55268: Microsoft Power Automate For End Users

Connect to more than 500 data sources or any publicly available API!

Do you want to power automate, and connect to on-premises solutions? 55268: Microsoft Power Automate for End Users is here for you to build automated workflows between most-used applications and services to synchronize files, gather data, and get notifications at your organization. You will learn about cloud-based data loss protection, no-code advice, peek code features, identity and access management, the dynamic content expression editor, trigger search, and the AI builder with Microsoft Power Automate capabilities. Professionals will be able to correctly use the various capabilities only when they have in-depth knowledge of Power Automate. 

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Microsoft Power Automate for End Users Course Overview

55268: Microsoft Power Automate for End Users is a 01-day course. Power Automate is a versatile solution for you that automates, standardizes, and visualizes business operations. It connects you to other on-premises and online services and integrates with the various Office 365 products. Your confidence in choosing the appropriate actions and Work Power Automate logic for your business task will increase with the help of this course. Standard premium connectors and on-premises data will help you in creating a new order list and accounts for colleagues. Accredited Microsoft Power Automate for End Users course material prepared by SMEs will benefit you in automating tasks on local computers, including computing data in Excel.

Course Curriculum


  • Professionals aiming at optimization of the business processes
  • Professionals aiming at designing new business processes.
  • Microsoft 365 Administrators
  • Professionals looking to take up the PL-900 certification exam
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • IT Administrators
  • Professionals looking to learn to automate certain tasks from Microsoft 365 applications
  • Project Analysts
  • Automation Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts


There is no strict prerequisite for enrolling in this course.

About The Examination

You require passing an examination after the competition of this course to gain the Microsoft Power Automate for End User’s certification
Exam Title: 55268: Microsoft Power Automate for End Users 
Test format: Multiple choice
Passing score: 70%
Delivery option: Online (Proctored)


You will earn Microsoft Power Automate for End User’s Certification after passing the exam associated with this course.

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Course Outline

  • What is Microsoft Power Automate?
  • The benefits of automation
  • How to get to Power Automate
  • Lab 1: Setup your tenant
  • Setup Office 365
  • Download Course Files
  • Customize your App Launcher
  • Create accounts for colleagues
  • Using Power Automate templates
  • Navigating in Power Automate
  • Editing a Power Automate
  • Publish and trigger a Power Automate
  • Turn off or delete a Power Automate
  • Lab 1: Building processes in Office 365
  • Create a Team with a channel
  • Build an absence business process
  • Testing the absence process
  • Adding conditions
  • Designing switches
  • Using apply to each
  • Configuring do until logic
  • Adding a scope
  • Lab 1: Scheduling documentation reviews
  • Setup a policy library in SharePoint
  • Design a policy review schedule
  • Testing the policy review process
  • Standard and premium connectors
  • Connecting to web services
  • Using Power Automate with on-premises data
  • Lab 1: Using Power Automate and SQL to Review Sales
  • Create a new orders list
  • Designing the price check process
  • Testing the price check process
  • Optional: Update with managers
  • Downloading the mobile app
  • Signing in and account management
  • Building and managing Power Automates
  • Creating buttons
  • Feeds and approvals
  • Lab 1: Optional: Using the Power Automate mobile app
  • Setting up the Power Automate mobile app
  • Create a new Power Automate in the mobile app
  • Using Power Automate buttons in the app
  • Uninstall the Power Automate mobile app
  • Maintaining a Power Automate
  • View history and analytics
  • Sharing a Power Automate
  • Export and import Power Automates
  • Office 365 administration for Power Automate
  • Environments
  • Data Policies
  • Data integration
  • Lab 1: Maintaining your Power Automates
  • Share a Power Automate with a colleague
  • Disabling an active Power Automate
  • Deleting a Power Automate

Course Reviews


The course is of 01-days duration.

Classes start at 9:00 am and end by 5:00 pm.

Yes, the course is designed for both new graduates and experienced professionals.

Yes, you can cancel the course and get a refund by intimating 5 days before the course day.

You will thoroughly understand important subjects like sharing a flow, designing switches, connecting to online services, creating and monitoring flows, etc. The course will benefit you with various cases of Microsoft Power Automate to open better professional opportunities.

No, it’s not compulsory to have prior knowledge and experience of cloud computing. However, it can help make the learning process smoother.

Yes, you will experience the best internet security practices at Vinsys.

Yes, we offer weekend classes.

Yes, it is available.