Top Reason To Learn AWS

Top 10 Reasons To Gain AWS Certification 2021

Cloud computing platforms are the rage nowadays. Such platforms are considered more secure and less prone to data theft. Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, is a subsidiary of Amazon. It provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to governments, organizations, and individuals. AWS is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform in the world. It offers more than a hundred fully-featured services from data centers across the world.

Millions of customers have started using AWS to reduce their costs and be more innovative. Some of the largest enterprises and leading government agencies depend on Amazon AWS to improve their performance. Since Amazon AWS is in great demand, it is time for us to understand what is AWS and why we should learn AWS Certification.

What Is AWS?

AWS happens to be a leading Cloud platform that is gradually becoming more popular. AWS cloud offers significantly more features and services than any other cloud-based service provider. AWS is an integral part of infrastructure technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As a result of AWS, moving the existing applications to the cloud becomes easier and more cost-effective. This pioneer of on-demand computing had been launched in 2006. The AWS console is a web application that refers to a broad collection of service consoles to manage the Amazon web services. AWS console is an intuitive interface to explore AWS.

Knowledge of AWS helps the users choose the right tool for the job. As a result, the best performance can be drawn out from the end-users.

Top 1o Reasons Behind Learning AWS

Thousands of people attempt the AWS cloud certification. An AWS certified practitioner exam is meant for individuals who have the necessary skills and knowledge to demonstrate an effective understanding of AWS cloud. It is independent of the technical roles addressed by other AWS certifications.  Many people undergo AWS certification.  The AWS certification cost is not a deterrent factor,  because the knowledge of AWS boosts the career. Let us find out a few reasons behind learning AWS


Amazon AWS offers premium-quality security to its users. It provides the highest level of data security and privacy to the customers. It ensures data privacy through fine-grained access, data locality control, and physical security. Through extensive security support, AWS offers real-time insight into the potential vulnerabilities.  AWS Cloud security has always been a matter of debate over cloud engineers. A serverless computing platform named AWS Lambda is provided by Amazon, as a part of Amazon web services. This computing service started in 2014.

AWS Lambda runs codes in response to events. Then, it manages the computing resources needed by the code automatically. Skilled users may use AWS Lambda to create personalized services that operate at AWS scale, security, and security. It is a classic example of offering Amazon AWS. AWS also offers different compliance programs with an extensive security support network. It offers real-time insight into the potential vulnerabilities.

A significant section of IT professionals believe that machine learning and artificial learning. Recent studies reveal that the salary for AWS certified professionals is sky-rocketing. It is acting as a major catalyst, driving the demand for AWS skills and certification.

2.Fastest-Growing Public Cloud Service

AWS training is essential to people who are interested to make a career in the IT sector. AWS certification is in great demand. It is expected that AWS will increase the market share to more than fifty percent by 2020. Research shows that AWS is a safe career choice for IT professionals. AWS holds as much of the infrastructure as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. It has been predicted that AWS will grow much further in the upcoming years.

AWS had been responsible for earning a revenue of $billion per annum by 2015. Since then, revenues have doubled. AWS Lambda is a serverless product that is growing at a compound annual rate. The data crunching tool named Amazon EMR(Elastic Map Reduce) is one of the fastest-growing data-crunching tools. If the current trend continues, we should expect to witness a surge of remarkable rise in AWS in the future. It seems as if AWS has taken a lead over other forms of technology. AWS has made the revenue of the organization grow at an unprecedented rate.

3.Free-Tier Access And Affordable Pricing

AWS free-tier is gradually becoming popular. Novices and trainees who wish to acquire hands-on experience with AWS, are free to create an AWS free tier account. The free-tier offers do not expire. On the contrary, the free-tier account level provides access to some free services. A few of these services are available to all AWS customers, free of cost.

They may come with usage limits, However, these services, that are a part of AWS free-tier accounts. It helps people to get acquainted with what will be on offer with the pay-as-you-use service.

The AWS-free tier has several offers for twelve months following the initial sign-up date with AWS. The short-term free trial offers of AWS free-tier start from the date the users activate a particular service.  The AWS course is important because of the lucrative salary it offers. It provides a flexible pay-as-you-use approach for beginners want, they may use the services according to the utilization of memory and hours.

4.Abundance Of AWS Learning Process

The AWS certification has been available since 2013. According to Vinsys which is AWS authorized training partner, AWS training consists of a blend of theory and hands-on practical training. Multiple AWS certification paths are available in the market. A few job titles after getting an AWS certification are as follows-

  • Cloud Sales And Purchase Manager
  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Networking Specialist
  • Key Account Manager
  • AWS Big Data Specialist

AWS experts may choose to concentrate on one of the specialty areas like Big Data, Advanced Networking, or security. The AWS certification path is based on roles and solutions. The learning path based on roles includes cloud practitioners and developers. The learning path based on solutions includes AWS media services and machine learning. The professionals may validate advanced skills in specific technical areas of their choice.

AWS enables the organizations to gather additional training and resources that will serve their customers better with the help of AWS services. It is a good choice for industries that want to improve their business. AWS training and certification is one of the highest-ranking in the  IT sector. The more AWS-certified employees an organization has, the higher benefits the organization may access.

Thousands of books, manuals courses, forums, and AWS mock exams are available for people who want to clear the AWS certification.  Many online, as well as offline communities, are available to guide AWS aspirants before and after their certification.

5.Validation Of Credibility

Trust and credibility are two of the most important factors when people need to prove their skills to potential employers. The AWS certificate is the best way to prove credibility and value before potential employers.

The AWS certificate adds a lot of weight to the cv. The organizations with a high percentage of AWS-certified employees have access to the AWS Partner network.  The AWS partner network helps the organizations acquire resources and training in domains like sales, marketing, and business.

An AWS certification proves that the certified professional has undergone rigorous training and is capable of implementing the necessary skills when needed. Such a professional certification proves that the certified person is skillful in a specific area. AWS certification helps the professional learn beyond their specified course, with the help of intense resources.

6.Demand Outweighs Supply

The demand for AWS certified professionals is higher than their supply. Most of the cloud computing jobs require AWS-certified professionals. AWS cloud computing is in great demand in the IT sector. Jobs that need AWS cloud computing skills have a high hiring scale.

An average job posting for an IT professional who possesses AWS cloud computing skills has an unexpectedly high hiring scale. As a result, it is difficult for employers to find suitable candidates for the designation. This crisis is more acutely felt in the USA.  Nowadays, AWS cloud computing skills are in great demand. The IT organizations are ready to pay as much as possible to hire AWS-certified professionals.

7.Increased Cloud Migration

Most of the Small-medium enterprises across the industry are switching to the cloud. It is predicted that the market growth of public cloud technology services across the world will see a rapid increase. The demand for cloud professionals is on the rise.

The organizations that are migrating their applications and services to the cloud are bound to face several challenges. These challenges highlight their need for customized, professional services.

The cloud professionals are capable enough to ease the migration of such organizations to the cloud Knowledge of  AWS is an asset to the organizations and professionals. The global data center IP traffic is expected to rise drastically, towards the end of  2021, according to the reports of CISCO.

8.Impressive Compensation

AWS certification teaches a few skills that may help people earn a six-figure salary. The AWS Solutions architect solution certification training helps people gain an in-depth understanding of the architectural principles of AWS.

It teaches people to scale and design the AWS cloud implementation, alongside the best practices mentioned by Amazon. Certified AWS solutions architects earn an average salary of more than one million dollars. Knowledge of  AWS skills like Elastic MapReduce, Elastic Cache, Elastic Beanstalk, and Key Management services also help people earn millions of dollars per year. In areas such as Austin, Boston, and San Francisco, the salary for AWS-certified professionals is higher than usual.

AWS Senior Cloud Solutions Architects earn impressive paychecks. It provides a flexible pricing approach. They only need to pay for the individual services that are necessary. It has no termination cost and additional charges. It provides a pay-less-by-using more approach to promote higher usage. People who are new to this technology can create a free-tier AWS account. The free-tier account provides access to a few free services that will never expire.

9.Promotes Reliability And Consistency

AWS is a platform where the data may be backed up easily. It is also described as reliable because it is backed up by several servers at multiple physical locations. AWS has minimum downtime, as per a report in 2015. Studies suggest that AWS is better at keeping the public cloud service running than Google or Microsoft. It is important to learn about the AWS consistency models on AWS, to write a stable and reliable application in AWS.

AWS is highly scalable. It is helpful in decreasing the total energy and time consumed while managing and setting up the infrastructure. As a result, the overall cost of the market decreases. AWS duplicates the methods for data-warehousing, application management, transcoding, and storage.

10.Offers Customization

The AWS platform offers a high level of customization so that the requirements of individual requirements are met. AWS tags may be utilized for security, cost tracking, and automation. Customization options like customer-defined tagging let the users monitor and handle specific resources seamlessly.

AWS cloud spans forty-four available zones, with eighteen geographical zones and a local region across the world. Each of the AWS regions has several data centers and availability zones.

Google searches suggest that organizations are heading towards a drastic change of eliminating skills shortage around AWS. AWS skills are the most in-demand and have created an opportunity for job-seekers. Job-seekers with a knack for technology should not overlook this chance to build their career around AWS. AWS has several cloud-based recovery options. The recovery options allow the users to recapture the data and IT infrastructure.

Conclusion-  The requirement for data and cloud specialists is not likely to go down any time soon. The software platforms which empower businesses have become more complex and powerful over the years. Dedicated tech professionals are eager to learn as many new cloud-related skills as possible, to advance their careers. Employers should continue to pay a lucrative salary to certified AWS professionals.

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