Quickstart To Power BI For Analysts & User

Introduction To Power BI (TTDPB01)

Beyond Numbers: Crafting Data Symphony with Power BI's Analytical Elegance
Quickstart to Power BI for Analysts and Users TTDPB01 is a 02-days course focusing on the power platform hands-on exploration of the essential fundamentals. The course is step-by-step learning through the basics of Power BI. Find insights with your data, share rich analytics reports with the tool, and create reports faster than ever. With Vinsys, learners will learn to develop Power BI data, connect directly to data sources, and even describe the Power BI mobile application. You will get the below-mentioned benefits after enrolling for the course:  
•    Continuous assistance and regular updates throughout the program.
•    Tailored learning experience with Vinsys involves active participation in class settings.
•    Access to customized expert training resources catering to your specific needs.
•    Round-the-clock support during the entire duration of the course.
•    Access to extensive course material throughout the course and even after the completion.


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•    Continuous assistance and regular updates throughout the program.

•    Tailored learning experience with Vinsys involves active participation in class settings.

•    Access to customized expert training resources catering to your specific needs.

•    Access to extensive course material throughout the course and even after the completion.

Quickstart To Power BI For Analysts & User

Embark your dynamic journey into the realm of Power BI with Quickstart to Power BI for Analysts and Users. The course is designed to let you perform Power BI desktop data transformation and modeling. You will learn to create a Power BI desktop visualization and implement a Power BI service. The expert-led course provides you with the fundamental concepts of Power BI that let you do more with less using an end-to-end BI platform to create a single source of truth. You will be uncovering the potential of the data by using next-generation tools in Power BI.
The course is focused on providing knowledge to learners and professionals so that they can learn how to connect to Excel data to shape and combine data further. You shall learn to connect directly to data stores within the course modules. This allows you to track key performance indicators and uncover insights in business data to make decisions and make informed changes across the organization. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to use Power BI in different ways depending upon your role as an individual, from developer to analyst and manager to director, all at once.

Course Curriculum


TTDPB01 is a hands-on course learning geared for new users. Developers and Analysts can also opt for those who are responsible for accessing the organization's data and transforming that data into generating reports.


For an optimal learning experience and to fully capitalize on the advantages of the course, you should have the following-
•    A foundational understanding of database concepts, including familiarity with terms such as fields, records, and relationships
•    Proficiency in using Microsoft Excel, ensuring a basic familiarity with the spreadsheet functionalities
•    Key business priorities awareness
•    Knowledge of revenue, profitability, and financial accounting


In this course, you will acquire the following skills:
•    Articulate the principles of Power BI Desktop modeling
•    Implement the Power BI service for efficient data management
•    Execute data transformations using Power BI desktop
•    Understand and engage in collaborative practices with Power BI data and tools
•    Generate compelling visualizations in Power BI desktop
•    Elaborate the process of connecting with the team
•    Understand Power BI frameworks
•    Establish data connections
•    Seamless integrations with the data stores
•    Explore Power BI developer API, and time permitting
•    Elaborate the process of connecting to Excel data within the Power BI framework
•    Dive deep into the features and functions of Power BI mobile, time permitting

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Course Outline

You will learn about Business Intelligence and creating self-services with BI in this module
•    Introduction to data analysis
•    Microsoft tools for self-service BI
•    Considerations for self-service BI
•    Creating a Power BI report
•    Introduction to business intelligence
•    Hands-on: Exploring an Enterprise BI solution
•    Introduction to data visualization
•    Overview of self-service BI
•    Viewing reports
•    Creating a Power BI dashboard

You will learn about Power BI desktop in this module. Moreover, you will get to explore the features of the creation and publication of sophisticated data visualizations.
•    Hands-on: Creating a Power BI dashboard
•    Power BI
•    Connecting to Power BI data
•    The Power BI service
•    Create a Power BI dashboard

By the end of this module, learners will be able to implement the power of Power BI and explain the rationale and use cases of it.
•    Using Excel as a data source for Power BI
•    Hands-on: Importing data into Power BI
•    The Power BI data model
•    Using databases as a data source for Power BI
•    Importing Excel files into Power BI
•    The Power BI service
•    Viewing reports from Excel files

With Power BI desktop, learners can combine data with powerful tools, and shape the built-in tools. The module lets you dive deep into the data so that you can easily transform the reports while combining the visualization reports.
•    Power BI desktop queries
•    Hands-on: Shaping and combining data
•    Shape power BI data
•    Shaping data
•    Combining data
•    Combine Power BI data

This module describes how to shape and enhance data.
•    Using X-Functions and A-Functions
•    What is DAX (Overview)
•    Creating Calculated Columns (Basics)
•    Conditional and Logical Functions Relationships
•    What is DAX (Tabular)
•    Time Intelligence (Time Intelligence Functions)
•    DAX queries
•    Calculations and measures
•    DAX as a Query Language
•    Creating Calculated Measures
•    Time Intelligence (Overview)
•    Hands-on: Let's Model Data

This module describes how to create and manage interactive data visualizations.
•    Creating Power BI Reports
•    Page Layout and Formatting
•    Working with Multiple Visualizations
•    Creating Charts
•    Histograms
•    Managing a Power BI Solution
•    Power BI Service Settings
•    Power BI Desktop Settings

•    Connecting to Big Data
•    Connecting to Analysis Services
•    Direct Connectivity to Analysis Services
•    Using the On-Premises Gateway
•    Cloud Data
•    SSAS Multidimensional Models

•    The Developer API
•    The Interactive API Console
•    Custom Visuals
•    Using Custom Visuals
•    Using the Developer API

•    Power BI Mobile Apps
•    Creating Dashboards for Mobile Devices
•    Power BI for iOS and Android
•    Power BI for Windows 10
•    Using the Power BI Mobile App
•    Annotating Dashboards
•    Power BI Embedded
•    Adding Visualizations to an App
•    Power BI Community

Course Reviews


Quickstart to Power BI for Analysts and Users TTDPB01 is a 02-days course. 

We offer similar courses but different skill levels. Here is the list of related courses that can be taken instead of TTDPB01 and those that must be taken after the completion of it.
Related Courses-
•    Next Level Power BI for Experienced Users / Intermediate Power BI (TTDPB02)
•    Data Visualization Fundamentals (TTDV0001)

The course enables learners to develop a deep understanding of the Power BI platform and the Self-Service BI solutions. You will become skilled in using Microsoft tools for self-service Bim, DAX as a query language, Hands-on Let's Model data, and more. Vinsys provides continuous support throughout the course and enables you to understand and apply essential Power BI principles.

Quickstart to Power BI for Analysts and Users The TTDPB01 course is simple in its content and includes hands-on lab sessions that will make sure that you effectively learn the practical application of the Power BI applications and core concepts. The experts at Vinsys will guide the learning schedule while reviewing and managing your queries.

In order to enroll for the course, learners should have prior experience in using Excel and general awareness knowledge about the database concepts. They should know about the business priorities and more. 

The course is designed for IT professionals, Software Engineers and Developers. 

Our courses are delivered through instructor-led training (ILT), private group training, and virtual instructor-led training (vLIT). You can choose your learning path to upskill with Vinsys' subject matter experts upon customizing training needs to ensure 100% results. Effective course material accessed throughout the program makes learning about concepts beyond the class easier. We boost your odds of success by helping you prepare for required exams and earn the certification.

After learning the course concepts, you can choose to enhance your real-world experience in your current organization at a higher position. You can even get hired as a Power BI Developer, Power BI Architect, Power BI SQL Developer, MSSQL Developer, and Microsoft Power BI Application Developer.

The average Power BI Developer salary in the USA is $107,250 per year. Most experienced and core learning professionals can make up to $135,000 annually.