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Employers look for the best fit and skills in the highly competitive market. If you wish to become the employer's choice, you need to understand your strengths and developmental areas. Confident Career Conversations – CV writing & Interview Skills is a one-stop solution to all your queries concerning CVs. Individuals looking to advance in their careers but struggling to prove themselves must opt for this course. This comprehensive course from MPI Learning will help you understand how to strengthen your interview skills.

In this course, you will perform a SWOT analysis and proceed with the strategies to overcome your weakness. Why wait? Join now


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Confident Career Conversations Course Overview

Confident Career Conversations – CV Writing & Interview Skills is a 02-day (180 minutes per day) instructor-led training. Learners will have an effective learning experience regarding their strengths and weaknesses. The course will help you understand your development needs. It has a dedicated section for CV design that will help you make your CV impactful and noticeable. You will have access to interview preparation material while training during the course. Additionally, you will understand the interview process and become confident in the same. After completing this course, you will become more assertive in yourself, effectively reflecting your communication skills and behavior. 

Course Curriculum


  • Students want to showcase their strengths and abilities effectively in their resumes and interviews
  • Professionals looking for a clear understanding of their development areas 
  • Anyone aiming to improve their interview skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Perform SWOT analysis and determine the development needs accordingly 
  • Understand the components of a high impact CV
  • Comprehend specific personal motivators 
  • Grasp a knowledge about the interview techniques 
  • Communicate skills, experience and competencies with confidence

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Course Outline

  • Understand yourself and what holds you back 
  • Accelerate career on your desired career path 
  • Discover your motivators 
  • Identify your career vision
  • Understand components of a high-impact CV 
  • Grasp expectations of the potential employer 
  • Demonstrate technical skill and personal skill sets in best possible ways
  • Research the employer/business
  • Perform a personal SWOT analysis 
  • Understand and prepare for anticipated questions 
  • Feedback/follow-up questions to ask the interviewer 
  • Create a positive impression in appearance, attitude, body language, and tone of voice 
  • Understand the interviewer's expectations 
  • Stay calm under pressure 
  • Identify action plan for future interviews 

Course Reviews


No, the course does not include job assistance mandatorily. But we at Vinsys help all the learners prepare for their dream job.

Yes, this course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced professionals. 

Vinsys provides regular tests, mock practice sessions, and instructor-led training and provides extensive support while learning.

You will get access to the pdf and other course material after completion. However, access to class recordings is limited only to the course duration

This is a 2 day (180-minute per day) short course.

No, it is an instructor-led online course.