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Red Hat RH318R Certification

Learn to deploy, configure, manage, and migrate virtual environments with the 32-hour/90-day Red Hat Virtualization eLearning course. Our accredited training content covers all the relevant aspects while preparing you for the Certified Specialist in Virtualization credential.


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Red Hat RH318R Virtualization e-Learning Course Overview

Vinsys' authorized Red Hat eLearning course brings skills for deploying, administering, and operating virtual machines in your organization using Red Hat Virtualization. Moreover, it adds to your abilities for deploying and configuring the Red Hat Virtualization infrastructure while using it to provision/manage virtual machines. 

Our in-depth online training also prepares you for the EX318 exam, necessary for securing the Red Hat Specialist in Virtualization certification. 

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

  • Configuring Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Configuring networking and storage for use with Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Managing user accounts and access to the Red Hat Virtualization environment.
  • Installing/Managing virtual machines in Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Utilizing templates for rapid virtual machine deployments. 
  • Managing virtual machine snapshots and images.
  • Migrating virtual machines and exploring high-availability options.


  • Linux System Administrators, Virtualization Administrators, and Hybrid Infrastructure Engineers who wish to deploy large-scale virtualization solutions and manage virtual servers in their datacentres, based on the Red Hat Virtualization open virtualization management platform.
  • Those willing to complete Red Hat’s Specialist in Virtualization accreditation. 


  • The Red Hat System Administrator credential or equivalent experience. 
  • Recommended: The Red Hat Certified Engineer accreditation.

About the Exam

Exam:                                   EX318.               
Skills Tested:                        Creating, Deploying, and Managing
                                             Linux Virtual Machines using Red Hat
                                             Virtualization Manager      
Certification Awarded:          The Red Hat Specialist in Virtualization.
Exam Format:                       Performance-based Evaluation. 
Duration:                               3 Hours. 
Cost:                                    $400 (Region-specific).

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  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts
  • Approved and Quality Ensured training Material
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Course Outline

  • Describing the purpose/architecture of Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Installing a minimal Red Hat Virtualization environment and using it to create a virtual machine.
  • Organizing hypervisors into groups using datacenters and clusters.
  • Configuring user accounts via central directory service.
  • Utilizing roles for assigning access to resources based on job responsibilities.
  • Adding Red Hat Virtualization hosts automatically.
  • Moving and removing hosts from datacenters as needed.
  • Adding Red Hat Virtualization hosts automatically.
  • Configuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts when appropriate.
  • Moving/Removing hosts from data centers as needed.
  • Separating network traffic into multiple networks on one or more interfaces.
  • Improving the performance and security of Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Creating/Managing data and ISO storage domains.
  • Operating virtual machines in the Red Hat Virtualization environment.
  • Migrating/Controlling automatic migration of virtual machines.
  • Managing virtual machine snapshots and disk images.
  • Automating the deployment of virtual machines by using templates and cloud-init.
  • Backing-up, restoring, and upgrading the software in a Red Hat Virtualization environment.
  • Explaining procedures for improving the resilience/reliability of Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Removing single points of failure and implementing high-availability features.
  • Showcasing the skills learned by installing/configuring Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Using the platform for creating/managing virtual machines.
  • Backing-up and updating components of Red Hat Virtualization.

Course Reviews


It develops your employees' skills to improve efficiency within a virtualization environment, reduce IT infrastructure costs by virtualizing more workloads on less hardware, and avoid vendor lock-in.
The Red Hat training allows your virtualization administrators to work more efficiently by utilizing Red Hat Virtualization for deploying, managing, and monitoring virtualization environments, resulting in quicker response times for users requesting/using virtualized resources.
They learn innovative forward-looking choices in virtualization design for distributed offices using hyperconverged infrastructure and migration procedures for sites running VMware clusters.

Individuals get to create/deploy Red Hat Virtualization and virtual servers. They also succeed in configuring, managing, and migrating systems within the virtualization environment using Red Hat Virtualization Manager, a single full-service management interface.

Yes, on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization version 4.3, Enterprise Linux version 7.6/8, and Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualization version 1.6.

RHCSA or Red Hat System Administrator certification validates your core system administration skills required for Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. One must clear the performance-based EX200 exam to achieve the coveted accreditation. 

It verifies your skills for managing systems in DevOps and automating the deployment, management, or support of multi-system environments.

Only one: The 3-hours-long EX318. It tests your abilities to perform the following tasks:
Install Red Hat Virtualization Manager & Virtualization Hypervisor

  • Installing Red Hat Virtualization Manager and dependencies.
  • Configuring Red Hat Virtualization Manager to authenticate against an external IPA service.
  • Installing Red Hat Virtualization Hypervisor.
  • Adding one or more Red Hat Virtualization Hypervisor instances to Red Hat Virtualization Manager.
  • Creating/Managing datacenters and clusters.

Manage Storage

  • Configuring NFS services and storage domains.
  • Importing installation media into a storage domain.

Create & Manage Virtual Machines

  • Installing virtual machines.
  • Accessing virtual machine consoles with SPICE/VNC.
  • Starting and stopping virtual machines.
  • Editing virtual machine hardware characteristics.
  • Configuring automatic migration for virtual machines.

Work with Virtual Machine Images

  • Creating snapshots and virtual machines from snapshots.
  • Importing existing virtual machine images into Red Hat Virtualization Manager.

Create & Manage Red Hat Virtualization Manager Users

  • Creating internal/external users.
  • Configuring roles, assigning users to those roles, and accessing using roles.

Automatically Deploy Virtual Machines

  • Creating virtual machine templates.
  • Deploying virtual machines using templates.
  • Configuring virtual machines using cloud-init.
  • Create & Manage Networking Objects
  • Creating logical networks.
  • Assigning hosts to logical networks.
  • Creating MAC address pools.
  • Assigning MAC address pools to clusters.

Create & Manage Cluster Policies

  • Creating scheduling/migration policies.
  • Assigning policies to clusters.

Yes, by selecting Red Hat's Remote Exam Format

Besides being a globally-respected Individual/Corporate IT training provider, Vinsys is also admired as the top Red Hat eLearning partner. Its unmatchable offerings, accredited course content, customizable skilling programs, and round-the-clock learner support ensure the most detailed upskilling experiences, a must for capitalizing on virtualization opportunities.