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Are you shy enough to face interviews? Does the very thought of speaking in front of a group put you in jitters? Do you avoid interacting with people? If the answer of these questions is in affirmation, it is indicative of your lack of confidence in speaking with clarity, engaging with people, and understanding the mindset of listeners. Joining this course will prove transformative as it will energize you with a new confidence level to express yourself with ease! You will enhance your capabilities to present yourself in a powerful and engaging way, paving the path to lucrative career options in various domains.


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Presentation Skills Mastery Course Overview

The Presentation Skills Mastery course can be done in a 2-day in-person program or 4*3 hours of virtual sessions. It aims to enhance your ability to speak and interact confidently with people, hence it is valuable if you plan to face interviews, give presentations, or lectures in front of a group. You will know the significance of tone of voice, eye-contact, visual imagery and several other essentials of verbal and non-verbal communication. 

Course Curriculum

Learning Outcomes

•    Be more confident when delivering a presentation
•    Know the do and don’t when presenting
•    Have a plan and story to follow
•    Understand your audience, putting them in a stronger position when presenting
•    Understand how important the voice, body and visual imagery are


•    Professionals seeking to boost presentation skills
•    Students facing interviews and group discussions
•    Anyone exploring ways to interact confidently with others

Eligibility Criteria

  • There is no specific requirement to join this course. Anybody can join it.

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Course Outline

Basics of Presentation

  • The voice, getting it right
  • Presenting in 3 acts- The Steve Job’s Philosophy
  • Your personal preparation- getting you right
  • Tips for in-person and virtual presentations

Understand Listeners

  • Getting the mind right
  • Know your audience

Goal Setting

  • Understand what you want to achieve
  • Create the story to engage audience

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You can do it in a 2-day in-person program or 4*3 hours of virtual sessions

Yes, this course is suitable for anyone looking to enhance presentation skills.

This is available in-person and virtually