Salesforce: Drive Sales with the Pardot Lightning App Training

Pardot Lightning App Training

Learn to drive qualified leads, nurture prospects through sales cycles and sell effectively using the Pardot Lightning App with the 3-day-long Salesforce PDX101 course. Our industry-experienced accredited trainers cover all the relevant aspects while providing guidance for the Salesforce Pardot Specialist credential.


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Pardot Lightning App (PDX101) Course Overview

Vinsys' Salesforce experts enable you to design/implement marketing workflows in the Pardot Lightning App for making data-driven decisions and driving the business forward. 

The in-depth course explains how to create/automate dynamic emails, generate/qualify leads, and leverage reports/data to boost sales.
Our Driving Sales with the Pardot Lightning App training also strengthens your foundation for passing the Salesforce Pardot Specialist certification exam.

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

  • Enabling the Pardot Lightning App.
  • Describing the relationship created between Pardot and Salesforce once the Pardot Lightning App has been enabled.
  • Generating leads with Pardot Lightning App’s lead generation tools, including Forms, Landing Pages, and Custom Redirects.
  • Managing leads with Pardot Lightning App’s lead management tools, including Page Actions, Automation Rules, Segmentation Rules, Dynamic Lists, and Completion Actions.
  • Engaging leads with Pardot Lightning App’s lead engagement tools such as Email, Personalization, Dynamic Content, and Engagement Studio.
  • Qualifying leads with Pardot Lightning App’s scoring and grading functionality.
  • Interpreting data generated via Pardot Lightning App’s reporting capabilities.
  • Designing/Executing successful end-to-end marketing workflows utilizing the Pardot Lightning App.


  • Pardot Marketers and Salesforce Administrators involved in designing, building, or implementing marketing workflows and reports in the Pardot Lightning App. 
  • Business Users willing to explore the Pardot Lightning App. 
  • Individuals aiming for Salesforce's Pardot Specialist accreditation.


  • No specific prerequisites.

About the Exam

  • Exam:                    Salesforce Pardot Specialist.     .
  • Skills Tested:        Designing/Building Marketing Campaigns within Pardot.
  • Certification:         Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist.
  • Exam Format:       60 Multiple-choice/Multiple-select Questions & a Pass Score of 72%.
  • Duration:               90 Minutes.

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Course Outline

  • Reviewing Course Objectives.
  • Setting Learner Expectations.
  • Reviewing Housekeeping Items & Additional Course Resources.
  • Exploring the Course Case Study.
  • Understanding the Pardot-Salesforce Relationship.
  • Syncing Data between Salesforce and Pardot.
  • Enabling the Pardot Lightning App in Salesforce.
  • Creating Custom Fields.
  • Reviewing Salesforce Campaigns.
  • Creating a Pardot Dashboard.
  • Authenticating your Email Sending Domains.
  • Syncing with Third-party Applications using Connectors.
  • Restoring Assets from the Recycle Bin.
  • Creating/Assigning Users and User Groups.
  • Understanding the Usage Governance.
  • Understanding Pardot Visitors & Prospects.
  • Creating List Types.
  • Organizing Prospects using Static Lists.
  • Testing Emails using Test Lists.
  • Personalizing your Emails with HML & Advanced Dynamic Content.
  • Automating Email Marketing.
  • Creating Email Templates.
  • Observing What Works Best for your Audience Utilizing AB Testing.
  • Tracking Email Performance using Email Reports.
  • Capturing Leads with Forms.
  • Converting Visitors to Leads using Landing Pages.
  • Tracking Leads with Forms & Landing Page Reports.
  • Tracking Clicks using Custom Redirects.
  • Creating Custom Redirect Reports.
  • Triggering Page Actions.
  • Automating Actions from a Marketing Element using Completion Actions.
  • Creating a List of Prospects.
  • Applying a Segmentation Action using Segmentation Rules.
  • Creating Repeatable, Criteria-based Automation Rules & Dynamic Lists.
  • Choosing an Automation Tool.
  • Understanding Prospect Scoring.
  • Grading Prospects based on Profiles.
  • Building an Engagement Program.
  • Creating Engagement Program Reports

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 Working with stakeholders to define requirements, customize the platform, and enable users to get the most out of Salesforce.

Salesforce Marketers create targeted marketing campaigns for connecting with customers and delivering effective 1:1 customer journeys.

Salesforce managers in Marketing Manager roles may secure average annual packages of up to $94,500.

Pardot is Salesforce's SaaS B2B marketing automation and lead generation tool that helps:

  • Marketers in identifying prospective customers.
  • Converting them into actual customers.
  • Routing leads to sales.
  • Creating automated marketing campaigns.
  • Analyzing prospect activity.
  • Guiding prospects through the buying journey.

It brings Pardot into the Salesforce Lightning Experience, applies to the UX as well as Pardot’s infrastructure, and provides greater functionality capable of tapping into the wider Salesforce platform offerings. 

No, please note that this course is not attached to an accreditation. Instead, it acts as preparatory learning for Salesforce's Pardot Specialist certification exam.

Besides being a globally-respected Individual/Corporate IT training organization, Vinsys is also admired as the top Salesforce learning provider. Its unmatchable offerings, accredited instructors, customizable skilling programs and round-the-clock support ensure the most detailed upskilling experiences, a must for capitalizing on valuable Pardot opportunities.