MS-740T00: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

MS-740T00 Course

Note: The course is retiring on July 31st, 2023. 

A 03-day instructor-led training program MS 740T00: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams offers a seamless learning experience that helps learners to build a rewarding career in Support Engineering. With the evolution of the online marketplace, workforce demand in the IT sector has increased. MS-740T00 gives you an opportunity to enhance your skills and understanding in the process of troubleshooting Microsoft Teams, including voice issues, live events, and messaging. 

It is an outcome-based learning material that facilitates a wide option of information, such as how to configure, troubleshoot and manage Microsoft Teams clients, services, apps, channels, file sharing and signing issues for excellent performance and client experience and also assists you in recognizing and resolving common problems related to Microsoft Teams, such as audio and video quality, and mobile app problems. 

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MS-740T00: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams : Course Overview

The MS-740T00: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams course broadly helps you in the steps and methods associated with troubleshooting applications, channels, file sharing, signing issues in Microsoft Teams, federation issues, media flow, and other actions. This course assists learners in the configuration and troubleshooting actions of Microsoft Teams Clients and services. Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams process includes fixing voice issues, live events and messaging. It consists of smart approaches to configure and manage Teams to provide effective assistance to the businesses Team users for great performance and client experience improvement. 
Vinsys provides a range of options to make the learning process simple and efficient. You can choose from:

  • Online Instructor-led Training – VILT
  • Instructor-led training –ILT
  • Private Group Training and more.

Please check the detailed outline mentioned below to learn more about the concepts this course covers.

Course Curriculum

Target Audience

  • Learners who aspire to become Support Engineers
  • Learners currently working as a Support Engineer:

Responsible for understanding issues with Microsoft Teams and suggesting the corrective measures to the customers or stakeholders
Associated with the administrators and co-workers who work with related technologies and troubleshoot and sort out issues.

Course Objectives

After successful completion of the course, learners will be able to understand the following:

  • Introduction to troubleshooting Microsoft Teams
  • Identify common Team problems
  • Understand and troubleshoot media flow
  • Troubleshoot emergency calling issues
  • Troubleshoot direct routing issues
  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams Voice Issues
  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams meetings, live events, and messaging
  • Configure and troubleshoot Microsoft Teams clients and services
  • Understand how to configure app permission and setup policies
  • Understand how to troubleshoot private and public channels
  • Troubleshoot Federation Issues
  • Troubleshoot issues signing into Microsoft Teams
  • Troubleshoot Apps and Channels
  • Troubleshoot file sharing


  • Practical knowledge of Windows PowerShell usage
  • Experience in Microsoft Teams administration and configuration
  • Hands-on experience with performance tuning and service monitoring

About Related Certification - Microsoft 365 (M365) Certified Teams Support Engineer Specialty

The Microsoft 365 (M365) Certified Teams Support Engineer Expert certification authenticates learners' understanding of troubleshooting integrated communications solutions with practical expertise specific to troubleshooting Microsoft Teams. It validates the skills in basic networking, Azure fundamentals, telephony, PowerShell, data storage technologies, APIs, app security, authentication and authorization, security and compliance information, debugging, performance tuning, and monitoring. Support Engineers for this certification execute advanced troubleshooting methods to support Microsoft Teams environments, analyze telemetry and log data, troubleshoot deployments, and tune performance. They review logs and other data, understand the major cause of an issue, and resolve it.
It is mandatory to pass MS-740: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams examination to earn this certification. Learners can take help from Vinsys’s course material as it covers all the topics in a comprehensive manner.

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Course Outline

  • Describe the role of the Teams administrator
  • Identify common Teams problems
  • Explain how to approach the resolution process with Microsoft Teams
  • Understand and troubleshoot media flow
  • Use the Call Quality Dashboard to investigate audio and video issues
  • Troubleshoot emergency calling issues
  • Troubleshoot direct routing issues
  • Troubleshoot Teams meetings
  • Troubleshoot live events
  • Troubleshoot messaging
  • Configure and troubleshoot Teams clients
  • Configure and troubleshoot Teams services
  • Understand how to troubleshoot interoperability issues between Teams and Skype for Business, or Skype.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot federation issues, including federation policies and domain lists.
  • Troubleshoot account and network issues
  • Troubleshoot member sign-in issues
  • Troubleshoot guest access issues
  • Describe how to troubleshoot app issues in channels
  • Understand how to configure app permission and setup policies
  • Understand how to troubleshoot private and public channels
  • Troubleshoot private chat (P2P) file issues
  • Troubleshoot file issues for private channels
  • Troubleshoot file issues for public channels

Course Reviews


This course is a comprehensive guide that enables learners to master their skills in the process of troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Issues; learners gain knowledge in various types of actions related to troubleshooting and resolving the issues for better performance and customer experience.

This exam tests the skills and knowledge of the learner to troubleshoot Microsoft Teams issues in various situations. It checks the ability to identify issues related to Teams deployment, configuration, usage and the troubleshooting process.

Learners must score 700 or more to pass this exam.

Learners aspiring to be Support Engineers or currently working as Support Engineers with practical knowledge of Microsoft Teams can easily pursue this course.

The Course has duration of 3 days (24 hours).

No, This Course is expected to be retired on July 31, 2023.

This course provides descriptive knowledge about the troubleshooting concepts, steps and procedures in Microsoft Teams. Learners also have additional benefits available to understand the concepts efficiently and prepare for the MS-740 Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams exam.

Vinsys is a globally- recognized IT training program platform to help you enhance your career by exploring different opportunities. It helps learners to update their technical skills and knowledge. Learning through Vinsys is more convenient and easy as it offers various learning methods, extra benefits, and extensive learning materials. Vinsys Experts are highly skilled industry experts having 02 decades of experience who help and guide learners at every step.