Red Hat OpenStack Administration II e-Learning Training

Red Hat CL210R Certification

Master advanced skills for performing Red Hat OpenStack platform day-2 operations/management of hybrid cloud infrastructure with the 30-hour/90-day OpenStack Administration II eLearning course. Our Red Hat accredited content covers all the relevant aspects while preparing you for the Red Hat Specialist in Cloud Infrastructure certification. 


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Red Hat CL210R OpenStack Administration II Course Overview

Vinsys' authorized Red Hat eLearning course enables you to manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and scale a Red Hat OpenStack Platform infrastructure. Moreover, it focuses on utilizing the OpenStack Client command-line user interface to configure metrics/policies/architecture for supporting enterprise cloud applications and daily operations.

Our detailed Red Hat online training allows 90 days of unlimited access to the course content. It also prepares you for the EX210 exam, required for completing the Red Hat Specialist in Cloud Infrastructure credential. 

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

  • Managing the overcloud service containerization technology.
  • Understanding metrics for performance tuning and governance.
  • Monitoring/Troubleshooting Open Virtual Networking (OVN) network flow.
  • Configuring Identity service utilizing an external Red Hat IdM store.
  • Managing the core control plane, covering Pacemaker.
  • Customizing images with techniques for multiple use cases.
  • Managing block/object storage back-ends.
  • Managing compute nodes (tuning and hyperconverged). 
  • Troubleshooting Red Hat OpenStack Platform


  • Cloud Operators, Service Administrators, and Automation Engineers operating and managing full-featured hybrid or private cloud-computing environments utilizing the Red Hat OpenStack Platform. 
  • Infrastructure Architects who wish to maintain large-scale private or hybrid clouds.
  • Those willing to secure Red Hat’s Specialist in Cloud Infrastructure accreditation. 


  • Red Hat Certified Engineer credential or equivalent experience. 
  • CL110 Red Hat OpenStack Administration I Core Operations for Domain Operators training or similar experience. 

About the Exam

Exam:                               EX210.
Skills Tested:                    Creating, Configuring, and Managing Private Clouds
                                         using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenStack Platform.          
Certification Awarded:      The Red Hat Specialist in Cloud Infrastructure.
Exam Format:                   Performance-based Evaluation.  
Duration:                           4 Hours. 
Cost:                                 $400 (Region-specific).

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Course Outline

  • Explain the undercloud/overcloud architecture and service components.
  • Describe/Manage the critical core services of the Red Hat OpenStack Platform control plane.
  • Protect the Red Hat OpenStack Platform infrastructure by securing service component files and endpoints.
  • Configure secure user privileges utilizing domain-based identity management, scoped roles, and project organization
  • Create/Manage the common and shared deployment resources, including custom images, flavors, or metadata services.
  • Describe and manage storage architecture or components, emphasizing Red Hat Ceph Storage back ends
  • Create, manage, and troubleshoot data center or virtual network infrastructure.
  • Describe the architecture and management processes for normal or hyperconverged compute nodes. 
  • Perform common operational tasks for compute nodes to support workload uptime and scaling.
  • Learn the monitoring framework and architecture for gathering, storing, or using operational metrics.
  • Implement/Deploy complex and scalable applications using automation technologies.
  • Describe/Practice the tools/methods for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues encountered during deployment or management operations.

Course Reviews


The Red Hat training improves your employees' skills for the daily operation of a private cloud that can reduce costs through fine-grained resource control, simplify regulatory compliance, and permit easier integration with legacy systems. 

In addition, it allows your cloud operators to manage and operate hybrid cloud Red Hat OpenStack Platform infrastructure. This version is convenient to install and manage while handling diverse cloud/legacy workloads with an expanding portfolio of flexible resource configurations. 

The Red Hat eLearning explains operating and managing a Red Hat OpenStack Platform installation using all of the common core features or services utilized by enterprise private/hybrid cloud customers. You learn to efficiently monitor, troubleshoot, automate operations, handle compute, storage, networking, deployment, application support resources, and services tailored to enterprise needs.

Yes, on Red Hat OpenStack version 16.1 and Enterprise Linux version 8.2.

No special requirements.

The CL110 course prepares you to operate a Red Hat OpenStack Platform private cloud and manage domain resources for securing and deploying modern, scalable cloud applications, networks, or storage.

  • Manage the Red Hat OpenStack Platform Control Plane
    • Managing control plane services.
    • Backing-up/Restoring control plane.
    • Starting/Stopping an overcloud.
  • Manage Infrastructure Security
    • Managing end-to-end secure services.
    • Managing file-based component security with AIDE.
  • Manage User Security
    • Managing an integrated IdM back-end configuration.
    • Managing scoped service access.
    • Managing project organization.
    • Creating a Red Hat OpenStack Platform domain for a client organization.
    • Maintaining token keys.
    • Customizing user roles.
  • Manage Application Deployment Resources
    • Creating images and flavors.
    • Creating and customizing images.
    • Initializing an instance during deployment.
  • Manage Storage in Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    • Managing a Red Hat OpenStack Platform-dedicated Ceph storage cluster.
    • Implementing storage choices in Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
    • Managing a Ceph storage cluster.
    • Configuring storage infrastructure.
    • Managing Swift storage.
  • Manage Networking
    • Configuring Open Virtual Networking (OVN) services.
    • Creating/Managing shared networks.
  • Manage Compute Node Operations
    • Administering compute nodes.
    • Managing compute resource capacity.
    • Managing hyper-converged resource capacity.
    • Re-balancing compute node workloads.
  • Monitor Operations
    • Implementing the Service Telemetry Framework.
    • Understanding the flow of Red Hat OpenStack Platform services and components logging.
  • Automate Cloud Application Deployment
    • Managing mass-scale application deployment.
    • Writing heat orchestration templates.
    • Deploying applications using Ansible.
    • Creating a load-balanced application stack.
  • Troubleshoot Operations
    • Diagnosing issues.
    • Troubleshooting common core issues.
    • Tracing heat stack events and troubleshooting failures.

 Yes, apart from Red Hat Certified Specialist in Cloud Infrastructure accreditation, the exam also counts towards becoming a Red Hat Certified Architect.

It is not mandatory to take your exam from a predefined location. You can take the test from anywhere by opting for Red Hat's remote examination format. 

Besides being a globally-admired Individual/Corporate IT training provider, Vinsys is also respected as the top Red Hat eLearning partner. Its unmatchable offerings, accredited course content, customizable skilling programs, and round-the-clock learner support ensure the most detailed upskilling experiences, a must for capitalizing on valuable private cloud opportunities