Microsoft WORD 2021: LEVEL 1

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If you are interested in presenting your documents more acceptably, you are at the right place. Vinsys offers you Word 2021: Level 1, a comprehensive Microsoft course to enhance your creating, modifying, and presentation skills of a document, preferably.  This course enhances your management capability and basic conception of Microsoft Word with the 2021 updated version. It trains to format paragraphs and texts, open, view, edit, save, and print documents. You will also configure Word to handle these and other standard functions like table creation and formatting, and improve lists by reordering, sorting, and adjusting list styles. 

With Vinsys, you also get inquiry-based classroom sessions which enable you to clarify your doubts quickly and easily. 24*7 support, after-course follow-ups, and mock sessions are additional features to assist you.


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Microsoft Word 2021: Level 1 Course Overview

Word 2021: Level 1 is a one-day (8 hours) instructor-led course that trains you in personalizing and editing the Word Environments, managing workspace, applying borders and shading, making repetitive edits, streamlining repeated formatting tasks by using Styles and converting text into a table. It trains you to create, modify, and format tables, text, and paragraphs. After completing the course, you will know primary functions like implementing repetitive formatting, previewing and printing documents, handling paragraph layouts, aligning text using tabs, and more. 

The Word 2021: Level 1 course trains you to use Research tools, check accessibility, and save a document in other formats that comes under publishing a document.  It trains you to find and fix issues with grammar, accessibility, spelling, and readability and use Word's functions. You can add visual elements to a document, such as symbols, special characters, diagrams, photos, and clip art. To style a page’s visual appeal, you can use page layout, page borders and colors, watermarks, headers and footers, and other elements. You can make optimal use of Format Painter, Find and Replace, and Styles to carry out repetitive tasks.

Course Curriculum


Candidates who wish to grab the knowledge of editing, designing, arranging documents, generating lists, positioning tables, and using a range of methods to enhance the clarity and presentation of a collection of papers are targeted for taking this course.


Candidates need a basic understanding of Using Microsoft Windows 10 to master the Word 2021: Level 1 course.

Course Objectives

  • Format text and paragraphs
  • Handle and perform everyday tasks in Word, such as opening, viewing, editing, saving, and printing documents, and configuring the application
  • Design and format tables
  • Enhance lists by sorting, renumbering, and customizing list styles
  • Use Word features to identify and rectify problems with grammar, spelling, accessibility, and readability
  • Insert graphic objects into a document, including symbols, special characters, illustrations, pictures, and clip art
  • Format the overall appearance of a page through page borders and colors, watermarks, headers and footers, and page layout
  • Perform recurring operations efficiently using Format Painter, Find and Replace, and Styles.

About The Certification

You will get a course completion certificate of Word 2021: Level 1 that will be helpful to you in taking the Word 2021: Level 2 and 3 courses.

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Course Outline

  • Navigate in Microsoft Word
  • Create and Save Word Documents
  • Customize the Word Environment
  • Edit Documents
  • Preview and Print Documents
  • Manage Your Workspace
  • Align Text Using Tabs
  • Apply Character Formatting
  • Control Paragraph Layout
  • Show Text in Numbered or Bulleted  Lists
  • Apply Borders and Shading
  • Make Repetitive Edits
  • Apply Repetitive Formatting
  • Use Styles to Streamline Repetitive Formatting Tasks
  • Format a List
  • Sort a List
  • Convert Text to a Table
  • Insert a Table
  • Format a Table
  • Modify a Table
  • Add Images to a Document
  • Insert Symbols and Special Characters
  • Add a Watermark
  • Apply a Page Border and Color
  • Control Page Layout
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • Check Spelling, Grammar, and Readability
  • Check Accessibility
  • Use Research Tools
  • Save a Document to Other Formats

Course Reviews


With co-authoring, new stock images from the Office Premium Creative Content library, and new Draw tab enhancements like the Point Eraser, Lasso, and Ruler, Word 2021 for Windows offers you to produce engaging content.

This course acts as a prerequisite for the other two level courses. Also, as it is an introductory course, you need to know the basic features and functions to present your documents in a better way.

The Word 2021 version brings you the dark mode to lessen your eye strain and work in an efficient manner. It also improves your understanding with a new feature, Line Focus. Line by line, without interruption, you can work your way through a Word document. You can set the focus to display one, three, or five lines at once.

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