AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview

Charting the AI Frontier

Charting the AI Frontier: Hands-On Insights for Enterprise Transformation!
The 02-days AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview (Light Hands-On) course with course code TTML5502   is designed to introduce learners to essential AI and machine learning technologies, skills, and tools used in practical business applications. The course will give learners a solid foundation to participate in strategic discussions and make informed decisions confidently. Our knowledgeable AI trainers will lead the learners through informative lectures, instructive demonstrations, insightful group discussions, and light hands-on exercises using some of the fundamental techniques and tools.
Enrolling in the AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview (Light Hands-on) (TTML5502) will provide various benefits to the learners:
•    24/7 Support
•    Post-Course Guidance
•    Comprehensive Training Material
•    Continued access to course materials
•    Career Counseling
•    Certification Support


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•    24/7 Support

•    Certification Support

•    Comprehensive Training Material

•    Continued access to course materials

AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview

Exploring AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview (with Light Hands-on) (TTML5502) is an introductory, two-day foundation course created to give you a solid "first look" at crucial AI & ML technologies, associated innovative knowledge, and the latest technologies that support them, with an emphasis on how they are practically used in business. These revolutionary technologies provide ways to improve decision-making, swiftly modernize and boost operational effectiveness, and stimulate creativity inside your company. The learners will discover what AI is and isn't during the course, how to distinguish between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, and the current state of using Large Language Models. Additionally, the course will provide how AI processes words, pictures, and sounds. Most importantly, the learners will comprehend the ethical issues and potential hazards of AI and machine learning and discover the best practices for integrating them into company strategy.

Through a well-rounded mix of instructional methods and strategies, this 2-day certification program ensures a comprehensive learning experience. Expert instructors will deliver engaging and informative instructor-led lectures, offering a strong theoretical foundation. Participants will be able to engage in dynamic group discussions, promoting interactive learning and exchanging ideas. A crucial aspect of the course involves hands-on activities utilizing user-friendly tools and software, enabling learners to apply their newfound knowledge actively. So, enrolling in AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview (TTML5502) will provide you with access to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

Course Curriculum

Target Audience For AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview

The target audience for the "AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview (Light Hands-on) (TTML5502) " course may include:
•    Business Leaders and Executives
•    Data Analysts and Data Scientists
•    Software Developers and Engineers
•    IT Professionals
•    Academics and Researchers
•    Business Analysts
•    Consultants

AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview Prerequisites

Although there is no specific course to give as a requirement, learners enrolling in this course should have some prior knowledge of the following.
•    Enterprise IT
•    Grasp of systems architecture in general, 
•    Business drivers knowledge 
•    Basic familiarity with Python scripting

AI & Machine Learning For The Enterprise Overview Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the learners will be proficient in the following:
•    Understand the fundamental concepts and terminology related to AI and machine learning.
•     Identify use cases for AI and machine learning in the enterprise.
•    Apply AI and machine learning tools and frameworks to common business problems.
•    Evaluate the benefits and potential risks of AI and machine learning in business
•    Confidently participate in strategic discussions about AI and machine learning in the enterprise.
•    Learn current trends, techniques, and the fascinating realm of AI and machine learning.
•    Get a hands-on introduction to a few user-friendly tools and skills offering a taste of the practical side of AI and Machine Learning.
•    Learn the fundamentals of algorithms, NLP, neural networks, GPT, generative probabilities, and other cutting-edge techniques.
•    Discover AI's crucial role in processing text, pictures, and sounds.
•    Explore how businesses may use these technologies to streamline procedures and increase efficiency.

About The Certification

The Professional Certificate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence consists of 2 days of qualifying courses. Participants must attend the entire duration of each module.  This certificate will ensure the candidate's knowledge of AI concepts, machine learning, deep learning approaches, fundamentals of AI implementations, and the impact of AI, including business use cases. These certificates will be beneficial when beginning a career as a Big Data Analyst or a Natural Language Processing Engineer, and employers will be able to trust your abilities because of the reflection the certifications bring.

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Course Outline

•    Understand the difference between AI and machine learning 
•    Identify the role of AI in modern business 
•    Emphasize the importance of AI skills for employees 

•    Learn the basics of how mathematics is used in AI 
•    Understand the role of algorithms in machine learning 
•    Differentiate between supervised and unsupervised learning 
•    Identify classification, regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and ensemble methods 
•    Understand the part of machine learning in business decision-making

•    Understand the basics of Generative AI and how it differs from other AI techniques 
•    Learn the basics of GPT and its applications in various sectors 
•    Understand the concept of language models and how they are trained using large amounts of text data 
•    Solve business problems with a GPT-based tool 

•    Understand what neural networks are and how they are used 
•    Identify the essential parts, types, and how they learn 
•    Understand the importance of data preprocessing in training 
•    Explore deep neural network's advantages and practical applications 

•    Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in Google Cloud
•    MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) Fundamentals
•    Build and Deploy Machine Learning Solutions on Vertex AI

•    Benefits of AI for Business
•     Key Considerations for Implementing AI in Business
•    Real-world Examples of AI in Business Applications 

•    Importance of Ethics in AI
•     Emerging Trends in AI Implementation
•    Practical Applications of AI in Various Industries

•    Understanding Privacy Issues
•    AI's Effect on Industry Through Automation 
•    Preventing Errors while using AI in Business
•    Shielding Business From Unexpected Repercussions

•    Handouts of key concepts and terms
•    Practice exercises
•    Access to user-friendly AI and machine learning tools and software 

•    Career Pathways in Enterprise AI
•    Skills and Competencies for Success

•    Final Course Assessment and Evaluation
•    Post-Course Resources and Continuing Education Opportunities


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The course is for 02-days. It will be approximately 16 hours course.

Because Vinsys has the experience of providing technical courses for over two decades, we provide the best and the latest expertise in the certification courses. Notably, we are ISO 9001 certified, which accredits the quality of education Vinsys provides. You will get the best training after enrolling with us for the AI certification course.

 Artificial Intelligence will boost the productivity of the organization. Having a certificate will validate your expertise to your employees. Most importantly, you will gain immense skills and knowledge, helping you work incredibly quickly and efficiently

Vinsys will arrange the timings in collaboration with you. The timings will be flexible, and you can efficiently devote your complete concentration to the course to gain the fullest.

Vinsys uses the following assessment and evaluation methods to assess and evaluate the learning and progress:
•    Quizzes 
•    Assignment projects
•    Lab exercises using user-friendly tools 
•    Final exam 

Vinsys offers flexibility in course delivery. The course has three formats: Instructor Led Training, Virtual Instructor Led Training, and Group Instructor Led Training. You can select the best option depending on your learning interests and availability. 

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate from Vinsys. This certificate validates your knowledge and skills in AI & Machine Learning.