AWS re/start

AWS re/Start Transforming Professionals Career In IT Industry

As the economic crisis emerges in post-pandemic time, the cloud computing industry is experiencing a good boom and various companies are recruiting the skilled resources. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs in the IT industry is expected to grow nearly 3 times faster in compare to other industry. This is probably because of the high growth in the cloud computing, BLS projected. Still, the talent and skills are not matching the demand. In one the research 90% of IT leadership said that their businesses do not have optimum cloud skills for work. AWS re/Start Transforming Professionals Career In IT Industry

This is where AWS re/start comes in picture. AWS re/start is a skill development program designed especially for the beginners or for those who had left the cloud career due to certain reasons but want to upskill themselves and re start in cloud again. AWS re/start makes the candidates ready for the job and fill the skill gap so that companies can hire them with ease. The syllabus of the AWS re/Start aims on two key areas i.e. AWS Cloud and AWS Fundamental, which is very helpful in gaining cloud positions of starting level. The technical part of the course mainly involves research and experimentation in real world, situation-based modules, laboratory and real-life processes, from project idea to project completion and its deployment. AWS re/start helps the learners learn the soft skills along with the technical skills that makes them ready to prepare for professional environment by making ready in terms of critical thought-process, project planning, seamless communication, partnership and joint effort with team.

The cloud adoption demand in the industry far exceeds the digits of cloud-savvy new hires, requiring companies to scramble to discover and recruit the talent required for executing the tasks related to cloud services. To address this structured situation of meeting optimum demand through supply, cloud talent should be developed through other sources. AWS re/Start prepares new talent for the cloud ecosystem by making them skillful whether they are unemployed or underemployed who has basic knowledge of technology and make them ready to launch their career in cloud industry. As per the report from World Economic Forum, 84% of employers are ready to quickly adopt the working processes digitalization, consisting a slight increase in remote working. 50% of all the employees will require re-skilling in next five years, estimates the Geneva-based organization.

AWS re/start is not just a training course. It is transforming the lives of people aspiring for cloud career. It is quite motivational to see how learners have come to join this program, excited about doing their best with the cloud.

Shabana B, one of our AWS re/start training program participant who successfully finished the course and got hired by CloudReach.

After a career gap of many years, I wasn’t sure I would again get back my confidence through this program. The AWS restart journey was very quick and awesome, didn’t even realize how I got reskilled within 12weeks of training with all the on-demand skills in IT industry especially in cloud computing. Training content was up to the mark. The skills which I learnt during training is very helpful in the organization for which, I have got placed. Thank you”.

By Shabana B

Another AWS re/start learner Hina Satarmaker has a story to tell which we all feel proud about.

I had heard God gave second chances; the AWS restart program made our experience that, after being away from my career for almost a decade when I heard about this program it gave me hope that I can restart my career and be the Engineer that I always wanted to be.

By Hina Satarmaker

Prioritization is an important competency, not only in work but in life as well, when we started our family, making sure I gave enough time to that responsibility was my number one priority. After some years when things were settled kids were more self-enabled, we thought of restarting my career and after going through various options AWS restart program was looking promising and cost-effective program, with an easy process to opt for it and excellent training provided by Generation India and Vinsys Corporate Group it all became so easy and here I am working as cloud professional in Cloud reach technologies, A Big Thank you to AWS group, Vinsys, and Generation India for making this all happen and also thank you to Cloud reach technologies for believing that career can be restarted”.

There are various stories we have’ about so many learners, related to their career and life transformation because of AWS re/start training program. Vinsys, as an official Amazon partner for AWS re/start training program is committed towards creating cloud talent pipeline across the globe with approximately 80% placement ratio and 100% Certification ratio. We have trained more than 220 learners so far and expected to train nearly 2000 learners in FY23.

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