Salesforce Data using Marketing Cloud Connect Training

Salesforce MCC201 Tableau CRM Certification

Learn to unify and analyze your data in one place with Marketing Cloud Connect through our 4-day-long Salesforce MCC201 course. Vinsys' industry-experienced accredited trainers enable you to link marketing, sales, or service clouds and ensure seamless customer engagement.


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Marketing Cloud Connect Training Course Overview

Vinsys' Cloud Connect course explains how to segment Salesforce data for creating personalized and targeted emails. The in-depth Salesforce training allows you to track/report on those emails, explore what resonates with customers, and strengthen your relationships with them.

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

  • Describing Marketing Cloud Connect.
  • Connecting a Marketing Cloud account to a Salesforce org.
  • Creating individualized content blocks for leveraging Salesforce CRM data using personalization strings and dynamic content.
  • Creating an email in Content Builder.
  • Utilizing various sending methods for sending to Lead, Contact, Report or Campaign in Marketing Cloud, Sales, and Service Clouds.
  • Automating sending emails utilizing a Triggered Email, Automation Studio, and Journey Builder.
  • Configuring Synchronized CRM Sources for bringing CRM data into Marketing Cloud.
  • Segmenting data using Reports and Filter/Query Activity.
  • Creating journeys using Salesforce Activities in Journey Builder.
  • Reviewing tracking data in Marketing Cloud, Sales, and Service Clouds.
  • Creating analytics reports in Marketing Cloud.
  • Creating/Customizing Marketing Cloud reports in Sales and Service Clouds.
  • Creating a dashboard based on Marketing Cloud reports


  • Email Digital Marketers involved in managing email channels for their organizations.
  • Salesforce Administrators supporting users when Marketing Cloud Connect is installed.
  • Individuals/Customers who intend to connect their Salesforce org to Marketing Cloud using Marketing Cloud Connect.


  • No specific prerequisites.

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Course Outline

  • Reviewing the Customer Success Platform.
  • Getting to Know Marketing Cloud.
  • Reviewing Marketing Cloud Connect.
  • Reviewing Various Ways to Connect the Clouds.
  • Exploring Connecting Clouds.
  • Reviewing the Prerequisites for Marketing Cloud Connect.
  • Reviewing the Salesforce Terminology.
  • Connecting a Marketing Cloud Account to a Salesforce Org.
  • Reviewing the Prework.
  • Reviewing the Functionality that can be Accomplished in Every Cloud.
  • Creating a Personalized Email Leveraging Salesforce CRM Data Using Content Builder.
  • Using Testing Tools.
  • Sending a Marketing Cloud Email Manually to Lead, Contact, Report & Campaign.
  • Automating the Sending of an Email via a Triggered Email, Automation Studio & Journey Builder.
  • Understanding What Happens When an Email is Sent.
  • Understanding Subscriber Statuses.
  • Explaining the How/Why of Bringing Salesforce CRM Data into the Marketing Cloud.
  • Synchronizing Data Sources in Contact Builder.
  • Creating Segments Utilizing Filters & the Query Activity.
  • Creating a Salesforce Data Extension for Sending.
  • Creating a Journey Using Synchronized Data Sources.
  • Testing the Journey.
  • Describing Sales & Service Cloud Activities.
  • Creating a Journey Using Sales/Service Cloud Activities Tracking & Reporting.
  • Understanding Tracking Data Available in the Marketing Cloud.
  • Creating/Automating Tracking Reports in the Marketing Cloud.
  • Understanding the Tracking Data Available in Sales/Service Cloud.
  • Creating/Customizing Marketing Cloud Reports in the Sales & Service Cloud.
  • Creating a Dashboard for Marketing Cloud Tracking Reports.

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Marketing Cloud Connect joins the digital marketing capabilities of your Marketing Cloud with Salesforce's data management, segmentation, and campaign management tools:

  • It lets you create unitary customer relationships with more data-driven and personalized conversations.
  • Automate the customer journey.
  • Utilize powerful Marketing Cloud tools directly within Sales/Service Clouds.
  • Engage customers in relevant conversations. 
  • Drive more leads into Salesforce.
  • Ensure consistent branding and messaging experiences.

Please note that Marketing Cloud Connect features work only in Salesforce Classic. Therefore, clicking the Marketing Cloud Connect tabs will automatically redirect those using Lightning Experience with Salesforce to Salesforce Classic.

Marketing Cloud Connect permits integrated users to send Marketing Cloud emails through the Sales/Service Cloud. A single email to leads, contacts, person account records or a list can be sent through campaigns and reports.

Yes, Administrator, Marketer, and Business User roles.

Besides being a globally-respected Individual/Corporate IT training organization, Vinsys is also admired as the top Salesforce learning provider. Its unmatchable offerings, accredited instructors, customizable skilling programs and round-the-clock support ensure the most detailed upskilling experiences, a must for capitalizing on valuable Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect opportunities.