Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration (RH236)

Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration

Boosting knowledge and skills in Red Hat storage server will facilitate an easy management of huge storage cluster for your organization, enhancing your employability and the chances of professional growth. Not only this, you will get enterprise level capabilities in snapshotting, encryption and tiering, georeplication, which will enable you to grow infrastructure storage. While the course itself is comprehensive enough to include all essential contents, advantage and learning double up because of Vinsys’ special attractions:


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Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration Course Overview

The course is 4 days (32 hours) long and is suitable for professionals holding an RHSCA certificate. It teaches how to install, configure, and maintain a cluster of Red Hat storage servers. You will explore Common Internet File Systems (CIFS) and Network File Systems (NFS) using geo-replication, unified file, and object storage. The course will also cover software installation methods and explain how to create storage volumes and implement changes on the server. You will learn about IP failover in NFS and CIFS. 

If you are a senior system and storage administrator, doing this program will enable you to deploy scalable, high available storage on off-the shelf hardware in cloud environments. If you are a Linux administrator, learning about Red Hat storage server and will enhance your expertise in managing server online and making it secure and easily maintainable. 

Course Curriculum

Target Audience

  • Linux administrators and storage administrators responsible for managing large storage clusters 
  • Professionals holding RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) certificate
  • Senior system and storage administrators


  •  Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification
  • Passing online skills assessment for those who have not completed RHCSA certification.

Course Objectives

There are several course objectives for this course which will be discussed in the following points.

  • Install and configure Red Hat Storage Server
  • Explore georeplication
  • Learn about IP failover for NFS and CIFS
  • Practice unified file and object storage using Swift
  • Learn about snapshots
  • Create and manage different volume types
  • Learn about the Hadoop plugin

About the examination

After the course, you will take the performance-based Red Hat Certified Specialist in Gluster Storage Administration (EX236). The exam is based on Red Hat Glister Storage 3.2, and assesses your skills in configuring Red Hat Gluster Storage. You must pass it to get the certification. 

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Course Outline

  • Understand about Red Hat Storage server features and terminology and its uses.
  • Understand and learn about the classroom environment.
  • Complete the installation of Red Hat Storage Server.
  • Build your first Red Hat Storage server volume.
  • Understand about the different volume types in Red Hat Storage server.
  • Access the data present on Red Hat Storage server volumes from different client types and learn to retrieve them.
  • Implement quotas and Posix access control lists.
  • Grow storage volumes online on Red Hat storage server.
  • Learn how to configure IP failover.
  • Learn how to configure georeplication.
  • Learn how to configure Swift object access.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting tasks on Red Hat storage server.
  • Manage snapshots in Red Hat Storage.
  • Learn about the Hadoop plugin configuration.

Course Reviews


It is 4 days ( 32 hours).

The RH236: Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration course costs the candidate $2,850. It is inclusive of learning material and mock tests.

It is a storage server owned by Red Hat that is based on open-source technologies such as GlusterFS and Red Hat enterprise Linux. The storage server is used by Linux administrators and storage administrator to manage large amounts of data in the form of clusters on the storage server and then they can manipulate that data and manage the storage properly.

RH236 will make you proficient in several aspects of storage administration over Red Hat server. The whole course contains 14 units that will provide you with a detailed knowledge and experience in enterprise storage administration. 

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