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Digital Marketing professional is a highly valued career path today that offers lucrative job prospects. Courses in Digital Marketing are popular globally, as a digital marketing specialist is considered to be one of the highest-paid professionals with unlimited growth opportunities available. In this rapidly developing digital world, digital media marketing and market research play a crucial role. In this comprehensive Digital Marketing workshop in  Vinsys, you will learn every single component of digital media marketing right from advertising campaigns, Google analytics to promotional strategy, optimization, and Pay per Click.


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Digital Marketing Course

  •  You can prove your ability to execute the market research tasks to advance your organization’s digital media marketing strategy effectively.
  • You become well-prepared to compare digital marketing to traditional marketing and implement your strategy as per your brand requirements.
  • You can plan the marketing operations confidently while using diverse digital marketing tools and techniques in order to generate leads and further improve the lead conversion rate.
  • Learn how to design a full-proof digital marketing strategy that not only brings value to the brand but is also highly user-centric and creates a solid impact.
  • This Digital Marketing workshop at Vinsys makes you well-informed of all types of digital marketing types such as influencer marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing.
  • Know how to identify and understand your audience and the current advertising trends that is the key to creating engaging digital media content.
  • Learn the most powerful SEO and the ways you can drive traffic to your website using the SEO guidelines and techniques.
  • Master social media accounts and ads management, plan social media activities and use metrics to measure social media engagement.
  • Keep updated with the current market trends, get hands-on experience in all the areas of operations and become an efficient Digital Marketing professional.

Course Curriculum

Eligibility Criteria

There are no eligibility criteria to attend this Digital Marketing workshop. Having some background knowledge of Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Content and Search Engine is helpful.


Any professional or student who wants to validate her or his proficiency in Digital Marketing and has set a goal of working in the same industry can attend this Digital Marketing workshop. This workshop is beneficial to work professionals who are currently working or wish to work in the following designations.

•             Marketing Managers

•             Digital Marketing Specialists

•             Marketing or Sales Professionals

•             Management, Business, Media or Communication degree holders

•             Entrepreneurs or Business Owners

•             Marketing Consultant

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According to a recent report, 72% marketing professionals believe in the notion that traditional marketing strategies are not effective anymore. More than 80% of businesses in the world today are likely to invest more in digital marketing and branding rather traditional marketing. These results indicate that Digital Marketing has become an integral part of any organization. Online market place holds the incredible potential of helping businesses grow. Digital Marketing is powerful and relevant in today’s world that moves quickly.

Whether it is an IT Service company or a media agency, Digital Marketing Specialist is high in demand everywhere, in every domain. Digital Marketing is one of the most trending and well-paying fields. Since every company strives to achieve a top-notch online presence, a hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist becomes essential to build an end to end customer-centric brand image online.

Increasing brand awareness, promoting the company’s services and driving lead conversions are some of the topmost duties of Digital Marketing Specialists. They work along with SEO Specialists, Sales Executives and Creative Directors to advocate a brand effectively using diverse appropriate internet platforms. Digital Marketing professionals have striking personalities; they’re analytical, creative, artistic, methodical and expressive individuals. If you think you fit in these parameters, this Digital Marketing Workshop by Vinsys is just the perfect choice for you to advance in your career.