The Advanced SQL Programming

MU-ADVSQL- Advanced SQL Programming

Level up your SQL query skills to master complex data manipulation!
MU-ADVSQL Advanced SQL Programming is a 02-days course taking you on a transformative journey to experience and master the intricacies of database management. You can explore the nuanced realm of SQL with the course to move beyond and excel in advanced programming. Regular expressions, grouping extensions, data cleansing, and more shall be included in the instructor-led course by Vinsys to let you move beyond conventional boundaries. Through Vinsys, you can confidently navigate through SQL and its professional settings. You will get the below-mentioned benefits after enrolling for the course:  

  • Gain unlimited access to a wealth of course material post-completion of the program.
  • Experience a personalized learning journey encouraging active participation in courses.
  • Enjoy access to specialized expert training resources tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Receive round-the-clock support throughout the duration of the course


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 Gain unlimited access to a wealth of course material post-completion of the program.

Experience a personalized learning journey encouraging active participation in courses.

Benefit from ongoing support and frequent updates

Enjoy access to specialized expert training resources tailored to meet your requirements.

The Advanced SQL Programming

The immersive course experience goes beyond the traditional SQL approaches and delves into the intricacies of relational databases. With a focus on real-world scenarios, our experts will guide you in developing expertise on the MySQL database, adhering to ANSI SQL standards. The course covers analytical functions, expressions to group By, correlated subqueries, common table expressions, hierarchical queries, data cleansing, analytical functions, and data manipulation arranged into short and bite-sized modules. Each section of the course is tailored to give you the optimal learning experience and develop practical skills.
What sets this course apart is its comprehensive approach for you to master the utilization of stored procedures and SQL triggers for automating database tasks. You can confidently navigate SQL complexities in professional settings, building a versatile skill set crucial for database administrators, developers, and anyone aiming to optimize SQL databases for performance efficiencies. Our instructors, who have more than 10+ years of experience analyzing and teaching the Advanced SQL Programming course, ensure you gain knowledge from the course that can be applied across all platforms supporting SQL.

Course Curriculum


The target audience for the MU-ADVSQL course is from the IT industry, looking forward to excelling their skills in SQL programming. The course is specifically tailored for.
•    Developers who are looking to enhance their career opportunities with updated knowledge and experience.
•    Data Analysts and professionals have experience and are still looking forward to taking SQL skills to the next level.
•    IT professionals aspiring to become database administrators and aspire to master SQL functions and operations.


The prerequisites for the Advanced SQL Programming course are-
•    Having basic SQL knowledge about SQL programming is recommended to get to the next level easily
•    Foundational understanding of relational databases
•    Knowledge of database design principles, including normalization and denormalization, can be helpful.


In this course, you will acquire the following skills:
•    Develop a deep understanding of advanced SQL concepts
•    Go beyond basic queries to explore complex data
•    Understand the principles of transaction management, including transactions, rollback, and more
•    Explore advanced database security measures
•    Learn complex filtering techniques to extract data
•    Learn techniques to optimize SQL queries and database performance
•    Understand the concepts of database normalization and denormalization
•    Navigate through Data Definition Language (DDL) for seamless table operations
•    Implement optimizing SQL views
•    Understand the importance of creation, selection, and deletion
•    Create updated views and ensure data integrity
•    Apply SQL programming skills to real-world scenarios
•    Stimulate professional environments and address common challenges
•    Learn to protect sensitive information
•    Design and maintain a well-structured database
•    Gain an introduction to NoSQL databases and understand their role in certain scenarios

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Course Outline

•    Inner and outer joins
•    SQL functions for aggregation
•    Real-world data manipulation

•    Significance and best practices
•    Data Definition Language (DDL) for seamless table operations

•    Transactions, concurrency, and best practices
•    Mastering stored procedures for efficiency

•    Implementing and optimizing SQL views
•    Efficient subqueries for complex queries
•    Enhancing skills in working with SQL indexes

•    Working with databases: creation, selection, and deletion
•    Efficient table creation and alteration using DDL
•    Implementing primary and foreign key constraints
•    Renaming, truncating, and dropping tables

•    Understanding the importance of indexes
•    Creating and dropping indexes
•    Scripting for efficient database operations

•    In-depth exploration of views
•    Creating updatable views
•    Ensuring data integrity with the WITH CHECK OPTION clause
•    Enabling data manipulation through views
•    Altering and dropping views for flexibility

•    Introduction to stored programs
•    Creating and calling stored procedures
•    Coding input and output parameters
•    Error handling and validation techniques
•    Efficient procedural code, loops, and cursors

•    Understanding transactions and their role
•    Committing and rolling back transactions
•    Implementing save points for flexibility
•    Managing concurrency and preventing deadlocks

•    Coding stored functions for reusability
•    Utilizing dynamic SQL for flexibility
•    Creating, managing, and optimizing triggers
•    Leveraging events for scheduled tasks

Course Reviews


MU-AADSQL Advanced SQL Programming is a 02-days instructor-led training course underpinning the advanced SQL functions and operations. 

The course measures the learning experience richness through hands-on practice of the concepts and ensures a seamless transition of the theory to experience. You can confidently navigate the nuances of SQL across its diverse spectrum.

MU-AADSQL Advanced SQL Programming is simple in its content and includes hands-on lab sessions that will make sure that you effectively learn the practical application of the core concepts. The experts at Vinsys will guide the learning schedule while reviewing and managing your queries.

In order to enroll for the course, learners should have prior experience with SQL skills and an understanding of relational databases. They must have experience in using normalized data, database design principles, familiarity with PostgreSQL, SQL server, or Oracle, and more. 

The course is designed for Developers seeking to reinforce their SQL skills. IT aspirants are looking forward to exploring opportunities in the field of programming languages and basic queries that are beneficial in practical experience.

Our courses are delivered through instructor-led training (ILT), private group training, and virtual instructor-led training (vLIT). You can choose your learning path to upskill with Vinsys' subject matter experts upon customizing training needs to ensure 100% results. Effective course material accessed throughout the program makes learning about concepts beyond the class easier. We boost your odds of success by helping you prepare for required exams and earn the certification.

It is a faster and more efficient query-processing language that needs no coding skills. It is important to transform data into summary statistics, which is effective in beginning to understand. The most basic SQL query will involve a query to get complex so that more commands can be added to it.

You can get hired as a Database Developer, SQL Developer, Oracle PL, or Advanced SQL Developer after completion of the course.

SQL Developers with the certification can earn up to $87,846 annually