Salesforce Build Application Architect Expertise Training

Build Application Architect Expertise

Are you trying to become an Application Architect? Well, you are about to dive into two cornerstone domains of being one. Salesforce’s “Build Application Architect Expertise” presents you with a case study scenario to learn and design. You can learn about high performing solutions through a combination of hands-on exercises and presentations. To minimize record locking, you can make data modal decisions and evaluate nuances of different field types with the course knowledge. 


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Build Application Architect Expertise Course Overview

Build Application Architect Expertise is a 4-days course consisting 11 modules sharing mechanisms at an advanced level. With this course, you will be able to understand the domain of Data Architecture and Data management along with the sharing and visibility of both. The course is expert-led wherein architect experts will present you with case studies. It will comprise of iterative exploration for better understanding of the concepts and techniques related to Building Application Architect. You will get a clear picture of designing and building a high performing, secure and scalable solutions in the course.

After completing the course, you will need to clear the examination to get Building Application Architect Expertise Certification. 

Course Curriculum

Target Audience

  • Enterprise architects 
  • Business analysts 
  • Solution architects 
  • Application architects 
  • Technical architect 
  • Professionals aiming to get better hands-on experience in architect 
  • Project manager 


  • There is no strict prerequisite for this program. Earning the Platform App Builder credential and completing the pre work before enrolling for this course can be significant for smooth learning experience for you. 

Course Objectives

  • You can design data models 
  • You will learn about Support Salesforce sharing mechanism at higher levels
  • You will learn to evaluate the variation of field types and opt for the appropriate one depending upon the situation in hand. 
  • You can make data model decisions in order to reduce record locking and other aspects related to performance degradation. 

About the Exam

Learners must clear the exam to get the Build Application Architect Expertise Certification. The details of the examination include:

  • Exam title: Build Application Architect Expertise
  • Number of questions: 50
  • Duration: 90 minutes 
  • Test format: Multiple choice 
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Retake fee: USD 100 +Taxes
  • Delivery option: Online (Proctored)

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Course Outline

Application Architect Overview

  • Assess the requirements to Become an Application Architect 
  • Understand the real-world expectations of Application Architect 
  • Review the core characteristics of successful Application Architect

Scenario Introduction

  • Review the Application Architecture Scenario 
  • Identify Scenario Problem Areas
  • Identify Scenario Actors and Licensing 

Architecture Documentation 

  • Understand Key Architecture Documentation Requirements 
  • Learn about best practices for Artifact Documentation 
  • Produce Architecture Documents 

Data Modeling 

  • Identify relationship types and their impact on record access, user interface and reporting. 
  • Review the Considerations for changing field types. 
  • Review the Considerations for modifying data models with Schema Builder. 
  • Review the Consideration for Importing and Exporting Data
  • Identify Use Cases of External Objects 
  • Determine an Appropriate Data Model 
  • Understand Design Implications with Complex Environments and Large Data Volumes (LDV)

Data Management 

  • Review the Considerations for Working with LDV
  • Review Data Lifecycle Concepts and Mechanisms 
  • Review Master Data Management and System of Record Concepts 
  • Review Data Migration, Planning, Preparation and Execution. 
  • Identify Potential LDV and Calculate Expected Volumes
  • Go Further with Indexes Standard and Custom Skinny Tables 
  • Lock Records 

Security Model

  • Review the Consideration for Working with Internal and External Sharing Models. 
  • Restrict and Extend Object and Field Access
  • Determine Sharing Solutions
  • Identify Record Sharing Mechanisms (Declarative, Programmatic, Implicit)
  • Understand Teams Concepts (Account, Opportunity, Case)
  • Understand Person Accounts and Its Implication on Sharing
  •  Encrypt Data

Sharing in communities 

  • Understand Community Security Mechanisms 
  • Secure Integration Endpoints 
  • Integrate and Specify Connected Apps and Named Credentials 

Advanced Security and Visibility Concepts 

  • Implement Security & Visibility Controls with Apex and Visualforce
  • Review Territory Management and Its Implication on Data Management, Sharing, and Visibility
  • Review Divisions and Its Implication on Data Management, Sharing, and Visibility
  • Understand Security and Visibility Controls on "Special" Objects

Solution Design 

  • Determine When to Leverage Standard Products Functionality vs. Custom Build vs. AppExchange
  • Understand Declarative and Programmatic Configuration
  •  Get to Know the Order of Execution
  •  Automate Business Processes
  • Consider Reporting and Analytics Needs
  • Consider How to Store and Access Content/Files
  • Apply Solution Design Concepts to Real-World Problems and Scenarios

 Deployment and Integration Best Practices 

  • Review the Application Lifecycle
  • Understand How Sandboxes Should Be Used
  • Review Deployment Options
  • Identify Integration Patterns

Wrap Up

  • Review a Practice Scenario
  • Review What Was Covered

Course Reviews


The course is of four days duration

Yes, the course fee does include the examination fee. However, if you want to retake the exam, then additional fees of USD 100 + taxes will have to be paid.

Class begins promptly at 9:00 am, and generally end at 5:00 pm.

The instructor-led classes along with practical sessions in which you will get hands-on experience on the various tools and concepts included in the course module.  

Yes, we offer career/course guidance to enrolled learners. 

Yes, this course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced professionals. 

High-quality education with regular tests, mock practice sessions, hands-on-trainings, and instructor-led courses, provide support to the professionals while working in a team.

You will get access to the pdf and other course material even after the course completion. However, access to class recordings is limited only to the course duration. 

The passing score for the Salesforce Application Architect is 70%

You can request a refund if you do not wish to enroll.