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Working with Ansible | Ansible Foundations TTDV7580 is a 03-days hands-on lab-intensive course. The dynamic and highly competitive business market requires companies to act quickly and implement management strategies. To achieve better management of the resources and application deployment, they are now moving towards automation technology, DevOps. The Introduction to Automation With Ansible is a specifically curated course providing a basic understanding of CI/CD workflows. Learners will get the following benefits once they enroll in the course provided by Vinsys: 
•    Training material during and after course completion
•    Regular practice labs and mock tests 
•    Inquiry-based classroom approach
•    After course guidance, in order to have a successful completion 
•    24*7 assistance throughout the tenure of the course 


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•    Training material during and after course completion

•    Regular practice labs and mock tests 

•    After course guidance, in order to have a successful completion 

•    24*7 assistance throughout the tenure of the course 


Working with Ansible | Ansible Foundations TTDV7580 is focused on the understanding and experience of automation towards the latest technologies. Professionals and learners responsible for repeatable application deployment, configuration management, testing, and integration with DevOps workflow will understand integration techniques with DevOps CI/CD workflows. The 3-day course is designed in such a way that the learners will get access to the core features of Ansible to explore some of the features included, like configuration management, automatic provisioning, operational processes, and service deployment. 
Learners can also access topics like sensitive data management, Ansible Tower, and integration with Docker. Such concepts are used to manage critical business data at the enterprise level. Thus, learners will be able to implement course learnings on their professional front to ensure that the required automation is achieved along with successful and secured management of sensitive business data. You can enroll in the Working with Ansible | Ansible Foundations TTDV7580 with Vinsys to add new wings to fly high in your career. The course will equip you with theoretical and practical knowledge crucial for your role in automation in the organization. 

Course Curriculum

Target Audience For Ansible Foundation

There is no prerequisite for enrolling in the course. The course content is designed while keeping in mind the introductory level professionals working as DevOps engineers, infrastructure automation engineers, 

Prerequisites For Ansible Foundation

Recent learners and introductory-level professionals such as Linux System administrators, Infrastructure Automation Engineers, System Design Engineers, and DevOps Engineers can enroll in the course. 

Ansible Foundation Objectives

Working with Ansible | Ansible Foundations TTDV7580 is a hands-on and expert-led course wherein the objectives of the course include: 
•    To describe the ansible concepts and be able to install the red hat ansible engine.
•    To deploy Ansible and configure it in order to manage the host and run any ad hoc Ansible command.
•    To write an Ansible playbook and run the same with the aim of automating tasks on multiple hosts. 
•    To write playbooks that include variables for simplified management of the playbook.
•    To implement task control manage the task control and task errors in the playbooks.
•    To deploy the file to all the managed hosts.
•    To understand deployment, management, and adjustment of files on hosts that Ansible manages.
•    To manage the larger projects.
•    To write playbooks that are for larger and more complex projects.
•    To simplify the playbooks as per the roles.
•    To use the ansible roles in the development of playbooks and reuse the code as and when required.
•    To troubleshoot Ansible.
•    To troubleshoot playbooks as well as the managed hosts.
•    To automate common Linux system administration tasks with Ansible.

About The Certification

After completing the three-day course, learners will get the industry-recognized validation of automation certification. It can reflect the understanding and practical training learners can use to get the right opportunity in their career or project. 

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  • Vinsys Training Material
  • 24*7 learner assistance and support
  • 4/5 Days Instructor-led Online Training

Corporate Training

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Course Outline

  • Overview of Architecture
  • Overview of Deployments
  • Inventory
  • Installing
  • Configuration Files
  • Running Ad Hoc Commands
  • Dynamic Inventory
  • Writing YAML Files
  • Modules
  • Variables
  • Facts
  • Inclusions
  • Constructing Flow Control
  • Handlers
  • Tags
  • Handling Errors
  • Jinja2 Templates
  • Jinja2 Templates
  • Role Structure
  • Creating Roles
  • Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy
  • Configuring Connection Types
  • Configuring Delegation
  • Configuring Parallelism
  • Configuring Ansible Vault
  • Executing with Ansible Vault
  • Troubleshooting Playbooks
  • Troubleshooting Managed Hosts
  • Ansible Tower overview
  • Installing
  • Account management
  • Hosts
  • Jobs

Course Reviews


The course is for 03-days.

Vinsys ensures a smooth learning experience for the learners by providing up-to-date course learning and training. When you enroll in this course, you will be able to manage large projects on your own. Working in a hands-on learning environment led by our expert trainers lets you undoubtedly explore the course details

Working with Ansible | Ansible Foundations course code is TTDV7580.

Ansible certification could aid job hunters who possess Linux/Unix, DevOps, or System Administration expertise.

The course areas cover Red Hat Ansible Engine, automation to run tasks on multiple managed hosts, task errors, and playbooks optimized for larger, more complex projects.

Vinsys ensures their trainers provide specific automation solutions and optimize IT operations for their learners. Clients at Vinsys are satisfied with Vinsys as it keeps their certification through Ansible competitive in the industry.

Vinsys also allows you to customize your learning hours, as Ansible certification is not very hard. Learners can pass if they practice scenarios around course objectives.

As organizations increase IT automation, demand for Ansible certification is increasing. You will learn specific automation solutions, optimize IT operations, and later become an Ansible specialist.

The related course certifications include-
•    Ansible Security Automation Engineer
•    Ansible Certified Solution Architect
•    Ansible Certified Administrator
•    Red Hat Ansible Certified Specialist
•    Ansible Network Automation Engineer
•    Ansible Automation Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA).