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CAPM Certification: Cost, salary, training, and benefits

Certified Associate Project Manager CAPM certification is a valuable entry point to accelerate your project management career

It is safe to say that you are fully committed to project management? Is it accurate to say that you are anxious to learn and acquire validity as a successful project manager? Might you want to take on more responsibilities and rapidly ascend the professional ladder? Assuming indeed, turning into a Certified Associate in Project Management/ CAPM could be the primary step for project managers and leader-level experts. 

What Is CAPM? 

The Certified Associate Project Management CAPM certification is an entry-level certification for project professionals. This worldwide perceived certification program in Project Management is given by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and covers all the crucial information, phrasing, and cycles needed for the successful administration of a project. 

CAPM Certification – Eligibility Criteria

The CAPM online course is intended for people who are currently fostering their professions in project management. The CAPM capability is proposed for experts with less involvement with the project management area however need to show their capacity to assume administrative liability before their bosses. 

Requirements for taking the CAPM® Certification Training, as illustrated by PMI® include: 

  • An educational qualification with a secondary degree (secondary school recognition, associate’s certificate, or the worldwide same). 
  • You should likewise have 1500 hours of expert experience in an project group with 5 process gatherings (Initiating Process, Planning Process, Executing Process, Monitoring/Controlling Process, and Closing Process) or have 23 contact long stretches of formal training in project management to satisfy the necessities. 

CAPM Certification Cost

Professionals who pursue project management certification are making a valuable, long-term investment in their careers. The PMI requires a fee for both exams with the cost of the CAPM exam at $225 for PMI members and $300 for non-members. The cost of the PMP exam is $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members.

CAPM Salary

Becoming CAPM-certified can offer a significant boost to your salary. Salary for Certification: Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) According to Payscale is as follows –

Job TitleRange Average
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)$48k – $92k$68,816
Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)$58k – $102k$74,084
Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General)$38k – $72k$52,459
Project Coordinator, Information Technology (IT)$40k – $83k$58,197
Associate Project Manager (Unspecified Type / General)$49k – $71k$60,364
CAPM Salary

Top 5 Career Advantages CAPM Certification Training

How about we examine the top advantages of getting a CAPM certification course

1. The Best Project Management Practices 

CAPM online course assists an expert with getting familiar with the best project management practices. According to the PMI CAPM study guide, PMBOK®, rules as given through the CAPM certification offers specialists to procure significant abilities related to project management practices like project organizing, execution, checking, and controlling a project towards a successful climax which helps a person in giving a superior shape to the project. 

2. Gives Global Recognition 

PMI is known all around for its project management composing and certifications. CAPM is an entry-level project management certification, which is extensively recognized worldwide by various affiliations. By getting CAPM® Certification Training, you are seen as a learned project management expert. 

Occupation profiles that CAPM experts can apply for are: 

  • Marketing Coordinator for Communications 
  • Social Administrator 
  • Operational Support accomplice 
  • PMO 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Senior Project Manager in IT 

3. Expands certainty and assists you with turning into a Confident Leader 

At the point when an individual takes up CAPM online course, it’s difficult to build the project management information in him/her yet additionally impacts initiative abilities which would assistant assistance him/her to lead a work environment. As CAPM is only an entry-level Project management certification, it would assist the novices with having the right stuff of using time effectively and to get acclimated to any workspace. 

4. More significant compensation 

Project management is the prerequisite for every huge association all around the world. It was expected that in 2021, 1.6 million new openings would be made and qualified experts would be popular. CAPM certification is one of the most lucrative certifications in the project management stream and the CAPM certification exhibits project management capabilities with PMI standards, probably, fills in as a little bonus, and helps with expanding the pay rates up to 25%.

To be sure, even in a comparative affiliation, a CAPM expert can demand higher compensation than the non-affirmed specialists due to the extended interest for CAPM certification among the organizations. To fulfill the rising need and extension the ability holes, project management specialists are urged to take the PMI’s CAPM®Certification Training. 

5. Will build compulsion to develop by scrutinizing PMP certification 

The PMP certification exam schedule is practically like the CAPM certification exam prospectus. CAPM exam relies absolutely upon PMBOK® study material though PMP has a wide scope of schedule shrouded in a similar report guide. Whenever you have become a certified CAPM expert, you are prepared to take up the PMP certification exam also. In the wake of acquiring the necessary experience to coordinate with the PMP certification qualification rules, you can apply for the exam.

CAPM Vs PMP: What are the fundamental contrasts? 

CAPM CertificationPMP Certification
The CAPM® doesn’t need project management insight, however, requires 23 hours of preparing to guarantee comprehension of standard project management phrasing and best practices.The PMP® requires 3-5 years’ experience MANAGING projects, not simply taking part as a colleague, as well as going to a 35-hour instructional class preceding taking the exam.
The CAPM® certification exam simply covers the information contained in the PMBOK Guide.The PMP® joins thoughts from additional organization disciplines, as Strategic Alignment, Human Resources, Quality, Risk, Continuous Improvement, and Cost/Budget management.
The CAPM® certification shows imminent businesses that this individual comprehends project management and can deal with little to medium projects, or work close by a more experienced project administrator to acquire the extra experience required for bigger project endeavors.The PMP® shows this individual has both the information and experience to handle bigger, more muddled project endeavors.
The CAPM® is an information-based exam, where the inquiries mirror the wording and comprehension of essential project management hypotheses, cycles, and expectations.The PMP® expects a total comprehension of how to apply project management information, abilities, apparatuses, and procedures. It exams one’s information through situational questions where it is important to comprehend to which measure the inquiry is alluding, and afterward figuring out the best approach possible considering different outcomes.


CAPM is an entry-level certification, by attending 2 days instruction-led online course of CAPM certification training at Vinsys, one will have an assortment of open ways to fill in the project management field. It surely has its stars; nonetheless, its worth doesn’t coordinate with the worth of the PMP certificate. Hence, when you become a CAPM expert and acquiring the necessary experience, you can fill in the project management field by taking up the PMP certificate.

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