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Master the intricate web of Angular and take on a new level of developmental and feature-rich web applications!
Introduction to Angular | Angular Jumpstart TT4165 is a 03-days course demonstrating how you can solve the traditional challenges of JavaScript web application development. It is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that lets you create native mobile web applications. Learners will have an application up and running that is used to incorporate components, reactive forms, and more services related to REST API. Get ready to explore the Angular features and advance within an engaging, expert-led, and hands-on learning environment guided by Vinsys' experienced instructors. You get-
•    Expert training material planned around your unique needs
•    Ongoing support and a course refresh
•    Inquiry-based classroom approach
•    Course catalog that can be browsed anytime
•    24*7 assistance throughout the tenure of the course 


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•    Expert training material planned around your unique needs

•    Inquiry-based classroom approach

•    Course catalog that can be browsed anytime

•    24*7 assistance throughout the tenure of the course 


TT4165, Introduction to Angular Essentials | Angular Jumpstart explores the latest features and benefits this web development technology has to offer. You will learn about real-world foundational and advanced Angular skills that are required to solve the usual challenges that are faced when developing modern web applications with JavaScript. The course provides the fundamental skills necessary to construct scalable and feature-packed applications. Leaders will progress through the course as they learn to streamline and integrate applications.
The course commences with a robust introduction of the Angular CLI and TypeScript that serves as the solid foundation for the journey. You can dive headfirst into the world of component-driven development within the Angular immersive experience. Learners and professionals will encompass critical topics such as directives, single-page application (SPA) routing for quick navigation, the powerful RxJS library, unit testing, form handling, and the intricacies of HTTP/REST communication. You will learn about customizing pipes, ES6, NG Form validation, new projects with CLI, angular's DI framework, and tree-shakeable providers. The web application streamlining process will help learners integrate the components for structuring web content.
As learners progress through the course, you will craft a remarkably rich web application employing directives to inject dynamic interactivity. You will utilize custom pipes to filter and format content and be able to leverage reactive forms to elevate user engagement. Moreover, learners can harness SPA routing for swift navigation and implement REST APIs for modern and effective communication with web servers. Your newfound proficiency will empower you to not only meet but exceed the expectations of modern organizations, ready to take on the challenge of the digital age.

Course Curriculum

Target Audience For Angular Jumpstart

The course is apt for experienced web developers who are new to Angular. It is designed for them to have extended knowledge and skills in web development. Learners who are well-versed in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript can also take the course.

Angular Training Prerequisites

For learners and professionals enrolling in TT4165, it is appropriate to have current, hands-on experience in developing basic web applications. They must know HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 languages or have recently taken-

•    TT4003 Introduction to HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript course

Angular Certification Training Objectives

By the end of this 03-days course, you will explore the following course objectives that are designed to immerse you in the essential skills needed to swiftly and adeptly embrace the world of Angular.
•    What is Angular, and why should it be used
•    What is TypeScript, why is it useful, and how it should be used with Angular
•    How is development and deployment facilitated using Angular CLI
•    Master the art of streamlining development
•    Discover how Angular revolutionizes the process of web development by minimizing the amount of code required to infuse advanced functionality into both new and existing web pages
•    Harness the capability of Angular to enable seamless navigation within SPA
•    Learn to elevate user experiences and interactions with Angular
•    Discover and implement best practices of Angular
•    Ensure seamless operations and outstanding performance while adhering to industry standards.
•    Equip with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure Angular functions unobtrusively
•    Perform peak efficiency web development with ease
•    Explore the integration of Angular with HTTP
•    Develop expertise in integrating Angular with JSON, REST, and other services
•    Discover how data-driven web applications are made responsive

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  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts

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Course Outline

•    Angular Versioning
•    Data Binding
•    Components and Dependency Injection
•    Services and Events
•    Common Component Lifecycles and Hooks

•    Angular, ES6 and TypeScript
•    Typing and Classes
•    Abstract Classes and Interfaces
•    Annotations
•    Generics
•    Optional Chaining
•    Nullish coalescing
•    Decorators
•    Partial, Record, Union types

•    Angular CLI Overview
•    New Projects with CLI
•    Testing and Generating with CLI
•    Angular Console – NX Console

•    Configuration Files
•    Working with angular.json
•    Top-Level Directories
•    Contents of the app folder
•    Angular DevTools

•    Data Binding and Components
•    Event Binding
•    Custom Events
•    Parent/Child Events
•    EventEmitter/emit()

•    Angular and the Need for Libraries
•    Options for Adding Libraries
•    Working with npm install

•    View Encapsulation
•    Structural/Attribute Directives
•    Conditional Styling

•    Overview of Pipes
•    Built-in Pipes
•    Formatting and Conversions
•    Parameterizing Pipes
•    Pure vs. Impure Pipes
•    Customizing Pipes

•    Forms and NgModel
•    NG Form Groups
•    NG Form Validation
•    Model-Driven Reactive Forms
•    FormBuilder API
•    Reactive Form Validation

•    Overview of the SPA Concept
•    Routing for Page Display
•    Working with ActivatedRoute
•    Location Strategies
•    Nested Routes

•    Angular's DI Framework
•    Components and Injectables
•    Tree-shakeable providers
•    Service Interfaces and DI
•    Constructor Injection

•    Overview of Modules
•    Feature Modules
•    Feature Module Routing
•    Shared Modules

•    REST in Angular
•    Promises, Observables, Subject
•    HttpClient and Observables
•    async Pipes and HttpClient Interceptors

Course Reviews


The course TT4165 – Introduction to Angular | Angular Jumpstart is a 03-days course.

Vinsys's web development course offers a wide range of continued learning paths. With this course, we offer you digital courseware files and courses to the learners and professionals. Our web development security training is unique and expert-led, with a solid foundation for learning based on role, goals, and areas of specialty.

Introduction to Angular | Angular Jumpstart course code is TTDV7580.

Learners and professionals with experience with web development classes, having HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, must take this course.

The course covers ES6+, Sass, and SCSS services for angular variables, nesting, and other services. You learn about angular and security, angular applications, SRP, coding, application structure, routing, HTTP Clients, interceptors, and more.

 Vinsys ensures their trainers provide specific automation solutions and optimize IT operations for their learners. Clients at Vinsys are satisfied with Vinsys as it keeps their certification through Ansible competitive in the industry. 

 We offer basic knowledge of JavaScript that makes it easy for you to sail through. Vinsys trainers, having experience of more than ten years, make it easy for you to learn core concepts and climb an uneven, hilly patch.

You can get hired as an Angular Developer after the course completion. As an AngularJS Developer, you can work with project managers, developers, testers, business analysts, and DevOps engineers.

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•    TT4165          Introduction to Angular Essentials
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