ITIL® 4 Specialist: High Velocity IT Course

The ITIL® 4 Specialist: High Velocity IT (HVIT) Course is designed to equip organizations with the ability to sustain and prosper in today’s high velocity environments. This is a 3-days course that allows candidates explore the convergence between IT and businesses, providing specialized insights into different ways in which digital operating models and digital organizations function through a fast-paced environment. This course is based on the ITIL 4 best practice service value system featured in the latest guidelines.


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ITIL® 4 Specialist: High Velocity IT Certification Training Overview

This module enables digital professionals to hone their abilities by increasing the quality and accelerating the speed of service delivery while focusing on infesting greater values by promoting challenging ways of thinking and innovative working patterns. In this ITIL® 4 Specialist: High Velocity IT Course, you will learn innovative working methods including Lean and Agile approaches and DevOps practices. This is a course for skill enhancement for you to stay relevant and contribute to maximize in the digital era.
The ITIL® 4 Specialist: High Velocity IT Course largely embeds effective digital services at its core and will provide candidates with the skills to make intelligent business investments and exceed business goals.
Professionals are required to undertake all four modules of; ‘Create, Deliver and Support’, ‘Direct, Plan and Improve’, ‘Drive Stakeholder Value’ and ‘High-velocity IT’ to become an ITIL Managing Professional. ITIL Managing Professional: High-velocity IT will benefit IT practitioners who have undertaken ITIL 4 Foundation and wish to continue their journey to ITIL Managing professional. This course will also benefit those who are working in digital transformation projects working within, or towards high velocity environments.

Note: Vinsys provides ITIL certification training in combination with ITIL exam.

Course Curriculum


The ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT course is suited for professionals working in the IT management and service management roles and for those who wish to qualify with the ITIL Managing Professional (MP) credential. This course is ideal for professionals working in the following job roles:

  • Customer/User Experience (CX) Managers/Designers
  • Account Managers
  • Service Delivery Managers
  • Service Level Managers
  • Enterprise/Service and Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Supplier Relationship Managers
  • Vendor Managers
  • Contract Managers

Course Objectives

  • Understand the concepts regarding the high-velocity nature of the digital enterprise, including the demands it places on IT:
    • Learn when the transformation to high-velocity IT is desirable and feasible
  • Understand the digital product life cycle in terms of the ITIL ‘operating model’
  • Understand the importance of the ITIL guiding principles and the other fundamental concepts for delivering high-velocity IT
  • Discover how to contribute to achieving value with digital products
    • Learn how the service provider ensures valuable investments are achieved
    • Learn how the service provider ensures fast deployment is achieved
    • Learn how the service provider ensures resilient operations are achieved
    • Learn how the service provider ensures co-created value is achieve
    • Learn how the service provider ensures assured conformance is achieved

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT training, you will have to:

  • Pass the ITIL 4 Foundation examination
  • Attend an accredited training course for this module

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Course Outline

  • Brief Introduction of ITIL HVIT Course
  • High Velocity Nature of Digital Enterprise
  • Key Concepts of High Velocity IT
  • Digital Technology
  • Digital Organization
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Transformation
  • Digital Products
  • Service Interactions
  • High Velocity IT Objectives
  • Techniques for Valuable Investments
  • Techniques for Fast Development
  • Techniques for Resilient Operations
  • Techniques for Co-Created Value
  • Techniques for Assured Conformance
  • Digital Product Life Cycle
  • ITIL Operating Model
  • Digital Product Life Cycle
  • Digital Product Life Cycle: Customer's Perspective
  • The ITIL Service Value Chain
  • Value Chain Activities Combined with DevOps
  • Service Consumer and Service Provider Interactions
  • Value Streams
  • Making Value Streams Effective
  • The Four Dimensions of Service Management
  • Information and Technology
  • Partners and Suppliers
  • Value Streams and Processes
  • Four Dimensions: External Factors
  • High Velocity IT Approaches
  • Key Characteristics of High Velocity IT
  • Lean
  • Agile
  • Resilient
  • Continuous
  • HVIT Characteristics to Co-create Value
  • Key Behavior Pattern
  • Models and Concepts of HVIT Culture
  • Ethics
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Ethical Behavior - Artificial Intelligence
  • Ethics - Typical Behavior Patterns
  • Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking: Behavior Patterns
  • Safety Culture
  • Working in Complex Environments
  • Complexity Thinking: Cynefin Model
  • Working in Complex Environments Behavior: Patterns
  • Lean Culture
  • Elements of Lean Culture
  • Lean Culture Behavior: Patterns
  • ITIL Continual Improvement Model
  • Toyota Kata
  • The OODA Loop
  • Continual Improvement Behavior: Patterns
  • High Velocity IT Techniques
  • Valuable investments
  • Prioritization Techniques
  • Other Prioritization Techniques
  • Minimum Viable Products and Services
  • Practices for Minimum Viable Products and Services
  • Product or Service Ownership
  • AB Testing
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Management Practice - Success Factors
  • Ensuring Sound Investment Decisions
  • Ensuring Continual Improvement of Portfolios
  • Fast Development
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Practices for Infrastructure as Code
  • Loosely Coupled Information System Architecture
  • Practices for Loosely Coupled Information System Architecture
  • Reviews and Retrospectives
  • Blameless Postmortems
  • Continual Business Analysis
  • Practices for Continual Business Analysis
  • Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment
  • Practices for CI-CD
  • Continuous Testing
  • Types of Software Testing
  • Kanban
  • Architecture Management
  • Architecture Management Success Factors
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Analysis: Success Factors
  • Deployment Management
  • Service Validation and Testing
  • Service Validation and Testing: Success Factors
  • Factors for Test strategy
  • Software Development and Management
  • Software Development and Management: Success Factors
  • Resilient Operations
  • Technical Debt
  • Chaos engineering
  • Chaos Monkey
  • Definition of Done
  • Definition of Done: Considerations
  • Definition of Done: High Impact Practices
  • Version Control
  • Version Control: High Impact Practices
  • AIOps
  • AIOps: High Impact Practices
  • ChatOps
  • Site Reliability
  • Site Reliability Engineering - High Impact Practices
  • Availability Management
  • Availability Management: Success Factors
  • Capacity and Performance Management
  • Capacity and Performance Management: Success Factors
  • Measure, Assess, and Report Performance and Capacity
  • Monitoring and Event Management
  • Monitoring and Event Management - Success Factors
  • Ensuring Availability of Data
  • Problem Management
  • Service Continuity Management
  • Service Continuity Management - Success Factors
  • Infrastructure and Platform Management
  • Infrastructure and platform management: Success factors
  • Meeting the Organization's Needs
  • Co-Created Value
  • Co-Created Value in HVIT Environments
  • Service Experience
  • Assured Conformance
  • DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit
  • DevSecOps
  • Peer Review
  • Information Security Management
  • Information Security Management: Success Factors
  • Risk Management
  • Establish Governance and Nurture Culture
  • Risk Analysis

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Vinsys has a team of professionally trained, industry-expert facilitators and is a trusted learning partner for ITIL courses globally. Having trained more than 750,000 professionals worldwide, our expertise lies in training curious minds with the necessary skills and knowledge that would reward our students with a progressive career. We have developed our course delivery patterns based on the latest industry requirements ensuring success in certification exams.

The training teaches candidates application covered in the ITIL Specialist: HVIT publication and enable learners to help establish a digitally driven IT organization. The ITIL Specialist: HVIT qualification is one of the prerequisites for the designation of ITIL 4 Managing Professional.

You have to answer 40 questions in 90 minutes and score 70% in the ITIL 4 Specialist: HVIT exam to pass the exam.

You have to hold the ITIL 4 Foundation certificate to qualify for this course.

We have professionally certified trainers having relevant industry experience to deliver training for our professional courses. We have been in the training industry for the past 22 years and are renowned for efficient training deliveries across different domains. So, you can rely on our trainers for this training course.