  • How to Perform to a Different Standard
  • How to Use Different Measurements
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Redesigning An Organization for DevOps
  • Design Principles
    • Focus
    • Work
    • Information
    • Metrics
  • What is Value Stream Mapping?
  • Why Do We Need to Use this Framework?
  • Types of Maps
  • How to Create a Value Stream Map?
  • Types of Data to Collect
  • How to Handle Exceptions
  • Conway's Law
  • The Problem with Silos
  • Spotify’s Squad Organization Model (Structure, Roles)
  • Squads
  • Tribes
  • Chapters
  • Guilds
  • How to Reorganize in Order to Move to this Model
  • What is Culture and How Does it Impact Performance?
  • Types of IT Culture
  • Cultural Traits of a DevOps Organization
  • How to Manage Change
  • Types of IT Culture
  • What is a DevOps Culture
  • How To Manage Change
  • The Three Phases Of Change
  • Types of Changes That Need to be Implemented
  • DevOps Tools Periodic Table
  • Top DevOps Tool Categories
  • Common and Popular Practices
  • Exam Requirements, Question Weighting and Terminology List
  • Sample Exam Review

Course Reviews


Applicants must be DevOps Foundation certified prior to applying to the DevOps Leadership course.

The DevOps Leader Certification training helps leaders gain skills necessary to bring about successful organizational transformations. The course provides a practical approach and helps experiment with different approaches to tailor DevOps to suit to specific organizational requirements.

The DevOps Leadership certificate is governed, issued and monitored by the DevOps Institute.

The DevOps Leader certificate does not expire. Professionals need not worry about renewing it often.

Vinsys has a dedicated team of experts and accredited trainers to train candidates on DevOps certifications. Our highly focused approach, up-to-date courseware, and practice sessions ensure success in certification exams majorly in the first attempt.

Overall, we prepare candidates well to enable them to utilize course knowledge in practical scenarios and therefore Vinsys training are acknowledged and recognized across different industries.