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8 Expert Tips To Clear CEH Exam In First Attempt

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The term ”hacking” is enough to frighten the leaders of any organization. With the help of their sound technical knowledge, hackers steal confidential data belonging to the organizations. However, ethical hacking is completely legal and permitted by various governments.

The Certified Ethical Hacker exam is the most popular course among security professionals. The full name of this organization is EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking Course.

Ethical hackers help the leaders of an organization find the loopholes within the security measures. They try to bypass the security measures and report their findings to the management as well as the IT department.

Once they report their findings to the management and the IT department, the concerned teams take steps immediately to rectify the issue. Ethical hackers need to identify the loopholes in the system by using ethical hacking tools before other anti-social hackers have access to all the confidential data. Otherwise, the financial and other confidential information may fall into wrong hands.

The  Certified Ethical Hacking course has an exam at its end. People who clear this CEH exam prove their potential to become skilled ethical hackers. The CEH exam lasts for 240 minutes. Within this time span, the interested candidates need to answer 125 questions. The pass mark is seventy percent. Several candidates are eager to know how they can clear the CEH exam at one go.

Expert Tips About Cracking the CEH V11 Exam in First Attempt

1.Understand What To Study-

The CEH exam has 125 questions that cover several topics. The CEH syllabus covers extensive details about security. Since the CEH curriculum contains information on different topics, the interested candidates should not solely focus on one topic and neglect the rest. They should definitely focus on the following topics-

Network Security-

  • Footprints
  • Reconnaissance
  • Social Engineering
  • Session Hijacking
  • TCP Handshake
  • Scanning
  • Enumeration
  • Firewalls
  • SSL


  • Hacking in the cloud
  • SQL injection
  • DDOs Attacks
  • Heart bleeds
  • Shellshock (using Bash technology)
  • The latest tools for hacking
  • The latest viruses, Trojans, phishing attempt schemes, and malware types
  • The latest security issues in Windows 8 Operating systems.


  • Determining access points for penetration (risk assessment)
  • Current industry standards
  • Current security laws
  • Cryptography

2.Create A Study Plan

It is a good idea to have a clear idea about the work-life balance. Once the important topics have been identified, it is important to create a study plan. Many people try to schedule their study plan around the period they have nothing to study. For example- people may be scheduled to attend a technical seminar on discussing current network security trends. They should study networking techniques before, during, and after the seminar. Several interested candidates prepare flashcards while preparing for the CEH exam. It is a proven fact that minds retain pictures better than lectures. Flashcards are a quick go-to for a last-moment reference.

A few people focus on self-learning. They feel any sort of guidance or study to be a source of distraction. On the other hand, many others feel there is no alternative for classroom learning. The candidates should use their past learning experiences to understand which method is most suitable for them. However, many people feel that self-learning is not the best choice where ethical hacking is concerned.

Working professionals should search for approved study material, officially recommended by the CEH council. The training should also be conducted by certified and experienced professionals. They are best suited to provide an in-depth understanding of every topic covered in the exam.

The study plan also depends on how soon people plan to take the exam. For that, they need to check the EC-Council Exam Center to find out the best time. Experienced candidates should not get overconfident. There is a certain emphasis on factors such as the length of the exam and question logic. Over-depending only on experience may affect the results.

3.Use Real-world Situations To Study

 People need to understand the CEH exam material from a real-world perspective. It is not something that can be understood by going through the concepts. It does not mean that someone should try to pen-test a business without permission. It could turn out to be a legal offense.

If possible, people should attend the CEH training which will show people how to set up lab environments. Such training also provides proper training-related guidance. It is also important to know the structure, content, and type of questions. Such knowledge helps people clear the exam. Online guides are available in preparing for the exam. Also, study materials are available on Amazon.

4.Stay Focused

The examinees should use the following steps to stay focused during the exam-

  • Keep Track Of Time- Serious candidates reach a high level of concentration, during the exam. Such intense levels of concentration result in greater focus. It helps in problem-solving skills. However, people who reach this intense level of concentration lose track of time. They forget that they need to complete the exam within four hours. It is also natural to forget how long they are investing in one answer. Hours seem like minutes and minutes pass as fast as seconds. So, the candidates should plan out how much time they should invest in each question. Their aim is to attempt all the questions within the stipulated time.
  • Go Through The Questions- It is important to avoid rushing during the exam. People should pay attention to all the questions and understand all the options given. They need to understand what is being asked. So, they should take their time to go through all the questions and answers. It is equally important to pay attention to words like “most”, “least” and “always”. The use of such words may change the entire meaning of a sentence.
  • Prepare Pointers- Many candidates jot down brief points of the important points while attending lectures or reading some important study material. Later, they could ask their mentor or guide for a clarification of the, particularly difficult points.  The need of the hour is to be organized while preparing for the ethical hacking exam. Deciding which part to study within how much time is the most important part of organizing.
  • Do Not Panic- People who reach a panic-state easily may overlook options. Also, they may run low in concentration or confidence, which in turn, may affect productivity. It is better to understand there is no reason to panic. Staying calm will help boost productivity and concentration level.
  • Try To Relax- It is important to stretch and relax the muscles during the CEH exam. Otherwise, cramped muscles may also be a source of distraction. A relaxed and stress-free mind sharpens problem-solving skills, People with relaxed minds may find it easier to solve difficult questions.
  • Sleep Well-  Lack of sleep somehow affects concentration adversely. So, a good night’s sleep is important on the day before the exam. Doctors recommend a long sleep as it helps the brain function better. On the other hand, lack of sleep may impact retention and make people forgetful. People who spend sleepless nights preparing for the exams tend to forget their answers. After a good night’s sleep, people generally have sharper problem-solving skills.

5.Be Familiar With CEH Exam Pattern

It is important to find out as many details about the exam question paper consists of 125 questions that need to be answered within four hours. On average, they may spend two minutes answering each question. The candidates need to plan out how much time they need to spend answering the questions.  The people need to be familiar with the exam patterns. The EC-Council website may provide essential information about the CEH certification exam pattern. Also, it may contain links to a lot of relevant information, such as exam topics, stuffy material, and practice questions. On the other hand, the CEH Handbook also contains a lot of essential information, like an overview of the exam, the FAQs related to Certified ethical hacking. Serious candidates also do some background reading on the salary they should get after clearing the CEH assessment.

6.Attend Practice Exams

It is a good idea to attend as many practice sessions as possible, before attending the actual exam. The actual exam contains 125 questions that may be answered within four hours. On average, it leaves people with two minutes for each question. To answer questions that fast, people may have sound knowledge about current security domains. They also need to have command over stress control and time management.

These practice questions will help people clarify their doubts and use their available resources.  However, it is important not to be demotivated by the low marks scored during any practice exams. Once the study plan ends, there are high chances of the results reflecting in the scores. As people take more and more practice tests, they get habituated with the exam patterns and learn from their mistakes. Also, they learn to maintain their calm.

An exam prep course is also beneficial. Attending a certification preparation course helps the aspirants spend quality time with an instructor. Such instructors are generally experienced and possess knowledge of how to attempt the exam. They provide an excellent opportunity to get answers to all the questions the people face. Only the choice of solo self-study may not be the best approach. Practice exams help people avoid unpleasant surprises. They show how much research and prep work the candidates have done. Such practice exams help bridge any knowledge gaps. Even the EC-council site has several practice exams.

7.Join An Online Community

 It is a good idea to join any online community, like a CEH forum, or personal website where certified professionals share their experiences. A Google will reveal multiple CEH forums and blogs, where aspiring and qualified CEH professionals share their experience. On the other hand, the new or aspiring candidates clear their doubts or learn new tips for tackling the exams. However, it is important to verify the credibility of any source of information. If someone is looking for an answer to a general question, the person may post it in any online platform, like Reddit.

 On the other hand, if the person is looking for any formal definition of a concept, it is better to approach official materials. Books and other publications are the best examples of official materials. It is also important to stay away from toxic people and posts. Thousands of frustrated CEH aspirants vent their frustration online. We need to identify these frustrated people and avoid their posts. Otherwise, these posts may end up making us feel demotivated. Many CEH aspirants typically search for CEH success in online platforms. Both the keywords CEH success and CEH failure provide some important advice.

The CEH aspirants and certified CEH professionals may discuss the strategies and share some memorable experiences. The instructors and the aspirants may also network during in-person training. The aspirants may share any kind of challenges they are facing while they face real-life scenarios. So, effective online communities result in a greater chance of clearing the CEH certifications. This forum also provides an insight into the weaknesses and strengths of the individual candidates. The strength of a person may be the weakness of another. Hence, such forums have practical tips and useful strategies for interested candidates. These strategies are tried and tested.

8.Start Early

It is important to start preparing early for a certified ethical hacking course. It is literally impossible to complete the entire syllabus the day before the exam. The earlier one starts, the more time is left for revision. So, the interested candidates need to find out the day of their exam and start preparing accordingly.

So i am sure the above tips are clearly helpful for you. Also, check the Certified Ethical Hacker CEH training which focuses on the above tips

Conclusion-  A course in certified ethical hacking is in great demand. As the refrain of a popular song goes, “ This world has lost its glory.” Competition is fierce and cut-throat. Hence, the moment any organization makes progress, other organizations want to know how, So, ethical hackers are responsible for protecting the data of any organization.

Many talented hackers shy away from appearing for the CEH exam. They are afraid of taking too long to clear the exam. However, the tips discussed above have proven effective in helping them clear the CEH exam at one go.

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