Certified Data Science Practitioner

Become a Certified Data Science Practitioner and Embark on a Path to Success!

Data handling skills lay the foundation for a successful business because data is crucial to understand previous trends and future scope. Precisely, data is essential to understanding where the business is heading, and what actions are needed to fulfill short-term and long-term business goals. 
While data science has become the need of the hour, gaining insights from data is not an easy deal. It requires a lot of expertise to put data science practice into concepts. This course from MPI Learning helps you become an expert not only in theoretical aspects but also in practical implementation in the real-time business scenarios. You will learn extracting valuable insights to influence your day-to-day business decisions. 
Considering the scope of data science, it is high time to invest in this course, and Vinsys is here to cater to your specific requirements with:
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Certified Data Science Practitioner Course Overview

Certified Data Science Practitioner is a 5-days course that explains you the important concepts of data science via 8 short modules. You will learn to address business issues using data; you will explore data distribution and analyze data; you will design a machine learning approach, and lot more. The best aspect is that this course includes hands-on activities to help you understand the application of data science in dynamic business contours. You will develop regression and clustering models, and finally undertake a data science project to learn all intricacies minutely.
This course is also designed to assist students in preparing for the Certified Data Science Practitioner certification.

Course Curriculum

Certified Data Science Practitioner Course Learnings

In this course, you will implement data science techniques in order to address business issues. You will:
• Use data science principles to address business issues.
• Apply the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process to prepare datasets.
• Use multiple techniques to analyze data and extract valuable insights.
• Design a machine learning approach to address business issues.
• Train, tune, and evaluate classification, clustering, regression, and forecasting models.
• Finalize a data science project by presenting models to an audience, putting models into production, and monitoring model performance.

Data Science Practitioner Audience

This course is designed for business professionals who wish to leverage data to address business issues. The typical student in this course will have several years of experience with computing technology, including some aptitude in computer programming.  However, there is not necessarily a single organizational role that this course targets. A prospective student might be a programmer looking to expand their knowledge of how to guide business decisions by collecting, wrangling, analyzing, and manipulating data through code; or a data analyst with a background in applied math and statistics who wants to take their skills to the next level; or any number of other data-driven situations. 
Ultimately, the target student is someone who wants to learn how to more effectively extract insights from their work and leverage that insight in addressing business issues, thereby bringing greater value to the business.  

Eligibility Criteria for Data Science Practitioner Training

•    A high-level understanding of fundamental data science concepts, including, but not limited to: types of data, data science roles, the overall data science lifecycle, and the benefits and             challenges of data science
•    Experience with high-level programming languages like Python. Being comfortable using fundamental Python data science libraries like NumPy and Pandas is highly recommended.
•    Experience working with databases, including querying languages like SQL. 

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Course Outline

a)    Initiate a Data Science Project
b)    Formulate a Data Science Problem

a)    Extract Data
b)    Transform Data
c)    Load Data

a)    Examine Data
b)    Explore the Underlying Distribution of Data
c)    Use Visualizations to Analyze Data
d)    Preprocess Data

a)    Identify Machine Learning Concepts
b)    Test a Hypothesis

a)    Train and Tune Classification Models
b)    Evaluate Classification Models

a)    Train and Tune Regression Models
b)    Evaluate Regression Models

a)    Train and Tune Clustering Models
b)    Evaluate Clustering Models

a)    Communicate Results to Stakeholders
b)    Demonstrate Models in a Web App
c)    Implement and Test Production Pipelines

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This  Data Science course is of 4 days duration.

No, there are some prerequisites you need to fulfill. Please check the eligibility criteria.

Vinsys provides regular tests, mock practice sessions, and instructor-led training and provides extensive support while learning.

This course is also designed to assist students in preparing for the Certified Data Science Practitioner certification.

No, it is an instructor-led online course.