Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110R) Training

Core Operations for Domain Operators

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators (CL110R) is a 90-day training course for system administrators willing to use the Red Hat OpenStack® Platform to set up a cloud computing environment. With more OpenStack deployments rolling out yearly, a standard platform is necessary to build your open and scalable cloud. The course provides the enterprise features and functionality you need to deliver scale-out infrastructure for cloud-ready applications and workloads. The course also prepares you for the recommended PE110 examination!

Join today to be able to deploy a proof-of-concept OpenStack installation for training, research, monitoring, and presentation in your computing environment at home or work. The E-learning teaching modality will be an additional feature, providing you with everything at your convenience and comfort!


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Red Hat OpenStack Administration I Course Overview

CL110R will teach you how to employ and manage a cloud computing environment using the Red Hat OpenStack® Platform (RHOSP). You will discover how to set up safe project environments where you can allocate resources and control the security rights that cloud users require to develop scalable cloud applications. The course will holistically cover the integration of OpenShift with load balancers, identity management, monitoring, proxies, and storage

Course Curriculum

Target Audience

  • Leaders, Program Managers, System Administrators, Quality Analysts, Software Engineers, Cloud Engineers, and more.
  • Anyone interested in or in charge of maintaining applications on private or hybrid OpenStack clouds.
  • Users who place application resources and stacks in the cloud.
  • Managers who maintain security and supervise resources for other cloud users
  • Cloud engineers or professionals working in the cloud domain.
  • Staff members involved in technology evaluation as per current market trends.  


  • Obtain Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or provide evidence of comparable experience.
  • Understand and use the necessary applications for managing files, directories, command-line environments, and documentation.
  • Install, upgrade, and maintain systems, including their deployment, configuration, and upkeep.
  • Operate running systems, such as initiating and terminating virtual computers, detecting processes, booting into various run levels, and managing services

Course Objectives

  • Perform instance launching while outlining the architecture and use cases of OpenStack.
  • Develop domain, project, user, role, and quota management plan in a multitenant system.
  • Develop Linux networks, routers, bridges, and floating IP addresses.
  • Categorize images, flavors, and private networks to deploy, start and validate an internal instance.
  • Analyze external networks and security before running and testing an external instance. 
  • Examine instance security by making the use of access keys and group rules.
  • Develop block, object, and shared storage within OpenStack and perform maintenance.
  • Use cloud-init to customize instance initialization.
  • Create scalable applications by making the use of stack templates.

About the examination

CR110R Also Prepares you for PE110! 
After completing the course, taking the Red Hat Preliminary Exam in Red Hat OpenStack Administration (PE110) is recommended. This performance-based examination measures how well you understand using the Red Hat OpenStack Platform to manage cloud infrastructures. 

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Course Outline

Introduction to Red Hat OpenStack Platform

  • Launch an instance, discuss the OpenStack architecture and components, and define the OpenStack personas.

Manage application projects in a multitenant cloud

  • Develop and manage projects with safe user access and enough resources to meet the requirements of cloud user application deployment.

Manage OpenStack networking

  • Describe the basic TCP/IP stack behavior, software-defined networking components, and typical network types accessible to self-service cloud users when implementing IP networks in OpenStack.

Configure resources to launch a non-public instance

  • Create a basic non-public instance by configuring the necessary resource types, such as vCPUs, RAM, and a system disc image, and then launch components of an application that runs in a tenant network with restricted access.

Configure virtual machine system disks

  • Describe the options for setting, storing, and choosing the system discs for block-based virtual machines (VMs), including the decision between ephemeral and persistent discs for certain use cases.

Provide additional storage strategies

  • Determine the options for further cloud storage strategies, such as object-based storage, file sharing over the network, and the amount of data provided from a file sharing facility.

Configure resources to launch an instance with public access

  • Determine and set up the extra resource types, such as networking and access security components, needed to run applications with public access for certain use cases.

Automate customized cloud application launches

  • Setting up and deploying a particular multi-tier cloud application stack, which is a scalable VM instance template with per-instance launch modifications.

Manage cloud application placement

  • Explain the management tools that govern the placement of already opened applications, including segregation components like cells, availability zones, and placement characteristics. 

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The duration of this course is ninety days (forty hours).

The cost of this course is $3060 (plus all applicable taxes).

OpenStack is a platform that utilizes shared virtual resources to produce and administer both private and public clouds. The essential cloud computing services of computation, networking, storage, identity, and image services are handled by the tools that make up the OpenStack platform, which is referred to as projects.

Numerous open source initiatives make up the architecture of OpenStack. There are six core services, namely: Nova, Neutron, Swift, Cinder, Keystone, and Glance, which take care of computing, networking, and storage.

After taking this course, you can design, administer, and configure network resources, services, servers, and programs for dynamically scaled business settings. You will also comprehend the structure of a private or hybrid OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

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