Salesforce: Build System Architect Expertise Training

Explore Integration Architecture and Identity/Access Management as two foundational domains of being a System Architect with the 4-day-long Salesforce ARC902 course. Our industry-experienced accredited trainers cover all the relevant aspects while providing guidance for System Architect, Identity & Access Management Architect, and Integration Architect credentials.   


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Salesforce System Architect Course Overview

Vinsys' Architect experts utilize this Salesforce course to enable you to design, build or secure scalable high-performing integration and identity solutions. 

Our workshop-oriented training also helps you with Salesforce's System Architect, Identity & Access Management Architect, and Integration Architect certifications. 

Note: The Salesforce System Architect accreditation will be granted only after successfully completing all 4 individual credentials, the Salesforce Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect, Identity & Access Management Architect, Integration Architect, and Platform Developer I. No additional exams are necessary. 

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

  • Recommending appropriate integration patterns for addressing integration requirements:
    • Remote process invocation: Request/Reply + Fire/Forget.
    • Batch data synchronization.
    • Remote call-in.
    • UI update based on data changes.
  • Suitable integration capabilities for addressing integration requirements:
    • SOAP.
    • REST.
    • Bulk.
    • Streaming.
    • Canvas.
    • Workflow outbound.
    • Apex.
    • Salesforce Connect.
  • Appropriate SSO/OAuth flow for addressing identity/access management requirements.


  • Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Consultants, and Technical Experts.
  • Those working towards Salesforce System Architect, Identity & Access Management Architect, and Integration Architect accreditations. 
  • Salesforce Developers/Administrators willing to expand their overall capabilities with the Salesforce platform. 


  • Experience working with Integration Projects, OAuth, and connected apps.
  • Salesforce Platform Developer I certification.

Assists with the Following 2 Certification Exams

  • Exams:         
Salesforce Identity and Access Management Architect & Integration Architect.
  • Skills Tested    
Identity Management Concepts, Accepting Third-party Identities in  Salesforce, Knowledge of Salesforce as an Identity Provider, Access Management Best Practices and Salesforce Identity + Evaluating the Current System Landscape, Evaluating Business Needs, Translating Needs into Integration Requirements, Designing Integration Solutions, Building Solutions and Maintaining Integration.
  • Accreditations    
Salesforce Identity and Access Management Architect & Integration
  • Architect Exams Format        
60 Multiple-choice/Multiple-select Questions & a Pass Score of 67%
  • Duration       
105-120 Minutes


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Course Outline

  • Creating, Retrieving, Updating, or Deleting Records with SOAP API.
  • Integrating with Salesforce utilizing REST API.
  • Inserting, Updating, or Deleting Large Volumes of Data with BULK API.
  • Pushing Relevant Data to Users in Real Time with Streaming API.
  • Sending Information to a Designated Endpoint with Outbound Message.
  • Integrating your Apex with an External Service using Callouts.
  • Integrating Data from an External Data Source using Salesforce Connect.
  • Synchronizing Data with Heroku Connect.
  • Connecting Business Processes in Salesforce with Platform Events.
  • Publishing Change Events with Change Data Capture.
  • Invoking Remote Call-In Patterns.
  • Invoking Request/Reply Patterns.
  • Invoking Fire and Forget Patterns.
  • Synchronizing Batch Data.
  • Updating UI based on Data Changes.
  • Visualizing Data.
  • Reviewing SSO Fundamentals.
  • Reviewing Identity Management.
  • Reviewing Identity Management Concepts.
  • Understanding Salesforce as an Identity Provider.
  • Accepting Third-party Identity in Salesforce.
  • Understanding Social Sign-on and Open ID Connect.
  • Enabling Users to Authenticate with SSO Flows.
  • Initiating Flows with IDP/SP.
  • Troubleshooting Identity Issues.
  • Granting Client Application Access with OAuth Flow.
  • Generating Access Tokens with Username Password Flow.
  • Initiating Web Server Flow.
  • Granting Application Access with User Agent Flow.
  • Connecting to Salesforce using JWT Flow.

Course Reviews


Reviewing application feature-designs for checking if they follow best practices and user experiences to meet business goals while being tech-feasible, scalable, and maintainable.
Daily activities also comprise responding to requests from potential clients, analyzing the documentation, reviewing previous assignments from similar clients, and generating solution-overviews.

salesforce Architects are highly capable of designing long-term systems that can stand up to high volumes without failing at critical points. They are in-depth problem solvers, big-picture thinkers, and often recognized as the most trusted digital advisors.

Salesforce Architect careers opportunities have witnessed a staggering over 1,200% annual growth rate in the last 5 years, and there are no signs of slowing down. 

Average yearly compensations for Salesforce Architects may vary depending on specializations and countries employing these Architects. The US salaries could range between $105,000 and $141,000. 

Communication, Customer Service, Project Management, Organizational, Writing, Planning, and Management. The more advanced ones cover Salesforce, Object-oriented Development, Web Applications, Databases, Data Management, System Architecture, API Integration, Application Design, Business Processes, ETL, and the knowledge of Program-languages

Focusing on off-platform systems, integration, securing access between systems, managing governance/testing capabilities for deployment, and ongoing Salesforce modification requirements.

The training combines hands-on exercises, demos, presentations and discussions with carefully-structured lectures.

Yes, you will be taken through a case study scenario broken down and digested through iterative explorations.

 No, you may schedule your proctored exam onsite at a testing center, or online

Besides being a globally-respected Individual/Corporate IT training organization, Vinsys is also admired as the top Salesforce learning provider. Its unmatchable offerings, accredited instructors, customizable skilling programs and round-the-clock support ensure the most detailed upskilling experiences, a must for capitalizing on valuable System Architect opportunities.