Generative AI for Technical Managers (GAITM) Certification Training

Empowering Tech Leaders: Mastering Generative AI for Strategic Innovation

The 02-day Generative AI for Technical Managers (GAITM) course aims to give participants a strong foundation in generative artificial intelligence's ideas, methods, and uses. Concepts will be presented in a detailed and accessible manner, ensuring understanding for all learners. Arm yourself with knowledge that has the potential to rewrite your strategic course. Come along with us and become the astute AI leader your company needs to be, relevant, and a leader in today's quickly changing IT sector.

So join Vinsys to acquire skills in understanding Artificial Intelligence concepts, implementing Generative AI algorithms, basics of Deep Learning and Machine Learning, and take advantage of the following unique features. 

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Expert industry training 

Class recordings

Access to the Vinsys portal

Interactive learning

Generative AI For Technical Managers (GAITM) Certification Training

Generative AI is transforming the way jobs are done in many industries, including marketing, real estate, healthcare, and cinema. Those who adopt it early will benefit from it sooner. Generative AI will impact all vocations. This course might help you begin your learning journey if you want to be one of the leaders driving this transformation. Generative AI for Technical Managers (GAITM) course aims to give technical managers a thorough understanding of generative AI methods and applications. Participants will obtain knowledge of the fundamental ideas, real-world applications, and managerial issues related to generative AI initiatives.
With the help of well-organized content and step-by-step examples, you will acquire a solid understanding of generative AI and its practical applications. The course employs a blended learning approach that combines academic knowledge with real-world application through case studies and hands-on activities. Participants will engage in interactive seminars, group discussions, and problem-solving exercises to enhance their understanding and use of generative AI. Vinsys conducts the course through instructor-led training sessions in a classroom or virtual setting. It could be for a single employee or a group inside your company. Participants will have access to course materials, resources, and competent instructors' guidance. Come and join us at the nexus of knowledge and creativity, where innovation and code collide, to become the mastermind behind the technological landscape of the future.

Course Curriculum


Technical managers who wish to improve their knowledge and abilities in generative AI should take the Generative AI for Technical Managers course. The intended audience is mentioned below:
•    Technical Managers and Leaders
•    Technology Executives
•    Product Managers
•    Innovation Leaders
•    Tech Entrepreneurs
•    Data Scientists and Engineers
•    Business Analysts
•    Consultants
•    Educators and Trainers
•    Any Tech Enthusiast


While there are no strict prerequisites for the Generative AI for Technical Managers course, background or IT industry experience can provide a solid foundation for comprehending the course material. Here are some suggested prerequisites:
•    Basic Technical Understanding.
•    Familiarity with Python and other programming languages and concepts.
•    Fundamental understanding of algorithms and data structures.
•    Knowledge of the fundamentals of machine learning.
•    Fundamental comprehension of algebra and calculus, as well as basic mathematics.
•    Comprehension of statistical principles and how to use them to analyze data.
•    Basics of AI and Machine Learning.
•    Comprehension of organizational dynamics and how technology helps businesses achieve their objectives.
•    Learning Mindset.
Having these prerequisites can be advantageous; the course is designed to cater to individuals with varied backgrounds and levels of experience. 


Upon completion of the course, the professionals will be competent in the following areas: 
•    Exhibit a thorough grasp of generative artificial intelligence, the technology that underpins it, and the range of sectors in which it is used.
•    Utilise strategic thinking to help you decide which Generative AI applications and adoptions are best for your organization.
•    Demonstrate your ability to lead and manage teams working on generative AI projects while considering both the technical and non-technical factors.
•    Analyze how generative AI might affect revenue models, competitive positioning in the market, and corporate goals.
•    Recognize and follow ethical issues in AI development to ensure that generative AI technologies are used fairly and responsibly.
•    Foster understanding and collaboration among non-technical stakeholders by communicating intricate technical concepts linked to generative AI.
•    Encourage a culture of creativity by using generative AI to spark original answers to problems in business and technology.
•    Determine and manage any dangers that might arise from generative AI, creating plans to reduce such risks and ensure that industry rules are followed.
•    Plan, carry out, and supervise Generative AI projects successfully, ensuring they align with organizational objectives and deadlines.

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Course Outline

•    What is Generative AI
•    Key Concepts in Generative AI
•    Generative Models and Discriminative Models
•    Types of Generative Models (e.g., Variational Autoencoders, Generative Adversarial Networks)
•    Training and Inference in Generative Models
•    Discuss a few Industry use cases of Generative AI Applications
•    Applications of Generative AI and Deep Learning
•    Image and Video Generation
•    Music and Audio Generation
•    Text Generation
•    Lab: Hands-on lab on Text Generation using Large Language models

•    What are Large Language Models?
•    Importance and Applications of Large Language Models
•    Overview of LLMs in the Context of Natural Language Processing
•    Understanding the Architecture of Large Language Models
•    Transformer Architecture
•    Self-Attention Mechanism
•    Pre-training and Fine-tuning of LLMs
•    Training and Data Requirements for Large Language Models
•    Training Corpus and Data Collection
•    Pre-processing and Tokenization
•    Training Process and Computational Resources


  • What is Prompt Engineering?
  • Importance of Prompt Engineering in Modern Organizations
  •  Role of Managers in Prompt Engineering and Management
  • Understanding the Prompt Generation Process
  • Design and optimize prompts
  •  Apply advanced prompt engineering techniques
  •   Review and apply the latest and most advanced prompt engineering techniques.
  •   Understanding of Multi-modal LLM and different methods in Multi-modal LLMs
  •  Tree-of-thought and chain-of-thought methods
  • Generative AI Product Development
  •  Building AI First Products
  •  Understanding the complexity and challenges
  •  Design Exploration and Ideation
  • Simulation and Testing
  • Generative AI Project Lifecycle
  • Evaluation metrics for generative AI models
  •  Qualitative and quantitative assessment of generative AI outputs
  • User feedback and engagement analysis
  • Continual improvement and iteration techniques
  • Data Protection, Privacy and Security
  • Things to consider for protecting Data
  •   Data Lifecycle Management
  •  Compliances & Regulations
  •  Aspects to consider for Data Security
  •  Data Privacy Considerations
  • Generative AI Deployment
  • Model deployment strategies: on-premises, cloud-based, and edge deployment
  • Integration with existing systems and workflows
  • Testing and performance optimization
  • Monitoring and maintenance of generative AI models
  • Responsible AI Considerations
  • Biases
  • Ethical implications of generative AI
  •  Fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI projects
  • Regulatory frameworks and guidelines for generative AI
  •  Building responsible and ethical generative AI systems
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of analysts, engineers, and scientists in generative AI projects
  •  Effective communication and collaboration strategies
  • Project scoping and requirement gathering
  • Overcoming challenges and mitigating risks in project implementation

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Thanks to its time-saving and productivity-boosting capabilities, generative AI completely changes the software development business. Developers can concentrate on more complicated tasks, while generative AI handles repetitive tasks like building UIs, testing, and documentation.

Learners' assessments will be conducted through weekly tasks, group projects, and a final test. The evaluation standards will encompass script accuracy, productivity, and quality.

This course will make you a pro in Generative AI in 02 days.

By enrolling and completing the Generative AI for Technical Managers (GAITM) course, you'll learn about the possibilities, constraints, and capabilities of generative AI. This course will allow you to explore practical applications and acquire knowledge of typical use cases. At Vinsys, you'll get an opportunity to work directly with generative AI projects to apply what you've learned and obtain an understanding of the technology's implications for society and business.

Vinsys' exceptional support system and approved training programs make it a great destination to receive training. In addition to tools that support them in optimizing value for the customer, excellent support is always accessible. Professionals at Vinsys are skilled in recognizing the value of technology and integrating it into the overarching business plan. While Vinsys has a broad perspective, it also pays close attention to minutiae to ensure everything fulfills and surpasses standards.

The course covers reinforcement learning, machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, generative models, reinforcement learning, deep learning, and supervised and unsupervised learning. This technology can completely change how people and computers collaborate on creative projects.

Generative AI improves decision-making by facilitating scenario simulations, enhancing data processing, and offering insightful information. Decision-makers can examine several approaches, evaluate possible consequences, and make well-informed decisions with the aid of generative AI, which generates various realistic solutions. Rather than creating AI and ML code from scratch, developers can use generative AI to utilize, modify, and train algorithms to build new code and solutions. This can save time and effort.