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Are you aiming at improving the cybersecurity of your IT infrastructure but are tired of the loopholes present in the traditional firewalls? Then, you are at the right place. Vinsys aims at providing an extensive view of the network through this course to help learners take decisions and formulate strategies for the prevention of cyber-attack. 

With Vinsys Palo Alto Firewall 10.1 Essentials course, you will be capable of handling on-demand technical skills at a higher level. The program focuses on opening up new career opportunities by providing thorough, rigorous knowledge as well as advanced-level capabilities for interactively contributing to a team. Vinsys dreams of building a better world with a more prosperous approach by providing quality training. The company hopes to achieve making IT education available worldwide as a trusted IT organization in the world. While working for learners and professionals, Vinsys is working towards fostering a culture of lifelong learning for you.


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Palo Alto Firewall 10.1 Essentials Course Overview

Palo Alto Firewall 10.1 uses firewall tools to help professionals learn, and solve any advanced scenario-based challenges. Any network needs firewalls to function properly. With the course knowledge, network administrators and professionals can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, enforce network security, and implement a sieve to guarantee that only authorized data packets reach the network. The development of technology has made traditional firewalls less effective against current virtual threats. As a result, Vinsys has brought into light the development of next-generation firewalls. By offering authentication choices based on the user, the content, and the application context, these firewalls expand upon basic capabilities. Having a 360-degree view of everything occurring on the network gives cyber security departments the ability to easily thwart malware and threat intelligence tools. Firewall 10.1 Essentials training is ideal for cybersecurity professionals who want to expand their knowledge about firewalls. The course offers flexible date options to the learners as per their convenience.

Course Curriculum

Target Audience

  • Network security engineers 
  • IT professionals 
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Operations Specialists
  • Security Analysts
  • Security Administrators
  • Network administrators 
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • IT Security Administrators 


  • The Palo Alto Firewall 10.1 curriculum requires learners to have prior learning about various networking concepts like switching, routing, and IP addressing. 
  • Learners enrolling in this course should have a clear foundational knowledge of security concepts. 
  • Other security technologies knowledge including IPS, Proxy, and Content filtering knowledge can be helpful for learners.

Course Objectives

  • Configure initial firewall settings 
  • Create and manage enterprise security policy rules 
  • Manage firewall configurations and administrator accounts 
  • Create and manage policy rules 
  • Connect the firewall to product networks
  • Analyze advanced logs to solve real-life scenarios
  • Troubleshooting methodologies specific to individual features
  • Investigate networking issues
  • Solve scenario-based challenges
  • Control application usage with App-ID
  • Block known and unknown threats 
  • Block inappropriate web traffic 
  • Use decryption to block threats in encrypted traffic 
  • Control access to network resources 

About the Exam

Vinsys’ certified Palo Alto Firewall 10.1 exam is designed to examine your knowledge in becoming a network and security administrator. The learners will have to clear the network security administrator exam after the competition of the course. The examination will include for sections:
•    Managing objects (20 percent)
•    Device management and services (22 percent)
•    Policy evaluation and management (28 percent)
•    Securing traffic (30 percent)
Exam title:                   Network Security Administrator 
Exam Code:                PCNSA PAN-OS 10
Number of questions: 50
Duration:                    80 minutes 
Test format:                Multiple choice questions
Passing score:           70%
Exam cost:                 USD 155
Exam Language:        English

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Course Outline

  • Vinsys Networks Portfolio and Architecture
  • Configuring the initial firewall setting
  • Managing Firewall Configuration
  • Managing Firewall Administrator Accounts
  • Connecting the Firewall to Production Networks with Security Zones 
  • Creating and Managing Security Policy Rules
  • Creating and Managing NAT Policy Rules
  • Controlling Application Usage with App-ID
  • Blocking Known Threats Using Security Profiles 
  • Blocking Inappropriate Web Traffic with URL filtering 
  • Blocking Unknown Threats with Wildfire 
  • Controlling Access to Network Resources with User-ID
  • Using Decryption to Block Threat in Encrypted Traffic 
  • Locating Valuable Information Using Logs and Reports 
  • What’s Next in Your Training and Certification Journey 

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The course duration is of 5 days.

No, the course fee does not include the examination fee. 

You can request for refund if you do not wish to continue the course. However, once the course lecture is started then a refund will not be provided. 

Yes, we offer career/course guidance to enrolled learners

Yes, learners will get hands-on training experience.

You can choose your schedule and get the training program according to the same. 

Vinsys has been providing quality training to professionals since 1999. A variety of courses and services available help learners in digital learning. High-quality education with frequent practice exams, assistance, and round-the-clock support will help learners in enabling a premium learning experience.

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