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10 Reasons to Choose ITIL Certification

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is like a kind parent to an organization. It gives you a set of guidelines, neither rules, nor constraints, and the freedom and qualification to amend that set of directions in a way that fits your organizational requirements like a glove! An ITIL certification has a similar impact on your job profile.

“Only by deploying integrated processes and technology, the next-generation IT service and support organizations will maximize operational cost management benefits and customer satisfaction.” – Michele Hudnall, Meta Group, 2003.


Profit-making customer satisfaction is what all the businesses in the world strive for. To obtain that one sweet fruit of triumph, we must sow the best grains of resources and great quality soil of delivery. Processes are the water that we have to keep feeding the tree that our business is.

But again, ITIL is more than just the books of processes.

It is also about service, delivery, operations, strategy, customers, goals, and so on.

Read What is ITIL Framework to further understand how exactly the ITIL Framework operates.

So, to cut to the chase, you can learn great things from the way ITIL works and reap even greater benefits if you are an ITIL certified professional.

Why should one go for an ITIL Certification?

Owing to increasing dependency on numerous IT services, businesses now look for employees who are adept in handling ITSM tools and frameworks. Employees with skill in ITSM framework and practices can ensure numerous IT Services and resources are being utilized in the best interest of the organization. That explains why the demand for ITIL certified professionals has shot up globally.

If you are an IT Professional, opting for ITIL v3 Foundation, ITIL 4 Foundation is totally recommended. ITIL Foundation Certification Training enhances your prospects of clearing the exam and obtaining the much sought-after certification. Different levels of ITIL certification exams are conducted by AXELOS.

This is where you can get your facts checked about ITIL Certification levels:

There are 5 levels for ITIL certification examinations and the beginners go for the ITIL Foundation Certification. The topmost level is ITIL Masters. The entire ITIL certification exam is based on credit points and for every level, you can earn some points. The ITIL certification exams held at Vinsys are AXELOS approved and can be taken anytime as per your preferences, either online or paper-based.

ITIL v3 and ITIL 4 qualification roadmap
ITIL v3 and ITIL 4 qualification road map
ITIL Certification Training Course
ITIL Certification Training

Reasons why you should consider appearing for ITIL

As IT is an inseparable part of business operations worldwide, more companies are looking for professionals with expertise in IT service management frameworks and best practices. ITIL is among the most popular and widely used ITSM frameworks, so getting ITIL certification with the help of ITIL certification training from a renowned training provider will be ideal for those seeking a career in IT-related fields.

Here are the top 10 reasons for you to consider appearing for ITIL v3/ ITIL 4:

1. Upskill

Knowledge in nuances of ITSM practices and policies will equip you for coping with the future in a better fashion. You will learn how to adapt to the latest industry trends and changes as far as IT services are concerned, plus you will become the most desirable employee for the companies who are constantly on a hunt for upskilled resources.

2. Choice of Specialization

With the knowledge of ITSM methodologies, you can get into the areas of your choice in IT sector easily. You can pick from numerous specializations including network administration, database management, software testing, hardware and more.

3. Global Opportunities

With ITIL SOA Certification or other ITSM qualifications, you can find jobs in other countries easily. These certifications are recognized by companies globally.

4. New Career Paths

When you progress to obtain the ITIL Practitioner or Masters level certification, you may even get into IT Consultancy. IT Consultancy is truly becoming lucrative today. You also have the option to become an ITIL Instructor if you have an inclination towards training.

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5. Better Growth & Faster Promotions

When you acquire the ITIL certification, it can surely enhance your status in the organization you are in. Along with better growth and faster promotions, your credibility in the eyes of management will get a solid boost.

6. The Best Investment Option You Could Ever Get

The ITIL Foundation Certification, Intermediate, and Expert level certifications are the best investments for your future to reap way higher remunerations than you must have imagined. Employers will happily agree upon giving you significantly better pay packages, for they know that the talent they look forward to hiring is definitely there to take the organization not one step, but one whole ladder up!

7. Sharpen your IT Skillset

The ITIL certifications, notably, the last two levels make you a pro in IT service management topics. The knowledge you earn along your way up tremendously helps you sharpen your IT skillset.

8. Outshine the Opponents

With an ITIL certificate in your possession, you will be able to outshine the competitors when applying for plum jobs. This can be useful for bagging jobs in the top MNCs of the world.

9. Boost Efficiency

With ITIL knowledge, your efficacy at the workplace will shoot high up. That means more dependencies on your shoulders which will bring you higher responsibilities and the knack of excellent decision-making.

10. Widen you Horizons

Once you succeed in your ITIL Foundation exam, you can opt for any ITIL certification level that is suitable for your choice of field or career status. In addition, you get to contribute to supporting your team with a broader goal of elevating the organizational territory.

Information technology is a thriving field with zillions of job opportunities unlocking themselves worldwide. ITIL Certification is your key to unlatch your golden egg in IT! 🙂

Get ITIL Foundation training, get certified and start your journey today!

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