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Benefits of Using Vinsys Cloud Labs for Training

We need everything handy – that’s what technology has been doing to humans for long, long years and now with the unprecedented times risen due to pandemic demands, technology has been put to rigorous use. Everything including knowledge had to travel through the clouds to reach uncompromisingly to millions of learners. This major transition posed a huge challenge to the training providers across the globe. The technology shift from having a mix of physical classroom training and on-premise virtualized environments to completely virtualized cloud-based training lab requires a full-proof cloud strategy in place.

How do Virtual Training Labs work?

Laboratories on the cloud??? – Yes, you read it right. As the term clearly states, virtual training labs are completely independent of the physical training equipment and environment. These are cloud-based labs that utilize cloud-based training environments to host hands-on training conveniently from anywhere with practically zero technical assistance. Unlike the traditional training environments, virtual training labs or you can call them as cloud labs bring in massive flexibility to training deliveries and open ways to incredible learning scenarios.

In a cloud-based virtual training environment, a virtual machine is created which can be further cloned multiple times to allow access to any number of participants from their convenient locations around the globe. Participants require nothing more than an internet-connected device and a designated link for the required training. It is as simple as clicking on the link to remotely access their own cloud-based Virtual Machine.

By adapting to this very exciting, flexible cloud-based solution for your training, you leverage effective, hands-on training experiences to users globally. It provides instantaneous worldwide scalability, cost control, direct connect with students, and much more.  All you need to do is pick a reliable virtual training lab provider.

What is all the hype about cloud-based virtual training?

For Training Providers:

Training institutes experience an unimaginable level of flexibility and ability to replicate complex hands-on environments on-demand and in a matter of no time with the cloud-based training solutions. Interestingly, the environments are easily removable with a single click of the mouse when the class is done. Another attractive feature of virtual training lab is that no complex hardware or software has to be installed as all of it is taken care by the cloud lab provider. Trainings can be held globally with simply an internet-connected device. Institutes are free from the stress of upgrading their existing IT systems while leveraging their needs for scalability.

For Students:

Students learning through cloud-based labs show better on-job performance!

Students are ultimate benefiters. It is been noticed that students who undergo virtual trainings using cloud-based labs are better at their jobs. Students prefer getting trained from a training institute that provides a cloud-based virtual training experience. This is how –

  • Hands-on experience – Students get access to materials even outside the class hours that allow them with more practice. With practice on their own environment and technology, they get a better exposure to their real job world.
  • Self-paced learning – Practicing at their own pace and patching up with missed portions of the lessons leads to better training outcomes.
  • Scalability and agility – Students are empowered to work on numerous buy msj diazepam online real-life projects without them having to spend on the infrastructures.
  • Enhanced engagement – Cloud labs improvises the overall training delivery outputs as students can work on assignments immediately after lessons.

Looking at the rapid technology shift of the entire world towards the cloud, training institutes are increasingly adopting to the latest innovation of cloud-based trainings that invite tremendous benefits to them as well as enhance training outputs for students. Cloud-based trainings has proven to be the most convenient and result-oriented training methodologies accepted globally. What matters is your choice of a cloud-based training solution provider. Vinsys is a pioneer of cloud-based learning with unbelievable 24×7 IT support monitoring team.

Why Trust Vinsys Cloud Labs for hosting your Virtual Trainings?

Vinsys Cloud Labs For Hosting Virtual Trainings


Learners do not require any high-tech machines with complex hardware systems. All the heavy software is loaded on the cloud lab so any computer or laptop with basic configuration makes up the perfect set up for accessing the training. It is a complete cloud-enabled solution and does not even require any re-architecting of internal IT resources.


Vinsys understands the need for scalable infrastructures of enterprises and provides complete assistance when it comes to high volume trainings with quick response. Our cloud labs entitle you to access the cloud space as situation demands while letting you configure set-ups within a few moments.


Vinsys Cloud labs take the complete configuration and installation burden so that companies can focus on their core objective of delivering trainings seamlessly. Vinsys provides all the necessary technical support required for the installation of the relevant software on the remote desktop in the Cloud Labs. This gives a sigh of relief to companies as they get to benefit from the virtual cloud-based labs uncompromisingly while also maintaining control of their cloud spaces.


Along with a flexible, adaptable and reliable cloud-based solution for Remote Labs, you get a dedicated email support and phone support team that takes care of all the issues that a user may face during virtual trainings. Equipped with a support team with over 20 years of end to end training management experience, Vinsys Cloud Labs is all set to get you growing by efficiently monitoring and resolving issues.


Our customers enjoy full control of their data and responsibility for configuring access to Vinsys Cloud Labs. Taking security seriously, Vinsys assures that your data is encrypted and has been stored safely in a network of virtual machines within a secure data centre.

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Out of the many reasons to use a virtual training lab for your trainings, improving training processes, save on training resources and costs, reduce IT expenditure and maintenance, and expanding your reach can be just a few. Virtual training labs can offer all of these with many more advantages.

You need to explore to experience.

Try the Vinsys Cloud Labs and witness a whole new level of training experience. For more information on how to conduct training using a Remote Lab Visit Vinsys Cloud Lab Now!

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