Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration with exam (RH404)

Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration

Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration with exam (RH404) is a 5-day training program designed for senior administrators looking forward to configuring Red Hat Satellite 6 on a server! The course includes the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Deployment and Systems Management Exam (EX403), which makes you a certified Deployment and Systems Management specialist.

This course will help you discover concepts and methods required for the large-scale management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. Additionally, you will learn about automating and speeding up Red Hat infrastructure management, from physical and virtual environments to public, private, or hybrid cloud environments of any scale, by gaining a fine-grained control over how software material is structured and moved through different life-cycle contexts. Hands-on experience to deploy and configure Red Hat Satellite 6 on a server and monitor multiple deployments with a single centralized tool.


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Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration with exam (RH404) Course Overview

The exam (RH404) for Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration investigates and authenticates the concepts and procedures required to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems successfully. You will learn how to install Red Hat Satellite 6 on a server and expand it with software packages. You'll learn to utilize Red Hat Satellite to manage a subscribed host's software development life cycle and configuration. Additionally, the course will facilitate you to provide hosts with software and configuration management with Ansible after deployment

Course Curriculum


  • Senior administrators (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems) responsible for managing multiple servers.
  • Emerging tech companies which want to manage the full life-cycle of Red Hat deployments, by keeping the cost low.
  • Anyone who wants to organize the software contents by having a granular control over it.

Eligibility Criteria

The program is suitable for people who are:

  • Experience in Red Hat Satellite 5.
  • Holds RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) certification or equivalent.
  • Expert in handling Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.
  • Able to set kernel runtime parameters, handle several sorts of system logging, and provides some types of network operability.

Course Objectives

Thoroughly understand the fundamentals of Red Hat Satellite and substantiate the installation of Red Hat Satellite 6.

  • Learn how to perform management and patching of software using Red Hat Satellite environments.
  • Utilize the content view to design and personalize repositories for better software management.
  • Utilize Red Hat Satellite to compose hosts with Puppet.
  • Provision hosts with management of merged software and configuration.


RH404 investigates and verifies the ideas and procedures required for extensive management of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® systems. The four-hour examination (EX403), based on Red Hat Satellite 6.6, evaluates your knowledge and skills in managing Red Hat Linux Systems’ installations using the Red Hat Satellite Server and related technologies. Completing the EX403 examination will make you a certified specialist in Red Hat’s Deployment and Systems Management!

Vinsys provides several mock tests to enhance your chances of completing the exam. You can take performance-based tests from the comfort of your home, thereby getting more convenience and flexibility in your certification process. You’ll carry out various systems administration duties, emphasizing setting up the Red Hat Satellite server and utilizing it to deploy client systems

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Course Outline

Plan and establish Red Hat Satellite

  • Prepare for a Red Hat satellite implement, followed by installation and configuration of Red Hat Satellite servers.

Administer system development life cycle

  • Plan, design, implement and manage Red Hat Satellite software development life cycle.

Register Hosts 

  • Using Red Hat Satellite, lodge and arrange your Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers, then divide them into groups for easy management.

Deploy custom software

  • Personalized software products and repositories may be created, administered, and deployed.

Deploy Satellite capsule servers

  • As part of an implement strategy, set up and configure Red Hat Satellite capsule servers.

Organize hosts

  • Configure the Satellite server for host deployment and provide the hosts.

Administer Red Hat Satellite using API

  • Merge Red Hat Satellite capability with custom scripts or third-party apps that use HTTP to access the API.

Plan deployment of Red Hat Satellite on a cloud platform

  • Organize installation and primary setup Red Hat Satellite on a cloud platform.

Maintain Red Hat Satellite server

  • Red Hat Satellite should be managed for safety, reclaimability, and expansion.

A thorough examination

  • After you've installed and configured Red Hat Satellite Server, you'll need to set up content hosts.

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The duration of the course is five days (forty hours).

For full advantage and learning experience, we recommend doing one course at a time. However, you can join follow-up courses to keep enhancing you expertise in a particular domain. You can contact us to explore the most suitable course for you, and our experts will be happy to help you!

When it comes to taking on the most challenging initiatives in the face of developing technological problems, Red Hat® certification confirms IT specialists who are knowledgeable, experienced, and prepared.

Red Hat Satellite is a monitoring and management solution for Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations. Satellite is one of four tools in Red Hat's enterprise IT toolkit, which also includes Ansible, CloudForms, and the Red Hat Insights service.

Katello, Foreman, Pulp, and Candlepin are some of the flourishing open source projects that make up Red Hat Satellite 6. Foreman is an open source tool for provisioning and managing both physical and virtual systems throughout their life cycle.

Vinsys provides learners with state-of-the-art lab experience and scenario-based learning modules. The expert faculty members integrate theory into hands-on real-time learning, enhancing your skills in managing large-scale Red Hat Linux systems. We provide 24 *7 support and skills-development programs necessary for the overall development of our learners.