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7 Proven Benefits Of ITIL V4 Certification

ITIL V4 Certifications have a handful of proven benefits for individuals and businesses in IT Service Management (ITSM). Such benefits cut across reducing IT upkeep costs, ensuring service quality, and escalating efficiency in digital transformation.

Its globally recognized framework provides practical and comprehensive plans that establish well-rounded and efficient IT service management systems. With that, organizations can improve business consistency with IT-enabled services without wasting time and resources on inefficient practices and applications.

Below are some benefits individuals and organizations can take advantage of by certifying their IT staff under ITIL V4. By the end of this article, you’ll have a well-rounded idea of why and how they can improve your business.

Here are 7 proven benefits of ITIL V4 Certification.

7 Advantages Of ITIL V4 Certification 

ITIL V4, released in 2019, focuses on applying modern technology’s full potential in a time when cloud-based platforms, DevOps, and digital transformation take center stage. Its 4dimension model and service value system (SVS) create an operating model focusing specifically on transitioning businesses to faster and more flexible digital systems.

ITIL 4 benefits

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The goal is to ensure that certified ITIL personnel can apply the model to advance IT processes and tasks while maintaining high standards in ITSM. Here are 4 benefits of an ITIL V4 Certification for individuals.

The benefits provided by ITIL V4 also span multiple industries and professions, making it the ideal standard for organizations to follow. In the following section, you’ll see how its core principles and systems apply to an organization without hindering its ability to create flexible solutions that meet specific objectives. 

1. Aligns With International ITSM Standards

ITIL 4 certification gives individuals a comprehensive understanding of the ITIL framework and how professionals can use it to improve the delivery of quality digital services. The certificate also provides a solid foundation for individuals who want to build a successful career in ITSM.

Since ITIL 4 aligns with international ITSM standards such as ISO/IEC 20000, it is a valuable certification for individuals who want to work in internationally recognized organizations. With that, ITIL 4 certification holders will better understand how to manage and deliver quality digital services regardless of location or industry choice.

ITIL 4 certification goal

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Another great benefit of gaining an ITIL V4 Certificate is an individual’s ability to create their own online business, focusing on developing a well-rounded knowledge of an established and process-oriented service strategy.

Even with a process-oriented strategy, businesses cannot often see “the big picture” about what IT services should be delivered, how they should be delivered, and to whom.

With an ITIL 4 certification, individuals will have a much better understanding of common pain points within the delivery of digital services and how to overcome these challenges. This comprehensive understanding will give certified professionals a significant advantage when starting their own business or providing consultancy services to others.

2. Improved Earning Potential

In today’s job market, ITSM certifications are highly sought after by employers. An ITIL V4 certification holder will likely command a higher salary than a non-certified counterpart due to the increased demand for qualified personnel. Those who invest in this certification see a quick return on their investment.

ITIL 4 professional salary

Additionally, those with an ITIL 4 Certification can explore opportunities like sharing their professional knowledge and insight through high-yielding blogs or podcasts. Since ITIL 4 provides business process management, creating content using a well-established framework in offering knowledge is a great way to generate additional income.

Applying the knowledge and skills learned in ITIL V4 isn’t limited to one path. Yes, professionals can opt to work for organizations and businesses. Still, there is also the option of starting one’s own business, site, learning platform, or community to develop skills and knowledge.

Those looking to apply their ITIL 4 certification knowledge to their respective niches and ideas can use this guide to podcast software to start their digital content creation. The knowledge and insight from ITIL training courses applied to business processes and methods will prove a valuable and highly sought-after piece of content.

In addition to improved earning potential, certified ITIL professionals enjoy greater job security. With the ever-changing landscape of digital services, employers are looking for employees who can keep up with the latest trends and technologies. An ITIL V4 certification tells employers that an individual is up-to-date with the latest ITSM practices.

3. ITIL Certified Professionals Are In High-demand

The IT industry is booming and there is a growing demand for qualified candidates with the skills and knowledge to improve digital services. With an ITIL V4 certification, individuals will have a distinct advantage over non-certified candidates when applying for jobs.

high demand for ITIL v4 professionals

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An ITIL V4 Certification allows individuals to choose their career path based on their desired work schedule and capabilities. Working for large organizations and small businesses as freelancers.

Garnering an ITIL V4 Certification lets individuals explore various industries they may not have had the opportunity to. The framework learned in ITIL 4 can be applied to any industry that relies on technology, making certified professionals a valuable asset to any organization.

In line with a high demand for ITIL V4 Certified professionals, organizations also seek their expertise as an investment in the company’s overall development. Enhancing workforce capabilities through certified personnel is the best stepping stone to growing a business that has its roots in solid foundations.

Not only will certified professionals be able to apply for more job opportunities, but they will also come better equipped to handle various situations and challenges in the IT industry. With an increased understanding of how to apply the ITIL framework’s continual service improvement, certified personnel will be able to add value to their organization.

ITIL v4 certification framework

Those with an ITIL 4 Certification also help businesses establish a more precise communication potential between business and IT operations. Certified holders can effectively bridge the gap between these two departments, which is essential for any organization that relies on technology to function and contribute to the business’s overall success.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Digital services play a pivotal role in the success of any business, so they must be delivered in a way that meets the needs and expectations of customers. An ITIL 4 certification will better equip professionals to understand the customer journey and implement processes that improve customer satisfaction.

Additionally, an ITIL certified professional can apply service strategy principles into creating scalable data-intensive applications that enhance customer experiences in dealing with a business. Since customer data and analytics have taken the helm in today’s digital market, ensuring seamless app experiences is a goal of businesses no matter the industry.

An improved understanding of customer data and service will also increase business sales and revenue. By delivering digital services that meet customers’ needs, businesses will be able to retain them as loyal customers who are likely to make repeat offerings purchases.

ITIL 4 certification service value system

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Since an ITIL 4 Certification course focuses on improving the service management lifecycle, certified professionals will have the skills and knowledge to effectively manage all aspects of the customer experience. These aspects include service design, transition, operation, and continual service improvement.

The ITIL service value system (SVS) highlights how businesses’ different components work together as a system to allow for valuable progress. In line with that, the SVS elements encourage flexibility rather than siloed working structures to address organizational needs better.

ITIL 4 prevents siloed communication

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While multiple team communication apps and channels keep employees and key personnel connected within a business, using the SVS system, businesses can streamline communication and the flow of productivity without hindrance to goal achievement.

Such a system applies to any business type or size and maximizes its organizational agility and resilience capabilities. In today’s digital world, the importance of data is undeniable. Businesses rely on data to make informed decisions about their strategies and operations. 

With an ITIL 4 certification, concepts will better equip professionals to manage and protect data assets. Data management is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of how data flows through an organization.

ITIL 4 certifications provide certified professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage data effectively and ensure its security from potential digital threats like phishing, malware, and ransomware. Any business that wishes to protect its data assets and remain competitive must do this.

Overall, ITIL V4-certified professionals have the upper hand in providing businesses with improved systems and processes that leverage available tools or data. With that, companies seek ITIL 4 certified professionals to enhance and continually improve customer satisfaction through productive data management.

5. Standardized Knowledge And Skill-sets

When applying an ITIL framework in support of IT services, delivery, and planning, certified professionals will improve the quality and efficiency of services. Personnel with such a certification also instills standardized skills and knowledge that they can apply to many different businesses and service management lifecycles.

ITIL 4 service management

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An ITIL V4 Certification has its core in IT service management. Applying the concepts, skills, and mindset to other aspects of business ensures your organization functions on a standard everyone accepts.

In turn, those with an ITIL 4 certification can brainstorm ideas with marketing teams with a digital marketing certification to compile ideas for better customer engagement. The result is a user-friendly digital experience that also captures leads and clients.

If done correctly, an organization can achieve synergy in creating a valuable and practical customer journey through digital marketing that enables the sales team to reel in more potential for the business.

Having expertise in a standardized process offers many advantages to businesses. For one, it makes it easier to compare and contrast the performance of different service providers. Additionally, it allows companies to assess the skills of new employees more efficiently.

Finally, a standardized set of processes ensures that everyone in an organization works towards the same goal. This cohesive approach leads to increased efficiency and productivity across the board.

6. Efficient Productivity

The implementation of ITIL best practices leads to increased productivity in organizations. By streamlining processes and removing waste, businesses can operate more efficiently and get more work done in less time.

In addition to process improvements, those with an ITIL 4 certification will better understand how to use technology and information to their full potential. By taking advantage of automation and other digital tools, certified professionals can further increase their organization’s productivity.

ITIL v4 incident management

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Businesses that employ ITIL-certified professionals face better risk and incident management potential and continual service improvements without wasting resources and time on inefficient practices or testing.

Since ITIL touches on every element of an organization’s functions, from service delivery to continual improvement, certified professionals will be able to identify inefficiencies and recommend solutions that can significantly impact productivity.

ITIL 4 also helps businesses achieve their desired outcomes by aligning all processes with the organization’s overall strategy. This holistic approach ensures that everyone in the organization is working towards the same goal.

7. Heightened Collaboration And Communication

ITIL-certified professionals are skilled in working independently and excel at working in teams using the AGILE methodology in project management. The collaborative nature of ITIL 4 helps certified personnel build strong relationships with colleagues, potential influencer partners, and other service providers.

ITIL 4 Agile methodology

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Aside from that, ITIL 4 certified professionals have excellent communication skills that enable them to voice out business analytics and improvement measures clearly and concisely. The result is a goal-oriented process that brings businesses more opportunities and growth potential.

Certified personnel know how to effectively communicate with customers, colleagues, and other service providers. They understand the importance of clear and concise communication to avoid misunderstandings. This improved collaboration leads to a better sharing of ideas and knowledge, which can help businesses achieve their goals more effectively.

Furthermore, by working together closely, ITIL-certified teams can resolve problems more quickly and efficiently in a manner that suits the needs of their employer’s business objectives.

How Does ITIL 4 Certification Work?

ITIL 4 is the most recent update to the ITIL framework, released in 2019. It builds on the previous versions of ITIL V3, adding new concepts and practices that reflect the changing nature of technology and digital business. ITIL 4 is designed to help companies meet the digital age’s challenges and deliver more agile, responsive, and digital services.

In its V3 version, ITIL focused on core concepts, processes, principles, and service design, wherein certified professionals described activity flows and how they can address and manage them as individuals. ITIL V4 levels those concepts and instills how an individual can apply capabilities to an organization.

ITIL V4 and V3 differences

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ITIL 4 certification is offered by several organizations, each with specific requirements. However, most ITIL 4 certification courses will require candidates to complete a certain number of credits.

Professionals can earn these credits through various methods, such as attending training courses, passing exams, or completing work-based assignments. Once candidates achieve the required credits, they can apply for certification at the desired level.

ITIL v4 professional levels

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The four primary levels of ITIL 4 certification are:

  • ITIL 4 Foundation: designed for those who are new to ITIL 4 and want to learn the basics
  • ITIL 4 Managing Professional: aimed at those who want to put ITIL 4 into practice in their organization
  • ITIL 4 Strategic Leader: for those who want to specialize in a specific area of ITIL 4, such as service design or service transition
  • ITIL 4 Master: the highest level of certification and is designed for those who want to show they have a complete understanding of ITIL 4

Each certification focuses on building around seven guiding principles that integrate IT into the overall structure of a business. The benefits of certification depend on the application of guiding principles within an organization.

ITIL v4 certification guiding principles

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ITIL V4 Certification follows these seven guiding principles and builds on them throughout its courses: 

  • Focus on Value
  • Start Where You Are
  • Progress Iteratively with Feedback
  • Collaborate and Promote Visibility
  • Think and Work Holistically
  • Keep it Simple and Practical
  • Optimize and Automate

The seven guiding principles of ITIL V4 Certification help organizations to improve their service management practices and deliver value to customers. When professionals correctly follow these principles, businesses can achieve several benefits, including increased productivity, improved collaboration, and better risk management.

With ITIL V4 Certification, businesses can streamline their processes, remove waste, and increase the productivity of their employees. In addition, certified professionals are skilled in working collaboratively, leading to improved communication and quicker problem resolution.


Taking up an ITIL V4 Certification course increases an individual’s capabilities in IT service management. It also helps businesses to streamline their processes, improve collaboration, and achieve their goals more effectively. While it is focused on IT service management, its core concepts, practices, and systems apply to all aspects of project management and business development.

As a course in itself, the applications are endless. Not only does it provide a process for enhancing service delivery, but it also offers a framework within which businesses can develop their strategies. Implementing ITIL V4 in your business can be the first step to unlocking the full potential of your team and taking your company to the next level.

If you want to enhance your career in IT or help your organization run more efficiently, visit us at Vinsys for a complete list of ITIL V4 Certification courses.

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