Data Ethics for Business Professionals

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Business and ethics are closely intertwined. However, business engagements can raise ethical issues, causing a grave dilemma for professionals. If you are aware of these challenges and looking for a deeper analysis of business from a moral perspective, this course from MPI Learning is entirely suitable. It will help you identify the sources of ethical risks for business and make transparent decisions while balancing ethics with business-driven perspectives. 


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Data Ethics for Business Professionals Course Overview

You can avail of this course as a 6 hours course designed to be a full-day class or three 90-minutes sessions. The course content is divided into four modules that will take you through the details of the ethical side of the business. You will define ethics, identify ethical issues, discuss ethical frameworks, and improve the ethical side of your business. Additionally, the course will validate your knowledge of inclusive growth, sustainability, and human-centered values, which are organizations' modern day concerns. Overall, doing this course will enhance your broadmindedness, and you will focus more on the human aspect of the business along with the profit orientation. 

Course Curriculum

About the Exam

  • Data Ethics for Business Professionals Exam
  • Exam Details: 40 Mins, Multiple Choice Online Assessment. 


  • Business leaders and decision makers, including C-level executives, project and product managers, HR leaders, Marketing and Sales leaders, and technical sales consultants, who have a vested interest in representing ethical values in technology solutions. 
  • Other individuals who want to know more about data ethics.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Working knowledge of general business concepts and practices
  • Basic understanding of data science and artificial intelligence

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Course Outline

Introduction to Data Ethics

  • Define Ethics
  • Define Data
  • Define Data Ethics
  • Principles of Data Ethics
  • The Case for Data Ethics
  • Identifying Ethical Issues

Ethical Principles

  • Ethical Frameworks
  • Applying Ethical Frameworks
  • Privacy, Fairness, and Safety
  • Applying Privacy, Fairness, and Safety Principles
  • Algorithms and Human-Centered Values
  • Discussing True and False Positives and Negatives
  • Discussing Accuracy and Precision
  • Discussing Correlation and Causation
  • Transparency and Explainability: The Black Box Problem
  • Discussing Black Box Parallels
  • Inclusive Growth, Sustainable Development, and Well-Being
  • Examining a Tech for Good Organization
  • Improving Ethical Data Practices

Sources of Ethical Risk

  • Bias and Discrimination
  • Case Study: Allegheny Family Screening Tool
  • Data Surveillance
  • Safety and Security
  • Case Study: PredPol

Business Considerations

  • Data Legislation
  • Manage the Effects of Data
  • Case Study
  •  Embed Organizational Values in the Data Value Chain
  • Building a Data Ethics Culture/Code of Ethics

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You can either do it as a full-day 6 hours course or complete it in three sessions of 90 minutes each.

No, please check the eligibility criteria.

No, it is an instructor-led online course.

This course prepares you for Data Ethics Business Professionals Examination.