Advantages Of Earning AWS Certification

Advantages of Earning AWS Certification

The biggest trend in the IT landscape is cloud computing. Every business, big or small, is moving its legacy applications, infrastructure, and systems to the cloud. Henceforth, cloud computing experts are in great demand. Amazon Web Services is a leader in the cloud services market. This is how you find many online searches about the advantages of AWS Certification every day.

The demand for AWS experts is high these days. Therefore, it is obvious for cloud computing professionals to look for reasons to pursue this certification. The advantages of this certification can initiate aspiring cloud computing professionals to uncover hidden career opportunities on AWS.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam is your entry point if you are on entry-level. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam is an entry-level exam for young professionals. If you are interested in taking this exam, you can register for the exam and prepare for certification.

In this blog, we have outlined the different benefits of AWS Certification. This discussion aspect forms the basis for describing the positive outcomes associated with its exam.

Before you move on to the benefits of Certification, let’s share some basics about AWS!

Amazon Web Services is a cloud-based platform that includes a collection of more than 100 cloud services. Cloud services help businesses leverage computing, security, data, storage, and other resources.

The benefit of AWS is that businesses only pay for the services they use. AWS services help enterprises build complete infrastructure. An entire application environment initiates the organization seamlessly, running the applications without needing physical hardware. This allows companies to reduce costs while ensuring operational scalability.

Advantages of AWS Certification

We now have a clear idea of ​​what AWS is and the various possibilities it offers users. We started our discussion of the benefits of this Certifications after reviewing the reasons for the increased demand for Certification tests. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now the market leader among cloud service providers. Why? It offers the organization a cost-effective service.

Most importantly, AWS follows strong security measures to protect, monitor, and maintain its data centers. As a result, AWS remains at the top of the list of cloud service providers. So, the first reason to choose this certification is AWS status. 

Candidates must undergo extensive AWS online training and hands-on experience to earn the Certification. In addition, AWS certifications must be recertified every two years. Recertification provides certified professionals validation of awareness of updates and trends in the AWS landscape. This reasoning answers the question, “Is this Certification worth it?” That’s why it’s time to consider the benefits of this certification.

1. Prepare for the future:

The first mention of the benefits of this best paying AWS certifications has to do with the growing popularity of cloud technologies. As we all know, AWS is the market leader among cloud service providers.

Therefore, the benefits of this Certification insist you prepare for the future trends in the IT job market. AWS has nearly 31% market share and is showcasing a gradual increase in revenue. Most companies will soon need an AWS-certified professional. Therefore, the certification courses can demonstrate your skills to potential recruiters and increase your attractiveness as an applicant.

2. A new way to develop professional skills:

The top benefit is subject matter expertise development. As mentioned earlier, this certification requires a lot of study, practice, and dedication to learn AWS technologies. In addition, concerns about recertification suggest that candidates must always keep up with the latest trends on AWS. So you need to show your skills to get the certificate and also try to get the certificate.

Best of all, candidates can also earn other AWS certifications to expand their expertise. Each AWS expert is not required to comply with a specific role. For example, you can pursue the AWS DevOps certification after qualifying for the AWS Associate Developer certification.

3. Get recognized for your efforts:

Another important mention among the benefits of this Certification relates to the recognition of certified professionals. AWS Certified Professionals earn a digital badge. This digital badge tells about certification achievement, and you can utilize it on social media or via emails as a signature. Digital badges offer rapid access to exclusive certification events sponsored by AWS. Digital badges also help gain exclusive access to select AWS Summit events and AWS Certification lounges on “AWS re-Invent.”

You will also receive an invitation to a regional AWS Certification Recognition Reception. Everyone will love to get great recognition with this Certification. For example, a machine learning professional may choose the AWS Machine Learning certification. In contrast, data scientists should choose the AWS Data Analytics certification to evaluate their skills and advance their careers.

4. Showcase your commitment levels:

You can also find the benefits of this Certification in your Proof of Commitment. Candidates emerging for this certification typically invest significant time and effort in passing the exam. However, first and foremost, candidates demonstrate their commitment to the AWS platform by pursuing AWS certification. Therefore, this certification demonstrates a professional commitment to the AWS platform.

The road to this certification is not easy. So, people who have managed to get these certifications have to work hard to get those certifications. Therefore, a certificate implies the diligence of a certified professional. Therefore, you can demonstrate your dedication and perseverance with an AWS certificate.

5. Limited difficulty releasing AWS Certification:

The advantages of this Certification can also be seen in its simplicity compared to other certifications. This Certification was introduced in 2013, and has made it easier for potential candidates. Today, you can find many resources to help you achieve the certification you want. Documentation support, white papers, and instructor-led training courses help candidates easily earn this Certification.

Other training types, like digital and virtual, also provide hands-on experience with key AWS services. Candidates can easily access sample questions and practice tests to prepare for the AWS Certification exam. Thus, the flexibility to earn AWS certification advantages many applicants want!

6. Better salary:

The next benefit concerns the AWS credential salary. According to the latest estimates from the survey, AWS certification can increase the salaries of certified professionals by nearly 25.9%. The estimated median salary for an AWS Certified Professional is nearly $13,932.

On the other hand, the median annual salary of a non-certified professional is $90,512. This clearly shows that the benefits of AWS Certification can put a serious salary on your hands every month. Nobody wants to miss a chance to raise his salary, right?

Even beginners can evaluate their AWS skills with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. We suggest you sign up for the free AWS Cloud Practitioner practice exam and try out some practice questions that appear in the same exam pattern.

7. Opportunity to expand professional network:

As discussed above, this recognizes professionals who have earned credentials. One of the main benefits of this Certification is joining the AWS Certified Global Community. Certified professionals have access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn community and network.

Apart from developing your professional network in the community, you will also find opportunities for network expansion. This training opens the door to opportunities to attend events, conferences, and professional meetings. This allows you to interact with various people and expand your network.

Wrapping up:

In short, AWS is the future of cloud technology. Along with Azure and Google Cloud, AWS is among the most well-known names in the cloud service provider domain. Therefore, preparing for the upcoming cloud computing job market trends will likely be a worthwhile advantages of AWS certification. We must also look for promising ways to increase wages and gain access to more jobs.

In addition, this certification also ensures the participation of professionals in the vast AWS community. AWS certification not only develops the accreditation of AWS specialists but also offers opportunities to expand the professional network. In addition to these benefits, this Certification also offers ongoing training and professional development with recertification requirements.

Most importantly, organizations can get the most out of AWS Certifications. Companies can become AWS partners by having more employees with AWS certifications. With so much to prepare for AWS Certification, you should immediately check out our AWS Certification Courses and Corporate Training to start a brilliant career!

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