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    CISM Certification: All about CISM Certification and Training

    The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is one of the uppermost credentials for professionals in the field of IT Security. CISM was introduced by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) in the year 2003. By doing so, ISACA has truly set a benchmark for efficient IT security of enterprises. Professionals who are accountable for the development, management and governance of information security systems in organizations go for a CISM Certification and Training. CISM Certification Training gives them an upper hand in their day-to-day métier of instilling the best security practices into their enterprise applications.  CISM is, no doubt, one of the most relevant, profitable and essential IT Security…

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    CISA Certification Training: A Brief Guide CISA Certification

    The CISA Certification brings a breakthrough change in an IT auditor’s career. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)® is a certification issued by ISACA to professional auditors. The CISA certification is a globally recognized standard for magnifying an IT auditor’s command, dexterity and skill in assessing vulnerabilities and establishing IT controls in an enterprise environment. “The condition of any backup is unknown until a restore is attempted.” – Schrodinger’s Backup. #101AuditFacts 😁 Digital Transformation is now rapidly kicking in. Organizations of all domains demand auditors who are well-versed with auditing techniques in a world where the digital environment is on the rise. Recruiters nowadays are on a hunt for IT auditors,…

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    Women in Leadership Roles

    Women have always played a vital role in pushing a human race forward. Therefore, maybe even nature has given her the responsibility to bear a child and nurture her/ him to be a human being. This doesn’t mean that the women in a leadership role are restricted to just that; it means that she has invincible capabilities and phenomenal strength to lead, manage and bring prosperity. A report named “Women on board” published by the UK government, in the year 2012, says “firms with more women in their senior management outperform their male team members, giving 42% higher returns on sales, 66% higher return on invested capital and 53% higher…

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    How to Reach Out to People

    Connecting with someone on Facebook or Twitter is easy nowadays, but difficult in our actual day to day lives. In order to connect, you need to first reach out to people. Why? One of the reasons behind that is we generally have the ability to talk or have a conversation, however, we lack the ability and willingness to connect with people emotionally or mentally. In today’s world, having positive connections (popularly known as ‘contacts’) is necessary for growth and development. Please note, here I refer to the connections not on your LinkedIn page, but in your real life. 🙂 In order to connect, you need to first reach out to…

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    Birzeit University Students Shoot up the Brilliance Level with Autodesk

    Another on-campus Tech training by Vinsys-BIMCAD saves the day! Fresh, young talent from Palestine’s number 1 University – Birzeit sets foot in the corporate world with the assistance of Vinsys International – Master Distributor Autodesk Education Program MEA and Palestine BIMCAD Company, the sole ATC in Palestine. ‘The fruit of concoction is sweet’, they say. It is 3 times sweeter when 3 institutions come together to create something that takes exceptional dexterity, zeal and well, the willingness to synchronize interest with scope. This is the story of Autodesk Academic Cooperation that is all set to unlock hundreds of young students’ potential. The Birzeit University Entrepreneurship Program started in September 2018.…