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Role-based and Solution-oriented AWS Training Courses

Keep pace with the rapidly growing AWS cloud ecosystem, the undisputed market eader trusted by over 62% of all small medium businesses and large enterprises through advanced AWS Learning paths.

Upskill and validate your knowledge by learning Amazon Web Services, globally the most acceptable cloud platform, through Vinsys' role-specific foundational, associate, professional and specialty courses.

Be it Cloud Essentials, Practitioners, Developers, Architects, DevOps Engineers, Big Data, or Security solutions, take advantage of our Amazon training program for improved cloud fluency, troubleshooting, productivity, innovation, business transformation, and career-accelerating benefits.

AWS Certification Training Key Features

Verifiable Industry-experience

Accredited Courseware.

Scenario-based Practical Methodologies

Hands-on Labs

Knowledge-sharing by Experts

Flexible Learning Slots

Customized Skill-development Arrangements

World-standard Infrastructure (Online + Classroom)

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Job Roles & Solution

Aligned with AWS learning

AWS Essentials

Learn to design highly available systems

Cloud Practioner

Learn to cloud fundamentals and best practices


Learn to develop applications for the cloud


Learn to design highly available systems

Data Analytics and Databases

Learn to design highly available systems

DevOps Engineer

Learn to maintain highly anylytics solutions


Learn the processes and best practices for securing platform

Role-based & Solution Oriented AWS Courses

AWS Essentials

AWS Technical Essentials

  • The day-long beginners' training explains AWS cloud computing, storage, and networking foundations while taking you through its products, services, and common solutions.
  • Appropriate for professionals involved in articulating AWS services' technical benefits to customers, SysOps Administrators, Developers, and Solutions Architects.
  • It lets you get started with AWS and enables informed decision-making around IT solutions.

AWS Security Essentials

  • 1-day foundational course focuses on basic AWS cloud security concepts, access control, data encryption methods, and securing the network access to your AWS infrastructure.
  • Intended for IT/Business professionals with a minimum AWS working knowledge, willing to explore cloud security practices.
  • It places you on the AWS Security learning path, and helps you secure the 170-minutes long AWS Certified Security-Specialty SCS-C01 exam.

Migrating to AWS

  • The 3-day intermediate training provides AWS cloud migration strategies, including implementing all steps during your migration.
  • Opted by professionals involved in planning/running migration projects, Solutions Architects, Software Engineers, IT Project Managers, and Operation Leads.
  • Prepares you for completing migration tasks within your organization.

Cloud Practioner

AWS Cloud Practioner Essentials

  • 1-day fundamental course to develop an overall understanding of the AWS cloud by covering AWS cloud concepts, services, architecture, security, pricing, and support.
  • Suitable for Sales/Marketing, Business Analysis, Legal, Project Management, and other IT professionals.
  • Allows you to clear the 90-minutes-long AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 certification exam.


Developing on AWS

  • The 3-day training shows how to utilize the AWS SDK for developing secure and scalable cloud applications.
  • Intended for intermediate-level Software Developers.
  • Helpful for passing the 130-minutes-long AWS Developer-Associate DVA-C01 accreditation exam.

Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS

  • A 3-day course enables you to build, secure, deploy, and manage modern serverless applications.
  • The right fit for Developers familiar with the serverless architecture, and those experienced with development in the AWS Cloud.
  • It brings exposure to best practices for building serverless applications using AWS Lambda and other AWS serverless platform services.

Advanced Developing on AWS

  • The 3-day advanced training equips you to seamlessly re-architect legacy and on-premises monolithic applications into cloud-native microservice-driven architectures.
  • Preferred by experienced Software Developers familiar with AWS services.
  • Ensures a thorough preparation for the 180-minutes AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional DOP-C01 exam.


Architecting on AWS

  • An intermediate-level 3-day course trains you to identify services/features for building resilient, secure, and highly available IT solutions in the AWS cloud.
  • The appropriate choice for Developers interested in AWS architecting, Solutions Architects, and Solution-design Engineers.
  • An ideal approach to clearing the 130-minutes-long AWS Solutions Architect-Associate SAA-C02 certification exam

Advanced Architecting on AWS

  • The 3-day advanced training introduces you to AWS services applicable for solving architectural problems.
  • Suitable for professionals who design solutions for cloud infrastructures.
  • It lets you pass the 180-minutes-long AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional SAP-C01 exam.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineering on AWS

  • An intermediate course teaches you how to use DevOps philosophies, practices, and tools for developing / delivering / maintaining applications and services at high velocity on AWS.
  • Chosen by DevOps Engineers/Architects, Operations Engineers, System Administrators, and Developers.
  • Prepares you for the AWS DevOps Engineer-Professional DOP-C01 certification exam.

Data Analytics & Databases

Data Warehousing on AWS

  • The 3-day training elaborates on designing a cloud-based data warehousing solution using Amazon Redshift, AWS' petabyte-scale data warehouse.
  • Intended for Data Architects / Administrators / Analysts, Database Developers, and Data Scientists.
  • Enables you to collect/store/prepare data for the data warehouse using AWS services, from Amazon DynamoDB, EMR, to Kinesis Firehose and Simple Storage Service.

Big Data on AWS

  • A 3-day intermediate course explains processing data and creating Big Data environments by working with Amazon EMR, Redshift, Kinesis, Athena, and the remainder of AWS' Big Data platform.
  • Opted by Solutions Architects, SysOps Administrators, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts.
  • Ensures a structured preparation for the180-minutes-long AWS Data Analytics-Specialty DAS-C01 certification exam.


AWS Security Essentials

  • The day-long basic training covers fundamental AWS cloud security concepts, access control, data encryption methods, and lets you secure the network access to your AWS infrastructure.
  • Meant for IT/Business professionals with a minimum AWS working knowledge, interested in exploring cloud security practices.
  • It puts you on the AWS Security learning path for clearing the 170-minutes-long AWS Security-Specialty SCS-C01 certification exam.

Security Engineering on AWS

  • A 3-day course on effectively using AWS security services and recommended practices for robust data/systems security in the cloud.
  • Appropriate for Security Engineers / Architects / Ops and Information Security professionals.
  • Results in your progress towards acquiring the AWS Certified Security-Specialty credential.

Amazon Web Services Training Option

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

A: Yes, they are, now more so than ever! Cloud computing is no longer considered a set of buzz words. On the contrary, it is very much a part of our present, and will unquestionably continue to play a critical role in the future.

AWS needs no introduction as a pioneer and arguably the most well-established top cloud service provider. Everyone acknowledges its time-tested operational, customer experience, scalability, security, and economical value-additions.

More than 89% of IT leaders who employed AWS-certified professionals noticed a considerable increase in their troubleshooting speed and overall productivity. Similarly, approx. 91% of businesses reported substantial innovations with AWS services.

As cloud-related job opportunities are expected to grow by 28% in the next 5 years, the above numbers make Vinsys' AWS training and certifications the logical route for advancing your career.

A: Please note, AWS-suggested paths or plans for certain domains and job roles are carefully assigned for optimized learning experiences. However, barring exceptions, you are free to skip around and adopt flexibility.

A: AWS role-oriented certifications are grouped by roles or domains you are trying to build skills for. On the other hand, Specialty certifications such as Data Analytics and Database credentials pay attention to distinct technical areas.

A: AWS Essentials training offerings are introductory entry-points for individuals in technical roles, who are new to the cloud and wish to understand AWS products, services, or solutions.

A: The recommended work experience and knowledge. For example, it is advisable to have at least 6 months' worth of fundamental AWS cloud and industry knowledge before appearing for the foundation-level AWS Cloud Practioner certification. It varies from 1 year for the associate to 2 years for an AWS professional-level credential.

A: Generally, they could vary from 65 to 75 multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. You must always refer to the AWS portal for the most up-to-date information.

A: It would be best to enroll in Vinsys' AWS preparation training as a first step. Then, after completing the course, you may take your exam virtually with online proctoring facilitated by AWS test delivery providers Pearson VUE and PSI, or at the nearest testing center.

A: No, accreditations through AWS are only valid for three years starting from the date of earning. The current versions of exams must be taken before your certifications expire.