Mentoring and Coaching Training

  • The role of coaching as a management tool
  • Identifying preferred coaching styles
  • Applying the GROW model to coaching interventions
  • Recognizing and satisfying the need for mentoring
  • Measuring personal effectiveness by results


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Course Description

The skills, morale and attitude of employees are significant contributors to an organisation’s success. Today’s competitive corporate world necessitates constant elevation in employees’ potential for the purpose of growth and many a times even for mere subsistence. Therefore, the processes of coaching and mentoring are a must for boosting the skills of employees (new as well as existing) and thus organisation’s growth. Though both of these processes might appear to have been cut from the same cloth (imparting knowledge, imparting and reinforcing competencies being common to both), there are certain differences between coaching and mentoring on practical levels.

Our courses on mentoring and coaching include, but aren’t restricted to:

Coaching Skills


Mentoring and Coaching



Course Curriculum


LDP = Leadership Development Program

MDP = Manager Development Program

SDP = Supervisor Development Program

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Course Outline

A resource with good coaching skills is an asset valuable in particular, because he/ she has the capacity to sharpen existing competencies and also to cultivate and nurture the expected ones in fellow teammates. They come in handy not only in bridging the target-actual gaps in competencies, but also help a great deal in team bonding. First step for being an effective coach is to know the “what”, “why” and “how” of coaching. Our training contains detailed explanations on different styles, methodologies and frameworks of coaching. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths, and competencies depending on your requirements.

Though seemingly akin, mentoring involves going a few extra miles as compared to coaching. The mentee-mentor relationship is often longer and more dynamic than a trainee and coach relationship. If a manager or a leader takes to mentorship, then it naturally fosters a feeling of mutual trust and bonding in the team leading to high morale and productivity. Our trainings are intended to bring out of the candidates a coach and also a mentor and enable them to share and spread their professional and functional wisdom. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths, and competencies depending on your requirements.

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At Vinsys, the well-experienced trainers facilitate practical, scenario-based learning so that every candidate gets to understand how to perform when the actual job calls for.

This differentiates the Vinsys trainings and our previous students acknowledge the benefits they experienced through our trainings. While certification is just another addition to your resume, skills transform the way you perform on the job and here’s where we have our major focus. So, it is important that candidates rely on a trusted, established and globally recognized training partner