MB-260T00: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty

MB-260T00 Course

Do you wish to ace your career in Customer Data Platforms? If yes, the 04-days (32 hours) instructor-led MB-260T00: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty is the perfect course for you!

The Program is comprehensively designed for learners who are looking forward to working with different enterprises to build, implement and scale constructive solutions into the power platform and Dynamics 365 applications. The course will assist you in comprehending customer profiles and observing clients’ engagement to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. 


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    MB-260T00: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty : Course Overview

    The MB-260T00: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty course provides a competent pathway to understand Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Solutions in a detailed manner. It helps you manage and track customer data and make effective steps to ensure customer experience and satisfaction to meet organizational needs, including how to align client data with pre-defined connectors. 

    This course facilitates a wide range of learnings related to collecting, creating & unifying customer data, and executing future predictions with the help of prebuilt connectors. It also prepares you for MB-260 Exam.

    Vinsys has made it convenient to learn the essentials of Customer Data Platforms. You can easily choose any of the below-mentioned training options to suit your time and schedule:

    • Virtual Instructor-led Training – VILT
    • Instructor-led training –ILT
    • Private Group Training and more.

     So, master the skills and knowledge of identifying gaps to build functional needs that provide insights into customer profiles. Vinsys further helps you with:

    • Live Interactive training sessions by Vinsys Training Experts with more than 02 decades of experience.
    • Get full access to the recording of your class for 90 days
    • Online Laboratory for virtual simulation.
    • Get access to the fully allocated Vinsys portal.
    • Get 24*7 learner assistance.

    This course offers a descriptive idea of how to enrich data and execute AI predictions; also, you will learn how to enhance data with high- segmentation. The Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty Course facilitates knowledge to turn customer data into customer insights and transform the data by extending customer data platform solutions into the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 applications. 

    After completing this course, learners will be well-versed in administrating and monitoring customer insights and operations related to Dynamics 365 customer insights and its applications. It also helps you learn effective communication and impactful execution with the clients to meet their requirements.

    Course Curriculum

    Target Audience

    • A sound knowledge of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and other Dynamic 365 Customer apps.
    • Professionals for this course should have a hands-on understanding of the procedures related to privacy, security, guidelines, compliance, consent, establishment and responsible AI.
    • Learners should have a proper understanding of Microsoft Dataverse, Common Data Model, Power Query, and Microsoft Power Platform.
    • Learners should have knowledge about Data Retention Policy.

    Course Objectives

    After successful completion of this course, learners will:

    • Understand the building and unification of customer profiles.
    • Comprehend Data predictions and Data enhancement.
    • Keep control over the Customer Data.
    • Manage customer insights.
    • Perform transformation and ingestion of customer data into Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.
    • Handle operations with Dynamic 365 Customer Insights.
    • Configure searching and filtering indexes.
    • Understand Data Retention procedures.


    • To pursue this course, knowledge of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is important.
    • Learners should be well-experienced in Dynamics 365 applications, Power Query, Microsoft Dataverse, Common Data Model and Microsoft Power Platform.

    About Related Certification: Microsoft Certified Customer Data Platform Specialty

    The Microsoft Certified Customer Data Platform Specialty certification facilitates a wide learning option to master solutions that deliver insight into customer profiles and trace their engagement activity. It results in better customer experience and increases customer retention.

    To get certified, learners must:

    • Gain experience with the practices associated with the protection of personal information, conformity, safety, and consent responsible Artificial Intelligence and data preservation policy.
    • Have knowledge about Key Performance Indicators Metrics to identify the performance of the organization and the necessary steps to be taken.
    • Have a prior experience with steps pertaining to Data preservation, validation, readiness, matching, fragmentation, segmentation and improvement.
    • Be familiar with Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Data Factory.

    This certification helps you understand the administration of Customer Insights, execution of AI Predictions into Customer Insights, Configuration of third-party connectors, Unification of Customer Data, Designing Customer Insights Solutions, and Ingestion of Customer Data into Customer Insights.

    This course prepares you for The MB-260: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialist Examination. The exam duration is 02 Hours; the difficulty level can be moderate to difficult, depending upon the knowledge and preparation.

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    Course Outline

    • Explore Customer Data Platform and learn why it matters to organizations
    • Get started working with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, including accessing the application and navigating to the different capabilities
    • Learn about the Customer Insights capability and how to get started working with it
    • Ingest data using Power Query
    • Connect to a Common Data Model
    • Connect to a Microsoft Dataverse
    • Work with data sets
    • Learn about data refreshes
    • Export data
    • Learn how to create a Customer Insights instance
    • Learn how to ingest data
    • Learn about data unification
    • Lab: Create a Customer Insights instance, ingest data, and unify data
    • Configure searching and filtering indexes
    • Define relationships and activities
    • Work with measures
    • Use Customer Insights
    • Discover the enrichment and prediction options that are available in Customer Insights
    • Configure brand and interest functions
    • Enrich data with partner services
    • Set up and configure a customer churn prediction model

    Course Reviews


    The MB- 260T00: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty Course is a comprehensive guide and training material created to learn how to create and implement solutions that provide insights into Customer profiles. How to collect coherent Customer data from different sources, unify the data with prebuilt connectors into different applications, and set up and configuration of prediction models and data enhancement.

    The difficulty level of the MB-260 Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialist exam can be considered moderate to difficult, subject to the learners’ knowledge and preparation. Professionals can take the help of the MB- 260T00: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty Course to master the skills and gain essential knowledge to clear the examination with good marks.

    Professionals who are familiar with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and one or additional Dynamic 365 Customer apps. Understanding of the steps associated with privacy, security, guidelines, compliance, consent, establishment and responsible AI, Microsoft Dataverse, Common Data Model, Power Query, Microsoft Power Platform and Data Retention Policy.

    Candidates should check the exam objectives and structure and should practice with the exam-focused course material and utilize it efficiently for the best results. With the support of Vinsys instructors, learners can easily ask their doubts and understand the concepts in a much better way. Vinsys delivers examination-based training material to improve learners’ skills and understanding and help them clear the MB-260 Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialist examination.

    After successful completion of the training, learners manage to administrate Customer data to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. With the proper Data Management, professionals can easily execute the required procedures related to Dynamics 365 Customer Data Insights.

    The course can get you roles such as Customer Data Specialist, Technical Data Specialist, Manager Data Specialist, Data Management Specialist and more.

    The course has duration of 4 days (32 hours).

    Vinsys provides a result- driven course material. Vinsys is a widely acclaimed online learning platform with a strong track record of delivering top-grade IT training. Vinsys experts and specialists hold 02 decades of experience and proficiency. Here you get well-structured learning materials and 24*7 learning assistance.