Microsoft 365 Administrator Essentials

MS-102T00 Certification Training Course

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MS-102T00 Microsoft Administrator Essentials is a 05-days intermediate-level course covering the essential elements of Microsoft 365 tenant management, Microsoft 365 identity synchronization, and Microsoft 365 security and compliance. The course then focuses on the Azure Active Directory Connect and Connect Cloud Synchronizations. You are introduced to the Microsoft Purview insider risk management and other concepts to manage user-driven client installations. With Vinsys, learners will get the below-mentioned benefits after enrolling for the course:  
•    Tailored learning experience with Vinsys involves active participation in class settings.
•    Access to extensive course material throughout the course and even after the completion.
•    Round-the-clock support during the entire duration of the course.
•    Continuous assistance and regular updates throughout the program.
•    Access to customized expert training resources catering to your specific needs.


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•    Tailored learning experience with Vinsys involves active participation in class settings.

•    Access to extensive course material throughout the course and even after the completion.

•    Round-the-clock support during the entire duration of the course.

•    Continuous assistance and regular updates throughout the program.

Microsoft 365 Administrator Essentials

Microsoft 365 Administrator Essentials (MS-102T00) focuses on the configuration and implementation of component services, licenses, security groups, administrative roles, and tenant subscription options. Throughout the course, you will learn to transition through Microsoft 365 and how its configuration can help in building office client connectivity. The modules are designed for you to explore the management and deployment of the user-driven client installations of the Microsoft 365 application for enterprises.
In the course, you will begin to examine the different types of prevalent threat vectors and potential data breaches at the organization. Subsequently, learnings will ensure that you are capable of handling Microsoft 365's security effectively, countering the threats and vulnerabilities. Learners and professionals will gain insight into tools related to Microsoft Secure Score and Azure Active Directory Identity Protection. Our expert-led course lets you familiarize yourself with the diverse reports designed to monitor security threats and cover almost all the aspects to ensure the well-being of the organization. You will learn to encompass features like safe attachments and safe links and exchange online protection. Upon learning the course concepts, your focus on security services to threat intelligence will increase, letting you utilize the features of Microsoft Defender for Cloud Applications, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Microsoft 365 Defender.

Course Curriculum


The course is designed for
•    Learners and professionals aspiring for Microsoft 365 Administrator role
•    Having work experience on at least one of the Microsoft 365 role-based administrator certification paths


Learners taking the Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102T00) course should have-
•    Having a functional knowledge of PowerShell, a scripting and automation framework developed by Microsoft.
•    Successfully completed a role-based administrator course, such as collaboration, security, teamwork, compliance, or messaging.
•    Having a sound understanding of DNS with practical experience in Microsoft 365 services.
•    A proficient understanding of the general IT practices to effectively engage with the course content.


Once you have an understanding of the key concepts, begin to learn all the key aspects of data governance, including data archiving. Here is what you can expect by the end of the course-
•    Investigating identity synchronization in Microsoft 365
•    Explore and utilize Microsoft Viva Insights for the workplace to enhance the team environment
•    Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
•    Monitor and manage the overall health and services in Microsoft 365 functionalities
•    Establish and manage administrative roles to ensure efficient control and delegation of responsibilities
•    Configuration and enhancement to optimize client connectivity to Microsoft 365
•    Enhance the organization's presence by integrating a custom domain into Microsoft 365
•    Understand and implement group management functionalities in Microsoft 365
•    Customize and set up the Microsoft 365 environment as per your needs
•    Prepare and implement directory synchronization tools and techniques
•    Oversee and maintain identities synchronized across Microsoft 365 services
•    Implement Exchange online protection measures
•    Investigate Azure Identity Protection features
•    Understand and explore to implement Privileged Identity Management within the Microsoft 365 context
•    Evaluate Microsoft 365 Secure Score
•    Explore and implement security solutions in Microsoft 365 Defender
•    Explore the Zero Trust security model
•    Analyze potential threats and data breaches to address them in Microsoft 365
•    Examine threat vectors and data breaches
•    Investigate and implement compliance measures within Microsoft 365
•    Understand Microsoft Ourview Message 365
•    Explore retention policies
•    Explore and implement archiving and records management functionalities in Microsoft 365
•    Explore data governance solutions in Microsoft 365
•    Implement measures to protect against threats using Microsoft Defender for Office 365
•    Secure applications using application protection features provided by the Microsoft Defender application for cloud
•    Manage safe attachments and safe links to enhance security
•    Deploy and manage sensitive labels for enhanced data protection within the Microsoft 365 environment
•    Understand and utilize sensitive labels for data protection
•    Understand and deploy measures for Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft Purview
•    Set up and manage Information Barriers using Microsoft Purview
•    Implement information insider risk management with Microsoft Purview
•    Understand and implement message encryption features in Microsoft Purview

About The Certification

Upon completing the course, you will be eligible for Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator Expert Certification. To achieve the certificate for the course, you will have to clear the MS-100 and MS-101 exams. The exams will measure your ability to function as the integrating hub for all Microsoft workloads and coordinate with them.

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Course Outline

•    Introduction
•    Explore your Microsoft 365 cloud environment 
•    Configure your Microsoft 365 organizational profile 
•    Manage your tenant subscriptions in Microsoft 365 
•    Integrate Microsoft 365 with customer engagement apps  
•    Complete your tenant configuration in Microsoft 365 
•    Knowledge Check 
•    Summary

•    Introduction
•    Create user accounts in Microsoft 365
•    Determine the user identity model for your organization
•    Manage user account settings in Microsoft 365
•    Manage user licenses in Microsoft 365
•    Recover deleted user accounts in Microsoft 365
•    Perform bulk user maintenance in Microsoft Entra ID
•    Create and manage guest users
•    Create and manage mail contacts
•    Knowledge Check 
•    Summary 

•    Introduction
•    Examine groups in Microsoft 365
•    Create and manage groups in Microsoft 365 
•    Create dynamic groups using Azure rule builder
•    Create a Microsoft 365 group naming policy
•    Create groups in Exchange Online and SharePoint Online
•    Knowledge Check
•    Summary

•    Introduction 
•    Plan a custom domain for your Microsoft 365 deployment
•    Plan the DNS zones for a custom domain
•    Plan the DNS record requirements for a custom domain 
•    Create a custom domain in Microsoft 365
•    Knowledge Check
•    Summary

•    Introduction
•    Examine how automatic client configuration works
•    Explore the DNS records required for client configuration
•    Configure Outlook clients
•    Troubleshoot client connectivity
•    Knowledge Check
•    Summary

Course Reviews


MS-102T00 Microsoft 365 Administrator Essentials is a five-day course. 

Our courses are delivered through instructor-led training (ILT), private group training, and virtual instructor-led training (vLIT). You should enroll in this course by Vinsys to have an understanding of Microsoft 365's security suite through trained professionals who are available as per your queries and needs in the course. You can delve deeper into archiving concepts and learn to examine the compliance implementation.

Effective course material accessed throughout the program makes it easier to learn about concepts beyond the class. You can prepare in instructor-led courses or self-paced study and configure your Microsoft 365 experience. 

Yes, beginners who have a basic knowledge of IT practices and are aspiring to become Microsoft 365 Administrator role experts can enroll in this course.

This is an intermediate-level course focusing on the role of the administrator of Microsoft 365. Security experts, administrator aspirants, and those who have experience with Microsoft 365 products can take up this course. 

The course content is kept simple to ensure that it will be easy for learners to understand. At places where learners find difficulties, the experts will provide the required assistance. 

Learners can get recognized for their ability to use and manage databases Microsoft 365 administration. The course will help you get better opportunities while dealing with complex databases, and you can get hired as a Microsoft 365 Administrator.

MS-102T00 is the code of the Microsoft 365 Administrator Essentials.

The Microsoft 365 MS-102 examination consists of 40-60 questions, and you will get 180 minutes to complete it.

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