Oracle 19C Database Administration II

TTOR20619 Oracle DBA II

Seek no more, explore the next level of DBA skills, and become an expert in Oracle Database Administration.
TTOR20619 Oracle 19c Database Administration II (Oracle 19c DBA II) is a 05-days course focusing on concepts of backup & recovery, working with grid infrastructure, upgrading Oracle, and more. Introducing a new version of Oracle requires companies to have a skilled workforce for dealing with and efficiently using a multitenant architecture. You will learn to apply both theoretical and hands-on practical sessions-based knowledge. The course learnings will make you comfortable and skilled enough to expand the usage of Oracle database administration. Our experts have many years of experience in the field that will be an added advantage in your learning journey.
With Vinsys, learners will get the below-mentioned benefits after enrolling for the course:  
•    24/7 support is available throughout the entire course
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•    Customized expert training resources tailored to your specific needs

•    Access to comprehensive course material

•    Continuous assistance and periodic course updates

•    24/7 support is available throughout the entire course

Oracle 19C Database Administration II

Oracle 19c Database Administration II (Oracle 19c DBA II) is designed for learners with experience with Oracle 19c DBA and who are willing to expand their knowledge about Oracle database administration. The five-day course has fifty percent expert-led lectures and fifty percent hands-on lab sessions. The course module is designed to let the learners explore multitenants, backup and recovery, SQL tuning, and database tuning. The learning gained from this course will ensure professionals are running the database efficiently and reliably. 
The database presented in the coursework is useful for you to demonstrate and exercise its utilization. Group discussions and real-world demonstrations in the course will let you get a wider understanding of the course concept, increasing the efficiency of leading. This independent course aligns with the skills, topics, and tools you need to have a strong hold on to excel in the Oracle 19c database. In the course, professionals will learn to create and manage CDBs and PDBs, backup and duplicate, and other related functionalities. The experts will add their experiences in the class discussion in order to give you a more transparent idea about the market and the use of the Oracle 19c database in different settings. 

Course Curriculum

Target Audience For Oracle 19C Database Administration II

The course is designed for professionals who have a basic understanding of the Oracle 19c database. IT professionals, managers, analysts, and database administrators wanting to explore new heights in their careers can opt for this course.  

Oracle 19C Database Administration II Prerequisites

Learners taking the Oracle 19c database administration II (Oracle DBA II) TTOR20619 course should have equivalent skills that can be used to understand the Oracle 19c database and utilize the multitenant database. In order to have efficient learning in this course, it is required to take the below-mentioned as a pre-requisite: 
•    TTORDBAADM19 Oracle 19c Database Administration I (Oracle DBA I)

Oracle 19C Database Administration II Objectives

The 50% hands-on, along with the expert-led lectures, the course is a real-world demonstration of the concepts. Through the course, learners will be able to:
•    Create CDB and regular PDB
•    Manage both CDB and PDB 
•    Backup and duplicate 
•    Upgrade and transport CDB along with regular PDB 
•    Backup terminology and strategy 
•    Duplicate database 
•    Restore and recover concepts 
•    Use flashback technology 
•    Understand and use new features of Oracle database 18c
•    Install grid infrastructure and Oracle database 
•    Patch grid infrastructure and Oracle database 
•    Upgrade the Oracle grid infrastructure 
•    Monitor and tune the performance of the database 
•    Use the general database enhancement 
•    Manage the PDB application 
•    Manage the multitenant database security 
•    Recover and flashback 
•    Diagnose failure 
•    Configure and use RMAN
•    Transport data 
•    Perform recovery 
•    Oracle restart 
•    Create a database using DBCA 
•    RMAN tuning and troubleshooting 
•    Upgrade the Oracle database 
•    Use the availability enhancement 
•    Tune SQL statement 
•    Install grid infrastructure in the standalone server 

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Course Outline

•    Configure and create a CDB
•    Create a new PDB from the CDB seed
•    Explore the structure of PDBs

•    Manage PDB service names and connections
•    Manage startup, shutdown, and availability of CDBs and PDBs
•    Change the different modes and settings of PDBs
•    Evaluate the impact of parameter value changes
•    Performance management in CDBs and PDBs
•    Control CDB and PDB resource usage with the Oracle Resource Manager

•    Perform Backup and Recover CDBs and PDBs
•    Duplicate an active PDB
•    Duplicate a Database

•    Upgrade an Oracle Database
•    Transport Data

•    Perform Full and Incremental Backups and Recoveries
•    Compress and Encrypt RMAN Backups
•    Use a media manager
•    Create multi-section backups of exceptionally large files
•    Create duplexed backup sets
•    Create archival backups
•    Backup of recovery files
•    Backup nondatabase files
•    Back up ASM metadata

•    Employ the best Oracle Database recovery technology for your failure situation
•    Describe and use Recovery technology for Crash, Complete, and Point-in-time recovery

•    Configure your database to support flashback
•    Perform flashback operations

Duplicating a Database

Install Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone server
Install Oracle Database software

Patching Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database

Upgrading to Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Image and RPM-based Database Installation

•    Install Oracle Database software
•    Create, Delete, and Configure Databases using DBCA
•    Creating CDBs and Regular PDBs
•    Use Miscellaneous 19c New Features

•    Managing Memory Components
•    Understanding the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
•    Understanding the Advisory Framework
•    Monitoring Wait Events, Sessions, and Services
•    Managing Metric Thresholds and Alerts
•    Understanding and Using the Performance Tuning Methodology
•    Performing Performance Planning
•    Understanding the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)

•    Explain the purpose of application root and application seed
•    Define and create application PDBs
•    Install, upgrade, and Patch applications
•    Create and administer the Application PDBS
•    Clone PDBs and Application containers
•    Plug and unplug operations with PDBs and application containers
•    Comparing Local Undo Mode and Shared Undo Mode

•    Manage Security in Multitenant databases
•    Manage PDB lockdown profiles
•    Audit Users in CDBs and PDBs
•    Manage other types of policies in application containers

•    Restore and Recovering Databases with RMAN
•    Perform CDB and PDB flashback

•    Configure RMAN and the Database for Recoverability
•    Configure and Use an RMAN recovery catalog

•    Detect and repair database and database block corruption
•    Diagnosing Database Issues

•    Restore and Recovering Databases with RMAN
•    Perform Non-RMAN database recovery

•    Interpret the RMAN message output
•    Diagnose RMAN performance issues

Create, Delete, and Configure Databases using DBCA

Configure and use Oracle Restart to manage components

•    Plan for Upgrading an Oracle Database
•    Upgrade an Oracle Database
•    Perform Post-Upgrade tasks

Use an RMAN recovery catalog
Use Flashback Database

•    Understanding the Oracle Optimizer
•    Using the SQL Tuning Advisor
•    Managing Optimizer Statistics
•    Using the SQL Access Advisor
•    Understanding the SQL Tuning Process

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Oracle 19c database administration II (Oracle DBA II) (TTOR20619) is a five-day course. 

The course content is designed to make sure that you get both a theoretical and practical understanding of the extended Oracle database administration functionality. With Vinsys, you will get the support of an experienced expert from the field who will enhance your learning efficiency in this course. Our courses are delivered through instructor-led training (ILT), private group training, and virtual instructor-led training (vLIT).

Out instructors led an instructor-peer session where discussions on the key concepts, e-learning platform, case studies, and Q&A sessions were held as the primary training delivery services for the client. In order to learn efficiently in this course, you must take the course below: TTORDBAADM19 Oracle 19c Database Administration I (Oracle DBA I). 

This is an intermediate-level course that can be taken by IT professionals who have prior experience in Oracle 19c database concepts and skills. 

Effective course material accessed throughout the program makes it easier to learn about concepts beyond the class. You can choose your learning path to upskill with Vinsys' subject matter experts upon customizing training needs to ensure 100% results. We believe everyone can succeed if given the right tools and knowledge to move toward their goal.

The course content is kept simple to ensure that it will be easy for learners to understand. At places where learners find difficulties, the experts will provide the required assistance. 

Learners can get recognized for their ability to use and manage databases using Oracle 19c database administration. The course will help you get better opportunities while dealing with complex databases, and you can get hired as an Oracle DBA.

TTOR20619 is the code of the Oracle 19c database administration II (Oracle DBA II).

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