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Being insecure about your important documents, passwords, bank account details, and much more is apparent. Vinsys offers you the Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) V2 course that enables you to keep your important information secure. This course provides the required information and awareness to protect your essential assets like bank details and credit cards; it teaches you safe browsing, keeps you aware of sex offenders online, etc.

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EC Council Certified Secure Computer User V2 Course

The Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) V2 course is a two days (16 hours) course. This course teaches you various technical skills about the entire spectrum of information security threats, including credit card fraud, email spam, mitigating identity theft, spoofing scams in online banking, losing private information, safe browsing, password security, sex offenders sneaking online, spammers invasion, social engineering countermeasures, data protection, viruses, and backdoors. After completing the course, you will become a Secure Computer User Specialist.

Course Curriculum


Users involved in regular interactions with computers and the internet- widely into system work, study, games, and surfing the internet.


  • Configure a home network
  • Implement Operating System security measures on their computers
  • Make an informed decision about choosing the antivirus which is most relevant to their needs
  • Understand Malware, its risks, and symptoms associated with different online activities
  • Understand the threats to mobile devices, and email communications and how to safeguard against them
  • Identify safe websites with online social networking
  • Make their networks secure
  • Understand how to make their social networking accounts secure
  • Understand why and how to secure web browsers
  • Understand the threats associated with cloud accounts, types of networks, and how to safeguard against them
  • Make an informed decision about a cloud service provider which fulfills their requirements
  • Understand the need and importance of data security
  • Backup and restore data on their computers
  • Destroy data permanently.

About The Examination

112-12 CSCU (EC-Council Certified Secure Computer User with Remote Proctoring Services) is the required exam after completing this course.

Exam Details

Number of Questions: 50 
Passing Score: 70% 
Test Duration: 2 Hours Test 
Format: Multiple Choice Test Delivery: EC-Council Exam Portal
Credit towards Certification: Secure Computer User Specialist (CSCU)

The content of the examination would be as follows:-
1. Internet and Social Networking Sites Security 8%

  • Understanding Child Online Safety
  • Understanding Facebook and Twitter Security Settings
  • Understanding Web Browser Concepts
  • Understanding IM Security
  • Understanding Social Networking Concepts

2. Introduction to Data Security 10%

  • Understanding and Implementing Data Security
  • Understanding Data – Digital Building Blocks

3. Data Security Threats 24%

  • Understanding Wireless and Cloud Security Threats
  • Overview of Data Security Threats
  • Understanding Email Security Threats
  • Overview of Malware
  • Understanding Internet and Social Networking Security Threats
  • Understanding Mobile Device Security Threats

4. Operating Systems Security 16%

  • Guidelines to Secure Windows Operating Systems
  • Guidelines to Secure Mac OS X
  • Overview of Antivirus

5. Email Communication and Mobile Device Security 12%

  • Understanding Email Security Concepts
  • Understanding Various Mobile Security Procedures
  • Understanding Mobile Device Security Concepts
  • Overview of Mobile Security Tools
  • Understanding Various Email Security Procedures
  • Understanding How to Secure iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Devices

6. Cloud and Network Connection Security 20%

  • Understanding Cloud Concepts
  • Safeguarding Against Cloud Security Threats
  • Understanding Wireless Network Security Countermeasures
  • Understanding Various Networking Concepts
  • Understanding Setting Up a Wireless Network in Windows and Mac
  • Understanding Cloud Privacy Issues

7. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery 10%

  • Understanding Windows/MAC OS X Backup and Restore Procedures
  • Overview of Data Backup Concepts
  • Understanding Secure Data Destruction

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Security
  • Securing Operating Systems
  • Malware and Antivirus
  • Internet Security
  • Security on Social Networking Sites
  • Securing Email Communications
  • Securing Mobile Devices
  • Securing the Cloud
  • Securing Network Connections
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recover

Course Reviews


It is just a two days (16 hrs.) course.

Vinsys is an EC-Council accredited platform focusing on the inquiry-based learning model. Engaging and interactive sessions with Vinsys trainers prepare you well for the examination and certification. It ensures practical, feasible, and experiential knowledge with optimistic results. Students enrolling in our programs always get positive and enriching professional experiences.

This course helps you become a Secure Computer User Specialist (CSCU), booting your chances of success in the professional sphere.

Don’t worry if you skip or miss the classes for some reason, Vinsys provides you the revision classes ensuring you are at no loss.

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