• AWS Solution Architect Salary Details

    Introduction to AWS Solution Architect Certification

    AWS Console, AWS Certification, and Salary Details AWS Meaning Amazon Web Services AWS is not an unfamiliar word anymore. Founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994, with the motto of becoming the Earth’s most customer-centric company, Amazon today does not need any official introduction. Starting as an online bookseller in 1994, today Amazon is a giant of the giants in the e-commerce sector. Amazon has changed the shopping experience of millions within the past few years. Amazon, with its humongous collection of products and AWS Certification, has made itself the first choice for people who prefer shopping on the Internet and career in IT industry. What is AWS Amazon Web…

  • what is digital security

    What Is Digital Security?

    Overview of Digital Security With the advancement of technology, cybercrime has also increased. The management of different organizations is struggling to protect their confidential data against hackers. Hackers, who are enriched with the latest knowledge of technology, try their level best to steal confidential data from organizations.  Specialists use a  variety of resources to protect data, online identity, and other assets. Digital security is a collective term used to describe such resources and CEH tools. Tools like smartphone sim cards, antivirus software, biometrics, and secured personal devices are a few classic examples of digital security. Importance Of Digital Security Smaller businesses and innovative startups are more frequently targeted by hackers.…

  • CEH Exam

    8 Expert Tips To Clear CEH Exam In First Attempt

    CEH Exam Syllabus – CEH Exam Fee – CEH exam voucher The term ”hacking” is enough to frighten the leaders of any organization. With the help of their sound technical knowledge, hackers steal confidential data belonging to the organizations. However, ethical hacking is completely legal and permitted by various governments. The Certified Ethical Hacker exam is the most popular course among security professionals. The full name of this organization is EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking Course. Ethical hackers help the leaders of an organization find the loopholes within the security measures. They try to bypass the security measures and report their findings to the management as well as the IT department.…

  • Ethical Hacking Tools

    Ethical Hacking Tools & Softwares 2021

    Ethical Hacking Tools For Windows 10 & Linux The term “hacking” is like a nightmare for the private and public sectors. As technology is witnessing tremendous progress, cybercrime is reaping benefits from it. Professional hackers may bypass the security systems of the computer and steal confidential data. So, cyber specialists are worried about hacking tools. On the other hand, ethical hacking is an authorized method of identifying the weaknesses within the network, with the help of certain tools. It involves breaking into the computers to check the defenses of the computer. Several organizations employ ethical hackers to identify the weaknesses in their systems. Ethical hackers identify and highlight the defects…

  • Docker Interview Questions

    Docker Interview Questions and Answers

    As the IT sector witnesses a boom, people who are working in the sector are determined to upskill themselves. They need to keep up with the creation, deployment, and running of applications easier.  Docker makes such a simplification possible with the help of containers. The containers let a developer package up an application with all the parts it needs. Then, they deploy all the parts as a package. Docker is basically an open-source tool that uses the Linux Kernel features, such as control groups to create containers at the top of an operating engine. It has been developed by DotCloud. Docker is heavily dependent on cloud technology. Knowledge of Docker…