Diversity and Inclusion at Workplace

An organization is only good because of its culture – and developing that culture is not just the job of HR, it's the responsibility of every manager and employee. An inclusive work environment is not only a beautiful thing, but it can also either make or break an organization. You can initiate in making your organization a better place to work by being supportive and by understanding the psychological, perceptual, and institutional processes that influence how people interact with one another. Starting by looking at the engagement of an employee, then finding interventions to address unconscious biases and specific strategies for diversity and inclusion, this program is aimed at anyone who is committed to go beyond mere compliance and build a truly mindful and inclusive culture of work.


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Diversity and Inclusion Training Overview

The design of an effective training plan is explained in five different phases viz,

  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

The Training Process followed by Vinsys includes the following:


  • Following the guidelines of Adult Principles
  • Tried and tested for effectiveness
  • Progressive, hands on, experiential learning
  • Multi-Modal Delivery

The Delivery Cycle:

  • Pre evaluation
  • Design-Delivery
  • Post evaluation


  • Expert knowledge
  • Evaluated and reviewed
  • Similar past experience


The study on Pedagogy suggests that training/ teaching should have the following elements: Intellectual quality, connectedness, Supportive classroom environment and recognition of difference. To ensure all of the above the modules designed and delivered within the organization would be built on the methodologies mentioned below. Extensive interaction with the trainer, and with each other, problems faced while implementing the ideal theories in realistic situations, and many more thought-provoking activities would be facilitated in class. A well thought out, day-wise schedule would be rolled out and the trainers would follow it through.

The Methodology:

Besides using the experiential model of delivery, our facilitators would use, where required, the following tools and techniques to ensure maximum retention and application: Written Exercises, Games and activities, Role plays and skits, Group discussion, Case Studies, Theories and self assessing instruments where needed.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion training helps promote tolerance and inclusion of various types of people from a social perspective, not only in organization. Successful and growing organizations require input from people with diversified skills, experiences, backgrounds, and personality attributes. A robust organization aims at diversity, improves healthy relations and human values of employees on a larger scale and meets formal regulations and laws of employment.

Start promoting social responsibility, diversity, and inclusion at your workplace. Get the full list of modules offered by Vinsys under Cultural Diversity Training and contact our training providers directly.

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe stereotypes & biases and gain insights into one's own perspectives.
  • Discuss the importance of communication, both one's own and that of others.
  • Master ways to foster inclusion and equity in a diverse workplace.
  • Develop an approach to analyze and resolve situations involving diversity.
  • Design action plan to promote equity throughout heterogeneous cohorts.

Course Curriculum & Training Process

Anyone who is interested in getting more to be gained from the collaboration if you have a better knowledge background of communication and collaboration in different cultures.

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Course Outline

  • What is work culture and how does it evolve in an organization?
  • Impact of culture on brand image
  • Impact of culture on talent acquisition
  • Impossibility of a homogenous team – impossibility of a homogenous organization
  • Attitudes affect outcomes

Personal factors:

  • Values
  • Likes/ dislikes
  • Preferences

External factors:

  • News
  • Social media
  • Public opinions
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Understanding Diversity
  • Types of diversities:
  • Internal
  • External
  • Organizational
  • World views
  • Inevitability & Importance of diversity
  • Globalization of Business and People in the 21st Century
  • What is Inclusion in the Workplace?
  • Relation of inclusion to human sustainability
  • Inclusion and ESG
  • What is ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)?
  • What are its effects on an organization?
  • How does inclusion impact ESG criteria?
  • Effects/ benefits to be achieved through inclusion:
  • Amicable workplace atmosphere
  • Great teamwork and collaboration
  • Improved performance
  • Innovation
  • What is Equity in the Workplace?
  • Symptoms of disparity
  • The only factors to judge employees:
  • Skills
  • Performance
  • Behavior
  • Importance of equality
  • Stereotyping
  • Prejudices and biases:
  •         SEEDS Model of bias
  •         Types of Unconscious bias
  •          How can we tackle unconscious bias?
  • Favoritism
  • Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Stats on Diversity and Inclusion You Can't Ignore
  • Emotional intelligence:
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills
  • Aspects to be considered for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:
  • Communication – verbal & non-verbal
  • Active listening
  • Micro behaviors
  • 7 Ways to Be More Inclusive in Your Everyday Life
  • Recognize the Shift in Global Understanding of DEI
  • Build an Inclusive and Impartial Environment

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Diversity and Inclusion Training is for aspiring and experienced learning leaders and professionals who wish to work with stakeholders to advance equality in the workplace through education, training programs, tools, and other D&I resources.

There is no registration requirement, making this training ideal for anyone.

Prior to the programme, you will be given access to all digital materials that you will use throughout the training. Workbooks provide resources and a place to take notes during activities.

At Vinsys, highly experienced trainers facilitate scenario-based hands-on training so that each candidate understands how to work on when the real job requires it.

This is what distinguishes Vinsys training, and our alumni recognize the benefits they experience through our training. While certification is just another addition to your resume, skills change the way you do your job and that's our main focus. Therefore, it is important for candidates to rely on training partners who are trustworthy, established and globally recognized.