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Telecom Quality Management System

Vinsys offers a complete knowledge of the Quality Management System (QMS) in the TL 9000 training course. The ICT sector’s globalization resolves the need to implement a standard set of quality system requirements throughout the ICT supply chain. TL 9000 completes the demand by associating lower costs, better performance, and stronger connections between customers and suppliers. It comprises handbook process education that will be fun and engaging. 
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TL 9000 Course Overview

TL 9000 is an Instructor-led QMS training course. It comprises the design, delivery, development, installation, production, and maintenance of products and services. It stimulates the durability and use of ICT software, hardware, and services.

TL 9000 is a bipartite QMS, advanced from ISO 9001:2015. This quality management system training course focuses on the following goals: -

  • Reduce the number of industry standards by establishing and maintaining a common set of ICT QMS requirements.
  • Promote a system that safeguards the usage of ICT hardware, software, and services.
  • Utilize the industry conformity assessment process to drive ongoing improvement and strengthen customer connections.
  • Define efficient cost and performance-based measurements to monitor progress and assess the effects of QMS adoption.

The TL 9000 course provides you with the materials in the form of Handbooks (Requirements Handbooks and Measurement Handbooks) that clarify the aspects of a Quality Management System. 

TL 9000 is a two-part system that covers both Requirement and Measurement handbooks.
The Requirements Handbook sets and describes the quality system requirements for hardware, software, and services and offers a consistent set of guidelines unique to the international ICT sector. This book is vital for ICT vendors or network operators aiming to increase reliability and consistency while lowering the cost of substandard quality.

The Measurements Handbook gives a thorough overview of measures processing, utilization, accountability, and standards. This book outlines the minimal range of performance metrics needed to gauge the success of a quality management system's adoption and evaluate its outcomes.

Course Curriculum

Target Audience

  • Individuals in charge of creating and implementing the TL 9000 Quality Management System
  • Individuals in operational management and quality management
  • Internal auditors 


Though the TL 9000 course is in continuation with ISO 9001, it is not necessary to get ISO 9001 certification to register for this course. All the requirements of ISO 9001 comprise the essentials of TL 9000.
Organizations with TL 9000 certification must adhere to the following in particular:

  • All requirements clauses of the International Standards ISO 9001:2015
  • ICT-specific requirements that apply to all registrations
  • ICT-specific requirements that apply to hardware, software, and service registrations
  • ICT industry measurements that use in all product categories
  • ICT industry measurements that use in certain product categories specific to hardware, software, and services

Course Objectives

  • Provides a measurement system that enables businesses to track performance and improve outcomes and specifies system requirements for the design, development, production, delivery, installation, and maintenance of ICT goods and services.
  • Removing the need for various quality management standards lowers operating costs, improving consumer products and services.
  • It establishes uniform quality expectations to promote performance and efficiency throughout the global telecom supply chain.


The TL 9000 course takes 6-18 months to get TL 9000 certified. The process involves: - 

  • Pre-Certification Preparation
  • RMS Registration
  • Pre-Audit Activities
  • Certificate of TL 9000 compliance

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Course Outline

  • The Process Approach to business management
  • The Deming Cycle (PDCA) and problem-solving
  • Understanding and effectively auditing the intent of ISO 9001, TL 9000, and use of ISO 9004
  • Customer satisfaction measurement, how to evaluate and audit the activity
  • Where and how to assess and apply continual improvement in all processes
  • Planning, conducting, and reporting on the process audit
  • Identification and reporting of non-conformances in the process audit
  • Evaluating corrective actions for root cause and effectiveness
  • Auditing techniques, including effective auditing of management
  • Review of Product Category tables and usage

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This quality management system training course improves your execution in services and manufacturing, dependability of processes, supply chain productivity, life-cycle management, and employee teamwork. You will be able to create a method to gather and compute quality and performance data. It ensures the growth of stronger customer/supplier relationships. After completing the course, you can find strategies to reduce expenses, expedite delivery, and boost revenue.

Vinsys has been in the field of training and courses worldwide since 1999. It brings you one of the best and most experienced trainers worldwide. It guarantees massive growth with doubt sessions, after-course follow-ups, inquiry-based classrooms, and regular mock tests. The trainers focus on practical knowledge.
Vinsys ensures your QMS training is in your comfort zone. It also allows corporate groups to customize their training hours according to the team’s capacity and availability.

TL 9000 is an online instructor-led training course.

Vinsys offers you revision classes, as a backup. 

You will not get a refund if you have completed 30% of the course or have the required material for the training. But if this is not the case, you can mail your issues to or consult one of the relevant sales agents within 10 hours of the first session. If you are unsatisfied after consulting, you will get your paid amount refunded in the initial mode of payment. 

In such a scenario, Vinsys refunds your amount in the initial payment mode. Also, you can switch to any other course without paying an additional fee. 

No, TL 9000 certification is not depending on TIA QuEST Forum participation.

The procedure may take six to eighteen months. The fee varies depending on the size of the business, the performance management systems already in place, the certification's extent (hardware, software, and services), and the outside and internal resources allotted to the project.