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Authoring Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS79)

Transform Raw Data into Actionable Insights: SSRS Reporting Made Simple!
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - Authoring, Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS795) course is an overview of implementing a SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services solution for data analysis in an organization. SSRS is extensively utilized in many industries for data visualization, research, business intelligence, and decision-making due to its strong capabilities in providing interactive and printed reports. This short five days’ course is essential for anyone who wants to become an expert at using SSRS to create and manage sophisticated accounts.
Professionals who enroll in the SSRS- Authoring, Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS795) program will reap several benefits, some of which are outlined below:
•    Mock Interviews and Practice Tests
•    Continuous Skill Improvement
•    Access to Exclusive Content
•    Mobile-Friendly Learning Platform
•    Regular Webinars and Workshops
•    Certification Path Assistance


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Access to Exclusive Content

Mobile-Friendly Learning Platform

Regular Webinars and Workshops

Certification Path Assistance

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - Authoring, Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS795)

By completing the SSRS - Authoring, Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS795) 05-day course, learners can create, deploy, and manage reports efficiently, enhancing their database and business intelligence career prospects. The curriculum is intended to help learners understand the key features of data modeling within business intelligence and gain hands-on experience in creating and configuring reports. The course covers data sources, basic report design, working with summarised data, using parameters, advanced parameters, formatting, data visualization, web portal fundamentals, automating report execution and distribution, managing reporting services, and mobile reports. It also places a strong emphasis on self-service business intelligence solutions. 
Vinsys delivers the curriculum through instructor-led lectures, hands-on exercises, and practical assignments. The instructor will provide explanations, demonstrations, and real-world examples to help learners understand and apply concepts in realistic scenarios. Learners can access the necessary software and tools to practice and complete assignments. Group discussions, interactive activities, and case studies promote learner engagement and critical thinking. Regular assessments and quizzes will be conducted to measure learner learning and progress. Join us to unlock the full potential of SSRS as we guide you through the intricate process of turning complex data into meaningful narratives that drive informed decision-making. So, get ready to elevate your reporting skills and empower yourself with the knowledge to excel in data-driven insights.

Course Curriculum


A wide spectrum of professionals who work with data and are keen to improve their reporting abilities are the target audience for the SSRS - Authoring, Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS795) course. The intended audience consists of, but is not restricted to:
•    Data Analysts and Business Analysts
•    Database Developers and Administrators
•    Business Intelligence (BI) Professionals
•    IT Professionals
•    Managers and Decision-Makers
•    Aspiring Data Scientists
•    Learners and Academics
•    Anyone Interested in Data Visualization


Participants should be familiar with a few concepts and tools before beginning the SSRS - Authoring, Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS795) course. The following are the suggested prerequisites for ensuring a seamless training experience:
•    Basic SQL Knowledge
•    Understanding of Database Concepts
•    Basic knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, including how to connect to a SQL Server instance and navigate through SQL Server Management Studio
•    General understanding of IT concepts and computer systems and the ability to navigate and use software applications.
•    Data Analysis Awareness


Upon completion of the course, the professionals will be competent in the following areas:
•    Describe key features of data modeling within business intelligence.
•    Identify various report services data sources and configure them.
•    Create reports using Report Designer and/or Report Builder.
•    Configure reports with Report Designer and/or Report Builder.
•    Create mobile reports in SQL Server.
•    Utilize navigators and visualizations in mobile reports.
•    Implement parameters and drillthrough in reports.
•    Format reports effectively using headers, footers, and conditional formatting.
•    Create data visualizations such as charts, databars, sparklines, gauges, indicators, maps, and KPI reports.
•    Understand and utilize the web portal for report management.
•    Implement caching and snapshots for improved report performance.
•    Automate report execution and distribution using subscriptions and shared schedules.
•    Administer SQL Server Reporting Services using Configuration Managers.
•    Secure the web portal and monitor performance.
•    Design and prepare data for mobile reports.
•    Create reports with drillthrough capabilities in mobile reports.

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Course Outline

•    What Is SSRS and How Is It Used?
•    SSRS and Business Intelligence
•    OLTP and OLAP
•    SSRS Architecture and Tools

•    Understanding Data Sources
•    Configuring Data Source Connections
•    Working with Shared Data Sources
•    Creating Data Sets for Reporting
•    Parameters and Expressions in Data Sets

•    Report Designer Solutions
•    Data Binding
•    The Tablix Table and List
•    Simple Formatting
•    Working with Expressions
•    Using Grouping for Formatting and Aggregation
•    Overview of Report XML
•    Deployment to the Web Portal
•    Report Designer vs. Report Builder

•    Hierarchical Group Objects
•    Expression Scope
•    Document Maps
•    Recursive Hierarchies
•    The Matrix Data Region
•    Adjacent Groups

•    Query Parameters and Report Parameters
•    Server-Side vs Client-Side Filtering
•    Parameter Dropdowns
•    Cascading Parameters
•    Optional Parameters

•    Drilldown
•    Drillthrough
•    Using Parameters to Sort
•    Using Parameters to Show/Hide Matrix Groups
•    Subreports vs Nested Data Regions
•    Go to Bookmark Action

•    Headers and Footers
•    Rich Text Formatting
•    Placeholders
•    Conditional Formatting
•    Repeating and Freezing Column Headers
•    Formatting for Excel

•    Charts
•    Databars
•    Sparklines
•    Gauges
•    Indicators
•    Maps
•    KPI Reports

•    Web Portal Overview
•    Creating Folders
•    Managing Shared Objects
•    Web Portal Report Properties
•    Report Comments
•    Branding the Web Portal

•    Report Processing Steps
•    Caching Reports & Filtering
•    Snapshot Reports & Filtering
•    Historical Snapshots

•    Simple Subscriptions
•    Data-Driven Subscriptions
•    Shared Schedules

•    Configuration Managers
•    Securing the Web Portal
•    Monitoring Performance

•    Mobile Reports Overview
•    Understanding and Preparing Mobile Reports Data
•    Navigators and Visualizations
•    Parameters and Drillthrough

Course Reviews


Upon finishing the course, learners can list the essential components of data modeling in business intelligence and the different report services data sources and their configurations. You can generate reports for SQL Server mobile and other platforms with a report designer.

An SSRS - Authoring, Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS795) training, such as the one offered by Vinsys, is highly beneficial as it certifies your expertise in the field and demonstrates your skills to potential clients or companies. You will be qualified to work as a reporting analyst, data scientist, database developer, business intelligence developer, or data analyst.

With over 20 years of experience providing technical courses, Vinsys offers the most up-to-date and excellent certification training knowledge. It's interesting to note that Vinsys has ISO 9001 accreditation, demonstrating the high caliber of training it provides. Vinsys is a terrific place to obtain training because of its excellent support system and authorized training programs. After you sign up for our SSRS - Authoring, Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS795) course, you will receive excellent instruction.

Vinsys offers flexibility in the way that its courses are taught. Instructor-led, virtual, and group formats are the three options for enrolling in the course. The best option for you will depend on your schedule and areas of interest in learning. 

Vinsys is a reputable training provider, and its SSRS - Authoring, Deploying, and Managing Reports (SSRS795) program is designed to give learners practical abilities. The industry recognizes the accreditation and practical expertise gained, which can enhance the participants' prospects for obtaining a profession. The training program complies with industry norms and has been approved by the business world.

Program participants can choose from various courses depending on their interests and learning objectives. They can customize their training experience.