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Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer

Are you looking for efficient interactive sessions in your business in the commerce sector? Then, the knowledge provided by the B2B commerce developer course is essential for you to understand the orientation of B2B commerce. To enhance your ability to manage storefronts and gain business growth, the course has effective navigation and configuration modules in salesforce CC admin. You can learn about implementing UI, logic class designs, and service class override with the B2B commerce developer course. 

Furthermore, if you facing troubleshooting problems during the development cycle, B2B commerce developer will help you understand the problem areas effectively and create your own B2B commerce solutions. 


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B2B Commerce Developer Course Overview

Once you have taken the course, understanding the components of B2B commerce and developer accreditations will be easier for you. The 2-day course contains 5 modules that will provide you with an extensive knowledge of navigating and configuring CC admin, implementing UI, creating storefront, and providing a technical support to B2B commerce.  With the instructor-led course and hands-on experience in the various technical topics and architecture related to the commerce process, you can learn at length about different-sized business operations. 

After completing the course, you will need to clear the examination to get B2B Commerce Developer Certification. 

Course Curriculum

Target Audience

  • Learners having an experience in object-oriented programming
  • Project managers with the knowledge of full-stack development
  • Salesforce administrators
  • Anyone participating/Having experience with B2B Commerce technical components
  • Learners participating in new implementation who require working knowledge


You need to have the following prerequisite skills and knowledge before enrolling for the course:

  • Full stack development (JavaScript, Visual Force, jQuery, CSS, and JSON)
  • Object-oriented programming (Java or Apex)
  • Salesforce administration (Process Builder, sharing rules, and object relationships)
  • B2B Commerce Developer Pre-work

Course Objectives

  • You can learn how to navigate and configure CC admin successfully 
  • You can identify the requirements related to code extension. 
  • You will learn about the implementation of UI
  • Implement logic class and service class 
  • You can gain knowledge about how to apply subscriber code integration as per the requirement 
  • You can learn to provide the technical support to create the solution to the B2B commerce requirement in the business 
  • Troubleshoot effectively to overcome the problem areas identified during the various levels of the development cycle. 
  • To register for the accreditation of B2B commerce developer. 

About the Exam

Learners must clear the exam to get the B2B Commerce Developer certification. The details of the examination include:

  • Exam title: B2B Commerce Developer
  • Number of questions: 50
  • Duration: 90 minutes 
  • Test format: Multiple choice 
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Retake fee: USD 100 +Taxes
  • Delivery option: Online (Proctored)

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Course Outline

  • Review Key Terms
  • B2B Commerce Architecture and Technology Stack
  • User Interface Demo
  • CC Admin Configuration vs. Code Extension
  • B2B Commerce Implementation
  • Storefront Creation
  • Loading Data
  • Enabling Buyers
  • UI Best Practices
  • Key Terms
  • UI Themes
  • UI Layouts
  • Subscriber Templates
  • Page Includes
  • Subscriber Pages
  • Handlebar Overrides
  • Extending My Account
  • Extending the B2B Commerce Checkout Flow
  • Global JavaScript Functions
  • B2B Commerce Event Handling
  • Handlebars Functions
  • Localization Functions
  • Utility Functions and Objects
  • Global Extension Points
  • Case Handling via Process Builder
  • Configure Payment Types

Course Reviews


The course is of two days duration. 

Yes, the course fee does include the examination fee. However, if you want to retake the exam, additional fees of USD 100 + taxes will have to be paid. 

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Yes, we offer career/course guidance to enrolled learners. 

Yes, this course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced professionals.

You will get access to the pdf and other course material even after the course completion. However, access to class recordings is limited only to the course duration.  

You will have hands-on training, including practical sessions in the course, to gain hands-on experience with the various tools and technology included in the B2B Commerce Developer course.

B2B Commerce Developer certification will help you curate effective solutions for B2B environment, enhancing your competitiveness and scalability in the industry.