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Configure, manage, and monitor broker instances with the 3-day Red Hat AMQ Administration course. Our accredited trainers cover all the relevant aspects while preparing you for the Red Hat Specialist in Messaging Administration credential.


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Red Hat AMQ Administration Course Overview

Vinsys' authorized Red Hat AMQ Administration course develops your skills for administering the message broker, Red Hat JBoss AMQ. 

The in-depth training explains Red Hat JBoss AMQ as a part of the application integration suite offering abilities for integrating disparate applications in a decoupled manner using enterprise messaging paradigms. 

You learn how JBoss AMQ acts as the solution for asynchronous/synchronous messaging by bringing a highly performant/robust message broker, router, and client libraries for numerous languages. 

Overall, the course enables you to create, configure, manage, and monitor broker instances, including hardened/clustered brokers that provide high availability and failover.

Our Red Hat AMQ Administration training also prepares you for the EX440 exam, necessary for securing the Red Hat Specialist in Messaging Administration accreditation. 

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

  • Installing a JBoss AMQ 7 broker.
  • Configuring multicast and anycast addresses.
  • Securing the AMQ broker for authentication and authorization.
  • Clustering AMQ brokers.
  • Monitoring JBoss AMQ brokers.


  • System Administrators, Application Architects, Developers, and IT Leaders. 
  • Professionals willing to complete the Red Hat Specialist in Messaging Administration certification


  • General know-how of enterprise messaging concepts and message-oriented middleware.
  • Skills for reading/editing XML files.

About the Exam

Exam:                             EX440.
Skills Tested:                Creating/Maintaining Enterprise Messaging Systems
                                       using Red Hat JBoss AMQ.            
Certification Awarded: The Red Hat Specialist in Messaging Administration.
Exam Format:               Performance-based Evaluation.  
Internet Access:           Not Provided. 
Hard Copies:                 Prohibited, however, You Will Receive a Local Copy
                                       of the Red Hat JBoss AMQ Documentation.  
Duration:                       2.5 Hours. 
Cost:                              $400 (Region-specific).

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Installing JBoss AMQ, creating a broker instance, and verifying connectivity to the instance.
  • Configuring message addresses and queues.
  • Configuring authentication, authorization, and encryption on the broker.
  • Configuring zero, file-based, and database-backed persistence
  • Configuring the broker for limiting memory and other resource consumption.
  • Creating a scalable and highly available cluster of brokers
  • Monitoring and managing broker resources using logging and the web console.
  • Installing JBoss AMQ interconnect and configuring routes to brokers
  • Configuring Red Hat JBoss AMQ brokers and verifying proper operation.

Course Reviews


It expands your teams' basic JBoss AMQ administration and configuration skills, resulting in improved application reliability and decreased costs. 

The training makes you proficient in configuring, securing, and managing a Red Hat JBoss AMQ broker for creating/integrating message-driven applications.

Yes, the AMQ Administration course has many hands-on exercises.

It validates your expertise in:
•    Creating a JBoss AMQ simple broker instance.
•    Configuring addresses, queues, and topics.
•    Configuring point-to-point/publisher-subscriber messaging.
•    JMS messaging naming convention.
•    Configuring expiring message, moving to Dead Letter queue.
•    Configuring fine-grained address settings.
•    Applying AMQ broker wildcard syntax.
•    Configuring paging.
•    Tuning performances.
•    Enabling/Disable access to guests.
•    Configuring guest access.
•    Configuring authorization/authentication.
•    Securing network connection, acceptors, and connectors.
•    Configuring a cluster of brokers.
•    Configuring high availability and failover.

It implies that certification-aspirants should perform tasks similar to those performed on the job.

Yes, passing the EX440 exam makes you a Red Hat Certified Specialist in Messaging Administration, which also counts towards becoming a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA). 

Besides being a globally-respected Individual/Corporate IT training provider, Vinsys is also admired as the top Red Hat learning partner. Its unmatchable offerings, accredited instructors, customizable skilling programs, and round-the-clock learner support ensure the most detailed upskilling experiences, a must for capitalizing on valuable Red Hat JBoss AMQ 7.0 opportunities.