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Become A Certified SAP ABAP Consultant | SAP Certification and Training

As per an interesting stat, out of the 100 most valuable brands in the world, 98% use SAP in some way. Having the skill set to operate SAP software can help you get a good job in any valuable brand. in SAP there are various module like SAP ABAP , SAP MM , SAP FICO etc.

What is SAP?

SAP(Systems, Applications & Products) is one of the top leaders in providing enterprise software to organizations to help manage their business operations and customer relations. SAP ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) software is widely recognized as one of the best and used by top brands in the world. 

Depending on the type of SAP Software Certification, you can get various types of jobs. Some of the major job titles that you can get after SAP certification are:

  • Sales manager
  • Solution development consultant
  • Business process analyst
  • ABAP developer
  • SAP developer
  • Senior software engineer 
  • Implementation consultant

SAP is technical so the payout for SAP-related jobs is usually high. This guide focuses on SAP ABAP training which can help an ABAP developer earn around INR 5.0 lakhs per year in India. The payout can go as high as INR 13 lakhs per annum.  

SAP ABAP developers are always in demand at various companies and having a certification helps validate your skills as an ABAP developer. 

Levels of SAP Certification Courses

Getting a lucrative job after completing college is all about working on the right skill set that is relevant to your field. An SAP software certification helps students with technical backgrounds to expand their skill set and get better job opportunities. 

Top certification courses to choose from:

  • Associate certification: Candidates having associate-level SAP software certification have all the skills to provide foundation-level services professionally. 
  • Specialist certification: This level of SAP certification is aimed at a special role or an integration component. 
  • Professional certification: This is the top-level SAP software certification that guarantees that a candidate has advanced-level knowledge in their respective field. 

Various SAP Consultant Positions to Choose From

  • SAP Business Consultants: These candidates do not necessarily have SAP certification or skills as they work to close projects at the consumer end. 
  • SAP Functional Consultants: These candidates are the ones who help customize the SAP software as per the customer’s needs.
  • SAP Technical Consultants: Technical consultants work on ABAP and Java to make new programs. 
  • SAP Basis Consultants: These candidates are responsible for the installation, maintenance of SAP servers and databases.

Eligibility to Become a Consultant in the SAP Service Marketplace

  1. Degree: This depends on the type of SAP diploma you want to obtain. For non-technical SAP consultants, any Graduation Degree like Bcom, B.E., BSc, etc. with any specialization would work fine. However, having a degree in Computer Science will be preferable. On top of that, having a Postgraduate degree will definitely give you an upper hand
  2. Experience: Having relevant SAP experiencewill always go in the pros column when a recruiter will review your application.  
  3. SAP Certification: SAP Certification in your preferred module is crucial if you want to become an SAP Consultant. 
  4. Industry Knowledge: Having general knowledge about the functionality of your preferred industry places you above the competition. For instance, knowledge in banking or FMCG can earn you a business consultant position. 
  5. Soft Skills: Soft skills are necessary no matter what position you’re applying in. Written and Verbal skills along with a confident attitude combined with the ability to work with teams can take you to a higher position in an SAP company. 

Benefits of an SAP Certification

SAP consultants are always in demand in all of the major industries including consultancies, tech, logistics, production, etc. Having an SAP certification helps you get recognized by recruiters and gives you the competitive edge.  You can easily get plenty of sap online courses with certificates at Vinsys. 

  1. There is always a demand for SAP consultants as all businesses and companies need ERP software to manage their operations. Getting an SAP certification gives you a competitive edge. 
  2. With an SAP certification, you can execute all the tasks more efficiently and streamline the workflow of the office. 
  3. With an SAP certification, you can apply for an SAP consultant position and get a better salary package. 
  4. Having an SAP certification makes you a priority in internal SAP projects in a company. This gives you better exposure to prove your expertise. 

Why choose ABAP Programming Language?

ABAP developers are required by major industries including consultancies, ERP systems, CRM solutions, manufacturing, logistics, production and distribution. Getting a certificate that proves your experience opens a lot of doors for you as an applicant. 

  • ABAP is one of the main programming languages for SAP and it helps companies customize their SAP ERP. The majority of SAP software and customization is written in ABAP. 
  • ABAP is one of the main programming languages for SAP and it helps companies customise their SAP ERP. The majority of SAP software and customization is written in ABAP. 
  • ABAP is one of the main programming languages for SAP and it helps companies customise their SAP ERP. The majority of SAP software and customization is written in ABAP. 

Begin your SAP Journey with ABAP Programming at Vinsys

Each company wants its SAP ERP to have unique features that can streamline its workflow. To do that, they need ABAP developers that can create application programs that can help smooth the workflow. 

With rising competition in the jobs market, SAP Certifications are a must as they validate the skill set of a candidate. By getting an SAP ABAP certification, you can get an ample amount of job opportunities in the technical field. 

Wrapping Up

This was all the information you need to begin your SAP journey with ABAP Training at Vinsys.

With our ABAP training, you become a SAP ABAP developer in 2 days. With a 99% success rate, we promise to deliver excellent results that land you a lucrative job in the top companies.

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